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Today, it’s possible to reproduce your old photos and preserve those old memories for years to come using canvas. Nevertheless, for this to occur, you must get the right company to print your images on canvas. Once you get your canvas prints, it’s important that you keep them clean. And while cleaning canvas may seem like an easy thing to do, it’s important that it’s done the right way so that you don’t damage your canvas prints. However, canvas prints are pretty easy to maintain and clean. Below is how to clean canvas prints.

Make Use of Soft Dusting Methods

Just as much as you go out of your way to clean your framed glass photos, you need to ensure you do the same for your canvas prints. You can do this by dusting your canvas prints using a slightly damp piece of cloth. Because you need to be careful not to damage your canvas prints, consider using a soft cotton cloth or microfiber cloth. Whenever you clean your canvas print using a cloth, ensure you don’t spray any water directly on the print. Instead, put the cloth in water and squeeze out the excess water then use it to lightly wipe the canvas print. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use a wet piece of cloth, you can consider getting an artist’s brush that has soft bristles and use it to remove the dust.

Avoid Using Chemicals

As mentioned, cleaning canvas prints is pretty easy and doesn’t have to be stressful. That means using the above method to clean them should be enough. However, we do understand that accidents do happen and if that happens to you, your best option is to take your canvas print to a specialist at an art shop who can help your source for an experienced art cleaner. Always avoid using any household cleaners or harsh chemicals as they’ll do more harm than good and leave your canvas prints damage.

Hang the Canvas Prints in The Right Place

Canvas prints are not designed to be hanged just about anywhere. There are certain places that are ideal for hanging canvas prints. For starters, canvas prints shouldn’t be hanged in humid areas such as bathrooms or areas that have poor air circulation. If you want your canvas prints to last a long time in a perfect condition, location is everything. Ensure you hang them in areas that have a lower humidity or a few temperature variations. Also, remember that canvas prints are designed to be hanged indoors and not outdoors. While you can keep your canvas prints outside for a while when you have a party or event, ensure they are not directly exposed to the sun and that you take them back inside once your event is over.

Keeping Your Canvas Prints Safely

Canvas prints are very delicate. As such, when you need to store them away either because you are moving or because you don’t have enough space, it’s important that you wrap them safely using a bubble wrap or an acid-free paper. Wrapping your canvas print simply means that you are protecting it from gathering lots of dust and too much exposure from the sun.

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