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Before you mount a canvas print, it’s important that you stretch it. This also applies to artiste’s who use canvas to paint. In fact, if you are a painter, learning how to stretch your own canvas will save you both time and money apart from making you more productive. If you are looking for how to mount/stretch your canvas prints, then you’ve come to the right place.

Purchasing a Stretch Canvas Print

The first step in making sure that you’re able to mount your canvas print properly is to ensure that you buy a stretcher or then create a frame. Canvas frames are also referred to as stretcher bars, and they have pre-cut slats that can be slipped together to build the frame. This helps you to easily customize your frame and have it fit whatever purpose you need it to.

While you can also opt for various DIY framesets that will not need you to use different tools to mount your canvas prints except a tool for trimming any excess canvas, they’re only sold in a limited number of sizes.

Pick Enough Canvas

When looking to mount a canvas print, you need to make sure that you get enough canvas for your mounting project. Your best bet is to get a canvas that can that can fit around your frame by some six to eight inches on all sides depending on your frame’s width. You have to ensure that you have enough canvas that can overlap when you attach it to the back of the frame or else the stretching won’t be perfect. To ensure you pick enough canvas, you can measure the frame you have picked or make large prints of your canvas. Also, pick the right set of tools that you will use for the job.

Pick a Staple Gun

While some people may prefer to use desk staplers, these are not suitable for use when stretching or mounting canvas. In fact, if you want a neat job, ensure you get a staple gun. Because a staple gun is a heavy-duty tool, it will allow you to staple wood easily. You can also get carpentry staples and use them for to staple into the frame.

Cutting your Canvas

As mentioned, you need to pick enough canvas. This will allow you to easily cut your canvas and have some extra inches of canvas to work with for your frame. The extra inches of canvas will come in handy when you want to stretch and pull the canvas to fit properly into the frame. To ensure you get a good canvas shape, you can opt to use a knife or any other tool that you think will get the job done best. Once that is done, center your cut canvas on the frame and smoothen it before you begin stapling the corners.

Stretching the Canvas

Once you are done cutting the canvas and you have smoothened it to fit the frame, fold the corners, and use your staple gun to staple the corners. Do this as you continue stretching the corners. Ensure you start with the longer sides and then the short sides and then continue stretching the corners. When you are done, you can inspect your canvas and see if it’s tight enough.

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