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An art print can be termed as a reproduction of an original piece of art that gets printed. There are different printing methods that are used when it comes to printing art prints. In addition, art prints also get printed on different types of materials. All these factors, as well as the quantity of the art prints you want, contribute to the final price that you will pay for your art prints.

The best art print companies in the market work to ensure that they deliver the best possible images that are of high-quality. To do this, art print companies make use of different materials and print methods to deliver the best results possible. Choosing the art print that you want is an easy process that starts with you choosing the perfect image, followed by a custom frame selection that will match your art print.

Most art prints get printed on a high-quality canvas that guarantees durability. Given that there are lots of art print companies, choosing one that suits your specific needs can be an arduous task, particularly if it’s your first-time printing art prints. For that reason, we have reviewed some of the best art print companies that you can consider when you need to savor those old memories in art form.

1. Pictorem

Pictorem is considered one of the best art printing services, given that they particularly deal with wall art. Pictorem prides itself in producing gigantic canvas prints that share the same quality as that of prints found in museums. But what makes Pictorem stand out from the rest is their throng of raw materials. They also, like most art print services, offer printing on acrylic, canvas, metal and use distinct picture frame materials all while producing panoramic-sized prints that are unique.

Pictorem is the perfect art print service for anyone that is looking for a large piece of art print to decorate a large wall space. Their art prints are done on a premium matte canvas with the frame being constructed from thick wood for durability. The printing is done using Giclee, resulting in a high-resolution image that has a natural look with the pigment ink used in the process being the same as the one used in creating museum and gallery artwork. This is meant to help make the art print more durable and can last up to 200 years.

Pictorem is an excellent printing service that combines the use of premium materials and the latest technology to create art prints that have a high resolution and quality. One drawback with Pictorem, however, is the fact that it can be a bit expensive for someone who is interested in transferring a couple of family photographs to canvas or simply looking to create a canvas art collage.

2. CanvasPop

CanvasPop is considered as one of the best art print services to ever exist in the market thanks to the fact that they deliver high-quality products. To do this, CanvasPop uses high-quality materials available and are very passionate about art, which means that they endeavor to deliver stunning art prints with every image that they work on.

For them, it’s more about creating art that is captivating and not just about printing any image. When you make an order with them, they assign you a personal designer who will work with you through the whole process that they will be creating your art print. Your personal designer will walk with you through the whole journey making recommendations where necessary to ensure the end product is well-orientated, bold, and vibrant.

They make the necessary adjustments to the brightness, contrast, and saturation to your images and even get rid of red eyes so as to perfect the image before printing it. Bets part is that besides the assigned personal designer, they have a reliable and dedicated customer support team that will work with you to ensure your end product is nothing less than what you had envisioned and are available by phone, email, and chat.

They also send digital proofs to you free of charge before they send the art to print and don’t care what size your image is or the source, i.e., from your phone or social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. They can turn any image into a stunning piece of art and do this at a very affordable rate.

3. iCanvas

iCanvas is a pretty easy to use print service. All you need to do is upload your images to your account, give the iCanvas team 24 hours for them to edit your proofs. Once the proofs have been edited, you will need to approve them for the printing process to begin. iCanvas will then deliver your prints in 15 working days or less.

The process is pretty straightforward for just about anyone who wants to have their art prints done. However, the iCanvas service requires that the image to be used for creating the print should be of a certain size, which should be half the size of the canvas you are reserving. In addition, the size of your image needs to be a minimum of 500KB if you want a high-resolution printing. Anything less than that may jeopardize the sharpness and clarity of your final artwork.

One disadvantage with iCanvas is the fact that they may not be the best art print company for anyone that wants to reproduce a small-sized image or one with a low resolution. Still, with a large image that has a high-resolution, you can get your art prints done at a reasonable price plus a variety of different styles and material selection that you want your artwork printed on.

Final Thoughts

Most people print their art on canvas or other types of materials as a way of preserving their most memorable moments while others do it as part of their efforts to decorate their homes. Whatever your reason, you can’t get the best art prints without engaging the best art print service. While there are lots of printing companies that you can choose from, ensure that you settle for one that doesn’t use canvases that are factory assembled but instead make use of high-quality materials.

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