Published on February 15th, 2020 at 12:52 am

Whether you are printing display graphics, artwork or photography, choosing the best paper for art prints is very important. You want to pick a paper that has the right balance between functionality and aesthetics to not only showcase and transport your visuals, but to also preserve them.

Essentially, the first question that a photographer or artist should ask themselves is what type of paper is ideal for their art. This is important as there are different types of art printing papers that are available in the market today all designed to suit the different printing needs for artists.

With an overabundance of photographic and fine art papers to choose from, deciding on a paper can be quite difficult than most people think. So, how do you know which paper is the right one to pick for your art printing needs? Below is a review of a few of the best paper for art prints that you can pick.

1. Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige Gloss Paper



The Infinity Baryta Prestige gloss paper from Canson is a paper you can rely on given that it meets the requirements of the ISO 9706 and is a heavyweight paper that you can rely on to preserve your fine art prints.


• 340 gsm heavyweight paper
• The paper is acid-free and comes with a barium sulfate coating
• Has a look and feel of the silver-halide prints thanks to the baryta classification
• Durable paper that is rich in hues and tonal values
• When used for printing, ink doesn’t sit on top of the paper but blends in well resulting in a lovely look
• Designed for pigmented inks and is also compatible with dye inks
• Unlike traditional glossy paper, Canson Infinity Baryta gloss paper is smooth and doesn’t have the hard surface that is common with other gloss papers
• Can be used with virtually any inkjet printer
• It’s lightweight
• It’s quite impressive when it comes to maintaining the print for years to come
• Produces very rich prints

2. Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta Satin Photo Paper



If you are into both black and white and colored photography and are looking for the best paper for your prints that has high archival specs, then the Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta Satin Photo Paper is your best pick.


• White satin-gloss paper that has a certified achievability
• Suitable for both colored or black and white printing producing high-quality images
• The coating is made of barium sulfate which works together with the ink receiving layer that is microporous to achieve vivid prints of various images
• The paper is not only acid-free, but it’s also alpha-cellulose and has a calcium carbonate buffering
• The FineArt Baryta Satin photo paper has high water resistance characteristics, is instantly dry and doesn’t have any optical brighteners
• The weight (300 gsm) makes it suitable for both mounting and handling
• It can easily and smoothly pass through roll paper and desktop printers
• It has a smooth feel and not a hard gloss hence suitable for use even in the darkroom
• Has an excellent ink receptivity which results in superb reproduction of color and monochrome images
• A lot more affordable compared to the Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige Gloss Paper


3. Moab Entrada Rag Textured



If you are looking for a printing paper that has a matte surface, consider buying the Moab Entrada Rag Textured print paper. It is one of the best paper for art prints that you can purchase in the market today.


• The Moab Entrada Rag Textured paperweight only 300 gsm and is free from Optical Brightening Agents (OBA)
• Is made from 100 percent cotton
• It doesn’t have any load issues when placed in printers – meaning it passes very smoothly through printers – unlike other print papers
• Suitable for artists making prints for gallery exhibitions as well as photographers
• Well-priced making it affordable compared to other high-end printing papers available in the market
• The paper boosts the look and feel of an image printed on it as it uses the matter black ink
• Ability to catch the light pretty well when printing
• Excellent for both monochrome and colored images
• Suitable for different types of work
• 25 sheets of paper in each pack

4. Epson Legacy Fibre Semi-Smooth Satin Photo Paper



Epson has been known for its quality printers. But it doesn’t end there. The Epson Legacy Fibre Semi-Smooth Satin Photo Paper is excellent for prints and is definitely a must buy especially when you want to print images that are rich in color.


• Has a smooth satin surface that is made from 100 percent cotton fiber
• Enjoy an image permanence of 400 years for black and white images and 200 years for colored images if printed using the Epson HDX and Epson HD ink
• Similar to other printing papers in our review, it doesn’t have any Optical Brightening Agents
• Lignin and acid-free with a pH buffer
• The paper surface is smooth but not as shiny which means it doesn’t reflect back like traditional glossy papers with a hard surface
• Has a good ink absorption thanks to the advanced microporous ink receptive layer
• While it has gallery weight, it still manages to pass easily and smoothly through printers
• Perfect for printing a mix of colors resulting in a high-quality image

Final Thoughts

There are different types of art printing paper available for purchase today. When looking to buy an art print paper, the first consideration to bear in mind is how smoothly it can pass through your printer. A quality print paper shouldn’t cause any difficulties. Also, ensure that you get a high-quality paper that has a high level or archival ability. This means that your prints will be durable and you can preserve your images for years to come.

Most importantly, consider your budget as art print papers are priced differently. While some packs may have more sheets of paper than others, your needs should come first when settling for an art paper for printing your images.

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