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Artists consider their pens just as important as any other tool of trade they own. They keep up with the times, so you’re just as likely to see them with styli as with any ordinary artist’s pen. The modern artist is also aware of tools such as Apple Pencil that is capable of doing more than any normal pen. Artists can spend some of their hard-earned money on the best digital pen for artists today. After all, the market has quite a substantial number of such devices.

Digital pens are special devices. They look just like the normal pens except they are a fatter. Furthermore, digital pens are full of Bluetooth gizmos, optical devices, and electronic circuits. Below is a list of the best digital pen for artists worth buying.

Neo Smartpen N2

Neo smartpen N2 – main
Neo smartpen N2 – Camera USB Port
Neo smartpen N2 – Cap
Neo smartpen N2 – Dimension


This pen is ideal for artists for many reasons. First, the artist needs to download and install an app known as ‘Neo Notes.’ Through this app, the pen will synchronize what the artist writes or draws on paper automatically to iOS or Android devices. No need for a drawing tablet, IT saves digitized drawings and sketches while drawing directly on paper, pad or even a cocktail napkin.

It also shares, searches, and organizes digitized drawings and sketches without any difficulty. It converts everything into digital texts. Its aluminum body, which is designed ergonomically, gives it a sleek look while offering a similar level of grip as ordinary pens.

It provides artists with a comfortable writing experience. It is easy to use too.


It is super easy to use. This digital pen is the closest to conventional pens that any artist can ever use. It has some cool features that enable artists to draw in eight different colors. It also allows them to draw in three different thickness options.

The pen can store thousands of pages of drawings. Its main selling points are the ease of use and gorgeous look. More than that, it also works incredibly well. However, you need to apply continuous pressure for the drawings to be clear enough.


It needs constant pressure. Light strokes will not give you the desired drawings.It is unable to transfer intricate designs and drawings well.

Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen

Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen – Main
Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen – 2 in 1
Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen – Business
Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen – Tip
Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen – Parts


This isn’t merely an artist’s digital pen. The pen is the tool that brings an artist’s skills and talent to the 21st Century. It has two replaceable ends. It has no plastic parts or components. It is almost made entirely of aluminum and stainless steel. It guarantees a smooth writing and drawing experience with all touchscreen devices.

It is excellently designed. It guarantees the level of flexibility and accuracy that artists cannot just get elsewhere. It is not a heavy digital pen; hence, you can carry it with you wherever you go. It is compatible with almost all Apple and Android devices. In this regard, it gives artists more options on the kind of devices they can draw, sketch, or layer on.


It weighs excellently in the artist’s hands. It gives artists a luxurious feel as they use it to draw their artwork. Its 2mm rubber point is just the bomb for artists whose jobs involve selecting super small icons. It is compatible with just about any capacitive touchscreen gadget the artist intends to use. It comes with changeable tips.


A few users have complained of the awkwardness of drawing with the pen. Therefore, be ready to spend time getting used to it first. Also, be careful with the styli disc ends, as they have a habit of disappearing or getting lost just when you need to use them.

AmazonBasics Stylus

AmazonBasics Stylus – Main
AmazonBasics Stylus – Box
AmazonBasics Stylus – Rubber Tip
AmazonBasics Stylus – Tie


Every artist needs a digital pen that can function with all types of touchscreen devices. The AmazonBasics Stylus is just that kind of a pen.

Some of the devices it enables artists to draw on, includes Kindle Fire, iPad 3, iPad 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Apple iPad 2, and Samsung Galaxy tab among others.

It offers artists a smooth drawing or sketching experience. It is the ideal digital pen to use when you want to draw all manner of stuff.


This digital pen works even when you put a protective screen on your Kindle device. It weighs perfectly and feels great in the hands too.

It has a see-through tip that allows artists to see exactly where and what they are drawing. It never misses any stroke, which is essential for an artist.


The fact it does not attach to kindle is a bit of a drawback. Additionally, you have to use it the right way lest you feel greatly disappointed and think you wasted you’re your money.

Dell Active Stylus

Dell Active Stylus for Dell Tablets – Main
Dell Active Stylus for Dell Tablets – Colors
Dell Active Stylus for Dell Tablets – Lay Flat
Dell Active Stylus for Dell Tablets – Compatibility


Many artists believe in using Dell products. Everybody has a preference and artists are not exempted. Artists who prefer using Dell tablets should know that they can spend some of their money on this top digital pen too. It has a natural feel to it. It is comfortable to use too.

It is equipped with the latest pressure-sensing technology. Today, artists will struggle to find a stylus or digital pen that is more suited and specifically designed for improved productivity than Dell Active Stylus.


It comes with a one-year warranty. It is compatible with various devices that include Venue 8 Pro, Venue 11 Pro, and Latitude 7350 among others. It guarantees more precision, better interaction and enhanced productivity.

It provides artists with a more natural, comfortable, and convenient way of interacting with their Dell tablets while drawing or sketching. The digital pen is pre-calibrated. Therefore, you don’t have to do anything to make it work with your gadget. It does that straight out of the box. Its battery can last up to a year with usual use.


It has a limited number of gadgets with which it is compatible. Seems to work best with Dell devices alone. In numerous instances, it struggles with connectivity issues. Be ready to spend money on a new set of batteries as it seems to eat them up quite fast.

Sensu Digital Artist Brush

Sensu Digital Artist Brush – Main
Sensu Digital Artist Brush – 2 part
Sensu Digital Artist Brush – All
Sensu Digital Artist Brush – Brush Sample


Sensu is a two-in-one highly useful tool. It is a stylus, and digital brush all rolled into one. It is one of the best tools for capacitive devices such as iPhone and iPad. It also works well with Samsung Galaxy tab and other similar types of touchscreen devices.
It operates on patent-pending technology. The technology allows the tool to work just like any other normal but real-life artist’s brush. It is capable of drawing, painting, navigating, and doing just about anything the artist feels like doing.

There are no limits to what the artist can do with this tool.


It remains one of the best pens for sketching on any capacitive device. It brings out the best creativity out of any artist who uses it. It is the tool of choice for the modern digital artist. The digital pen feels natural on the hands. It is super easy to use.

The brush gives it an added advantage over the other types of digital pens. It gives artists a similar kind of excitement as the one they feel when actually drawing, sketching, and painting on paper or real canvas. It feels, weighs, and flows right.


The bristles on the brush seem incapable of not bending. The rubber tip may also be a bit uncooperative by not drawing at the exact spot you want to. At times, it also seems to lag a bit, which can be annoying to the artist.

Final thoughts

Technology has changed different fields, and practices and art has not been left behind. Whether it is for signing digital work, regular writing, or creating some digital artwork, these best digital enable you to do so. These come with different amazing features, and all you need to do is select one that has the advantages you need.

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