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Whether you are looking to display a timeline of college photos or family vacation, canvas prints are definitely the best way to go about it and show off some of your best photos. They are also artistic and are a great way of updating and livening up any space in your home.

Nonetheless, the critical thing to note is that canvas prints are different from canvas painting. Canvas prints are images that are printed using an inkjet printer on canvas. Once they have been printed, the canvas is stretched onto a frame. While some people will opt for a framed canvas prints, others will prefer a frameless border.

The gallery wrapping technique is usually used when creating unframed canvas prints. In this process, the canvas gets wrapped around stretcher bars and is secured to the frame. There is also a difference between canvas prints, acrylic prints and mounted prints. A mounted print is basically a paper print that gets attached to a backing board enabling you to preserve and prepare the photo for hanging on the wall or framing.

Acrylic paints, on the other hand, take images printed on photographic papers which then gets placed between sheets of acrylic also known as plexiglass. Between the three types of prints, canvas prints tend to evoke an artistic feel as they are somehow similar to acrylic and oil paintings in appearance.

What is Canvas Made Of?

Canvas is a durable and strong fabric that is created from hemp. As technology continues to pave the way for innovation in the modern times, linen and cotton have now replaced hemp. In fact, most of the canvas prints that you purchase for your home use polyester and cotton with the difference between the two being the color exactness.

A cloth made from cotton fibers will let color seep inside it while the same color on a polyester cloth will remain on the surface. That is why cotton prints last longer while polyester prints are more vivid. When choosing a canvas, most people are always torn between choosing a cotton canvas or a polyester one. However, it all depends on what exactly it is you are looking for.

Cotton prints are known for being high-quality and similar to what you would get in a museum. Polyester, on the other hand, results in bold and colorful prints and is much more affordable.

Printing on Canvas

Photography has evolved since the golden age of using darkrooms to print photographs. However, traditional paper printing still continues and is widely practiced or used around the globe. While printing on paper has its own advantages overprinting on canvas, there are various reasons why artists should consider printing on canvas.

For well-established artists whose paintings sell for millions of dollars, printing on canvas has always been the best option. Why? Because printing on canvas is a great choice when one is trying to create a ‘painted’ effect. In addition, the gallery-wrapped edges help complement many décor styles. Canvas printing is also a much better option especially as it outlasts paper due to its durable plain weaving.

In order to do this, you have 2 options.  You can buy a printer for canvas and do it yourself (a good option for artists looking to do this on a regular basis), or you can find a canvas printing company that will do it for you (very easy to order online).

Canvas Print Companies

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