The Best Printer for Artists and Art Prints (for Price and Quality) in 2018

Are you a creative graphic designer or artist that needs a reliable and affordable way to print out your newly fashioned content? As an artist, you know your strengths, and figuring out which PC to purchase is certainly not one of them! You’re not a certified computer technician,
so how will you choose a computer for your artistry? If this sounds familiar, you’ll want to read through this article. It covers everything you need to know, from A to Z, about purchasing the best quality printers for your artwork.

Whether you need to have a printer for your paintings, business cards or documents, we’ve got you covered.

Canon 4700

Canon is a leading provider of consumer, business to business and industrial digital imaging solutions. If you’re looking for superior quality and built-in duplex printing at home, your single function printer has arrived. The Canon 4700 possesses the high-quality performance and style you need when working on complex creative projects. This printer will provide you with beautiful borders that will last up to three hundred years! We recommend purchasing selected genuine Canon ink and paper to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness
of your device.

Printing and automatically correcting your photos has never been easier, thanks to its auto fix feature. The printer comes with a wide variety of nozzles and can print up to 600 X 9600 X 2400 dpi resolution. These printers are compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista, and have a standard droplet size of 1, 2 and 5.

The Canon 4700 is compatible with Microsoft Explorer and does not require CD installation. You do, however, need an internet connection. The photo print speeds are based on the standard mode driver setting, using photo test patterns and select Canon Photo Paper. The print speed is measured as soon as you insert the paper, so you won’t have to worry about its consistency. Customers have claimed that this product is easy on ink and replacement is economical. The quality is excellent, and can be used every day without worry. Many customers request to use it mostly to print high-quality photos. The Cannon 4700 is indeed an all in one printer that will not break your bank.


Epson 3800

The Epson is a brand that was designed to exceed all expectations in the area of photographic image quality. It delivers radically new screening technology that provides you with fast and efficient images on demand. This model incorporates a three-level black along with new color pigments, to dramatically raise the bar for professional color, as well as black and white prints. This printer delivers remarkably high-grade performance with a one-inch full printhead, which incorporates a new auto-sharing black ink technology. This technology allows both photo and matte black to be installed and switched automatically. Epson represents a level of imaging technology unprecedented in printing history. The extreme precision delivers masterfully printed quality performance without any signs of how it was produced. Epson has revolutionized what it means to provide photographic output, a genre the company effectively invented.

If you want an excellent calibrated monitor, software and printer, this is the one for you. As an artist, you understand that there is much more to art than just creating it, such as printing. Your valuable time is limited, and you’re better off creating what you love, instead of working with technical equipment that will only frustrate you in the long run.

The product is lightweight and affordable. One person can easily carry it, unlike many of its competitors. The physical dimensions are also aesthetically pleasing, a perfect fit for your home or office. Setup and configuration are simple and straightforward. There are dozens of pieces holding the printer for transport, but once these are removed, you can plug the machine in and load the inks, providing you with over nine different cartridges. Cartridges retail for about $55.

The Epson is not one of the fastest printers, but it is one of the highest quality. So when it comes to making your purchase, you’ll have to think about the scope of work and volume you are looking to accomplish and deliver to your device.


HP Office Jet 4650

This HP model offers a wireless printer that delivers all-in- one mobile support. It makes photocopies, scans and creates faxes as well. The device relies on Instant Ink technology, saving you from ever running out of ink. To print, all you need is a smartphone, and within seconds,
you’ll have your sketches or drawings on paper. The two-sided printing can cut your usage or paper by up to 50 percent, thus putting more money into your pockets. It guarantees laser-quality text and produces prints with exceptionally brilliant colours. As an artist, imagine saving
up to 50 percent of ink!

The device supports various sizes of paper, and it can print on envelopes as well. It has an automatic document paper feeder so you won’t have to worry about doing it manually. It is easy to set up and operates via Wi-Fi. For borderless printing, this is an excellent choice. The HP is affordable, allowing you to receive high-quality prints, time after time, with an all-in-one designed system. Your device will be fully compatible with a variety of smartphones and tablets, giving you the flexibility to print without accessing a network. Additionally, you can
write remotely without worries. The auto-deploying output tray keeps your pages from landing on the floor, so you never have to worry about the safety of your work.


If you are tired of second-guessing your equipment, we recommend you select one of these three products. Regardless of which one you buy, you’ll be happy with what you receive. We are confident that once you have one of these products, you’ll be able to produce artwork like
magic, all thanks to the highly effective and efficient nature of this technology.

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November 7, 2017