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Taking photographs is one way to keep your memories alive. However, with canvas printing, you are able to preserve those memories for a lifetime if done right. For ordinary people, canvas prints can be a nice way of decorating the home. For hobbyists, they are a nice way of gifting your best shots to loved ones, while for professionals, it can be a great way of showcasing their work. While it’s easier choosing what to do with your prints, settling for a company to make the canvas prints can be a little tricky. Lucky for you, we’ve done a comparison between Canvas Pop and Canvas Champ, two major names in the canvas printing industry.

Canvas Pop vs Canvas Champ Specifications

Canvas Pop, as an easy three step process. This is quite welcomed, given that people always want a smooth experience online. Their website is quite simple and easy to use and a three-step order process that requires you to choose your photo, customize it, and once Canvas Pop does everything, the work will be shipped to you. But, one reason why Canvas Pop is loved by mand is because every customer gets a personal designer who you can reach out to whenever you have any requests regarding your canvas prints or if you just want to make inquiries. They do a good job and offer quality prints, have different frame options that you can choose from as well as different sizes. Besides, it’s an excellent service for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Canvas Champ, on the other hand, is a lot more suited to professionals. They not only offer different types of print choices, but they also have amazing customer service thought their website. Although they only have 14 different sizes, they have made quite easy for you to choose your own customized canvas size print. They offer wholesale canvas printing at very affordable rates and have different printing options available for their customers. Compared to Canvas Pop, Canvas Champ are a lot more affordable even though they don’t compromise on the quality of the prints. If you are keen on handmade stuff, then you can’t go wrong with Canvas Champ as everything they use to make your canvas print is made in-house. They also have a quick shipping policy, which means you don’t have to wait forever for your print.

Canvas Pop vs Canvas Champ Basics

Both companies understand that the best way to keep their customers coming back is through providing excellent customer service. Canvas Champ and Canvas Pop both have an amazing customer support team online readily available for their customers whenever they may have any questions or need to request for certain changes to be made to their prints. Although the both have different types of product offerings, Canvas Champ has a lot more to offer than Canvas Pop.

With both, you get a chance to choose a size that’s already available or request for a custom size. Both the prices of Canvas Pop and Canvas Champ vary depending on the size you choose, framing options, and the type of printing material you select. Just like with most businesses, they usually have various discounts running across various periods of the year. They also have a 100 percent love guaranteed. This means that you are either pleased with the work they’ve done or you aren’t. And if you aren’t, they are always willing to make it right by you.

Both pride themselves in offering nothing short of quality prints, which helps build their customers’ trust as no one wants mediocre prints especially if they are paying for them using their hard-earned money. With both companies, they understand how an easy order process can make all the difference and have made their websites a lot easier to use, and if things aren’t clear enough, you can always contact the customer support team.

Canvas Pop vs Canvas Champ Quality

When it comes to quality, both companies do an excellent job. However, because Canvas Champ has most of their printing done overseas, overseeing it can be a bit hard, causing one or two issues with the final products. And they are also a lot more suited to businesses that are keen on doing lots of printings. The quality of prints done by the two companies although not identical, still stands out. That’s why both rarely miss on any review done on the best canvas printing companies.

Canvas Pop also stands out for providing personal designers to their customers. There’s nothing that’s quite annoying as constantly having to start explaining yourself from scratch when you need something answered or clarified from a company whose services you are using. But with a personal designer, they are able to keep logs and tabs of your order and update you or answer any questions that you might have. So, while the quality of both companies is top-notch, we’d recommend Canvas Pop just because of the fact that they provide a personal designer to work with you every step of the way.

Canvas Pop vs Canvas Champs Pros and Cons

Canvas Pop Pros

  • They have an easy to order process
  • Customers get free digital proofs that they can okay for the final work to be printed or ask for additional changes
  • Each customer gets a personal designer to work with


  • Some of the canvas prints aren’t as tidy as you’d need them to be
  • Inconsistencies on how the canvas is wrapped around the edges

Canvas Champ Pros

  • Excellent for wholesale canvas printing
  • They have a variety of printing options
  • Everything used by Canvas Champ handmade in-house


  • Improve the design of their website
  • The material used for hanging canvas isn’t as durable

Final Thoughts

Choosing a canvas printing company that is reliable and offer quality service can be an arduous task. Why? This is because there are plenty of companies online that offer canvas printing services. So, how do you ensure that you don’t get shortchanged? For starters, it’s important to read the customer reviews and testimonials. Past customers are always ready and willing to share what their experience was. If a company seems to have lots of negative reviews, that should be a red flag. Also, ask for referrals. People who were happy about the customer experience they got from a business will always be ready to refer others. Last but not least, consider your budget. Remember, everything you choose from frames to print material, will determine the final price of your canvas print.

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