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Wall murals are a modern approach to the traditional paint approach that was previously used. This is because they help to recreate and personalize a space by making it unique to an individual or business. The peel and stick nature of the wall murals is the reason why they have become so trendy recently. Because they allow for creativity, wall murals have a way of transforming the setting of a space/room in a way that previous methods were simply incapable of achieving. In this article we shine a light on a few wall mural companies that we feel have an edge over all the other numerous wall mural companies in the country.


Pictorem is quickly become our favorite photographic print shop.  It does outstanding work in everything from canvas prints, to metal prints to acrylic prints.  This outstanding quality continues with their Mural Print offerings.

Create Your Own

Unlike some offers that only allow for selecting from a predefined set of mural art prints (which is still great, by the way), Pictorem allows you to create your very own!  You can take your creativity to the next level by selecting your own images or art work and creating the “peel and stick” prints to add to your home or office.

Or Choose from 130,000+ Prints!

If you don’t want to use your own, you have all types of options for picking from a wide selection.  Pictorem has “135530 artworks from 3315 artists”, and they are broken down by handy Categories (“Photography”, “Abstract”, “Classic Art”, and “Vintage”) or by Room Type (Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, etc).  Super useful!

The Best Customer Service

We’ve been recommending Pictorem for a long time now, and we have yet to receive a single complaint.  Feedback from users has been tremendous, and they are always offering deals, discounts and free shipping!

Overall, this is the place I’d choose whenever I go for prints.

Here’s a great video showing some amazing (and large!) mural prints:

Murals your way

Murals your way is a mural company based in Hopkins, Minnesota that has been in the business for well over 30 years which is a good indicator that they not only get the job done but they are also good at what they do. The company prides itself on its ability to reinvent spaces and have values that ensure every customer receives what they want and are happy with the result they get.


  • They offer individuals with some creative assistance should you find yourself in a position where you want to recreate your space but have no idea where to begin.
  • They use high-quality materials that have been approved by the relevant bodies and even offer options that are ecofriendly.
  • They offer free contiguous shipping within the United States.
  • They have a gallery with thousands of images that you can choose from depending on the vibe you are going for.
  • They are an accredited business with an A+ business rating.


  • Free shipping is limited to the United States; therefore, if you are located in other parts of the world, it is a cost you will have to bear.
  • They do not have an online customer service option which means customers have to contend with either calling or emailing.

Limitless walls

Founded by two brothers, Limitless Walls is a self-adhesive wall mural company that is based in North Carolina. The company is an extension of other businesses owned by the family. The brothers use their family’s background knowledge in adhesive and printing to ensure the company runs successfully and is applying the latest technological advances for its murals. This company has managed to set itself apart from others by using adhesive backed murals, unlike other companies where you are forced to use a paste to stick your adhesive. Additionally, their wallpapers are reusable which means you can move your mural to a different location and still use it again.


  • The company typically sends its customers a sample of their selected wall mural image and material so that one has an idea of what to expect.
  • They provide customers with online customer service, and they are exceptionally fast at responding to queries.
  • They have a 60-day return policy where you can exchange your mural in case you are not entirely satisfied with it.
  • They provide a guideline on how to install the self-adhesive murals as well as other creative tips that you can use to reinvent your space.


  • Free shipping is limited to the United States, and the respective shipping cost will be applied when shipping elsewhere.

Magic Murals

As a company that places the utmost care to ensure they provide unsurpassed levels of service and personal care, Magic Murals is yet another reliable wall mural company that you can opt for regardless of whether you want pre-existing murals or you would like to have a customized mural that speaks to your vision. The company makes your murals based on your specifications, prints the murals and then inspects and trims them before sending it your way. Users have a choice of choosing either one of their exclusive QuikStik, QuikStik Plus, UltraStik, and ProStik materials to be used for their mural.


  • They ship worldwide to over 220 countries.
  • They have a live chat option in addition to other contact options to assist in customer inquiries.
  • Their murals include DIY instructions on how to install them.
  • You can choose between self-adhering murals or the ones that require an additional adhesive that has to be applied.
  • They have image specialist to help you decide on the type of mural you would like.
  • They have a variety of finishes, namely sepia, gray tone or original that can be used to finish your mural.


  • The customer service is limited to weekdays only and not the weekends.
  • Unlike shipping in the US, international shipping is charged depending on the destination.

Rebel walls

Rebel walls is an American based wall mural company pushing the boundaries by creating wall murals with a Scandinavian twist. Was established in 2012 by a couple known as Christofer and Irene Gimmersta the company applies digital printing technology to create their amazing and unique murals. Customers can choose a mural of their choice from the different categories available on their website or opt to create a custom mural where the team at Rebel Walls works in collaboration with you to ensure that your mural is actualized to your satisfaction.


  • They do not have a limitation on the minimum size of the mural you wish to create.
  • The company ensures that their murals have great lightfastness which means that they have the highest resistance to fading and can last for long periods.
  • They do not charge for shipping regardless of your location.
  • They have a satisfaction guarantee policy where you either get a new mural or your money back.
  • They offer “how-to” guidelines on how to use and maneuver different elements associated with wall murals


  • None that we could point at the time of publishing.


Wall murals are a bold and refreshing way to jazz up your space or inject some new life to a space that has started looking drab and lifeless. All the companies discussed above have unique operations through which you can create the mural of your choice that is guaranteed to turn heads and have people asking questions.

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