Tips from Dogarooni on Correcting Dog Behavior Problems:

K-9 MischiefDogs are our little buddies from heaven that make our lives ten times better – except when they’re misbehaving. Bad dog behaviors such as urinating in inappropriate places can make even the most patient dog owner frustrated.

To help us out with this dilemma, Dogarooni shares some tips on correcting bad dog behavior through proper dog training:

1. How to correct dog urinating problems.

Dogs mark their territory with urine. Unless you wish to treat your house like a jungle, finding marked territories inside the house is annoying.

Although it is advised to neuter dogs at an early age to prevent dog urinating problems, usually neutering older dogs can still work.

Another way Dogarooni suggests to correct dog urinating problems is to catch it in the act and correct it consistently. When you notice the dog attempting to urinate, distract it with noise by shaking a can filled with stones. Then when the dog looks for the source of the noise, command “NO PEE” with a stern voice. Doing this consistently to see results is recommended by Dogarooni.

2. Dogarooni on how to correct dog aggression.

Though diagnosing the exact cause of dog aggression is tricky. Aggression among dogs has several causes including but not limited to physical pain or discomfort, fear, anxiety, and feeling threatened. Dogarooni says if your dog acts aggressively, have them checked with a vet first to see if they’re suffering from chronic pain. Dogarooni highly recommends working with dog behavior experts to help you come up with a dog training plan to correct dog aggression.

Since aggressive dogs can be dangerous, don’t leave them with children or unfamiliar adults.

Dog training tips from Dogarooni

3. How to correct destructive dog chewing

The first thing you need to do when correcting destructive dog chewing is to identify its cause. Some dogs chew due to separation anxiety or hunger, but some may have developed chewing as a compulsive behavior. In the latter case, Dogarooni advises us to seek professional help.

Dogarooni says the best way to correct destructive dog chewing is to give your dog a proper chewing toy. Dogarooni suggests another useful trick, using spray on the usual items that your dog chews on with chewing deterrents. When they taste the awful taste of the deterrent, they will stop chewing items with the same smell.

4. How to correct dog digging. Dog owners are familiar with waking up and seeing a pile of dirt in the backyard. To correct dog digging behaviors, you need to catch your dog red handed and say “no.” To make sure that your dog stops digging, distract it with a toy. The important thing here is to stop or scold the dog during the act of digging and not afterward since the dog will not understand what it did wrong.

To still give your dog the freedom to dig, give it a sandbox and bury some of their favorite toys.

Dogarooni says that dogs may develop bad habits especially if they grew up with no consistent dog training to promote positive habits. However, Dogarooni also reminds us that it is never too late to start correcting problematic dog behaviors. The most common dog behavioral problems can be corrected with consistent and dedicated dog training.

Learn from My Mistakes – Why You Need Regular Tree Service

Trees make the home look more beautiful. They make the home more elegant. Your property can enjoy the full benefits of the trees growing in it, but only with regular maintenance. They need regular trees service in Denver, CO, especially, with all the rocky mountain tree types and wildlife. Poor and irregular maintenance cause the trees to die. Poor and irregular maintenance create safety hazards for members of your family. In many cases, occasional tree services have led to property damages by interfering with the foundation and structural stability of the building.

Different types of Trees Require Different Service

Don't be like me and my neighbors, get regular tree service before a disaster like this happens.
Don’t be like me and my neighbors, get regular tree service before a disaster like this happens.

Depending on the trees you have planted and allowed to grow within your property, you might have to give them tree service once a year. The trees need to be pruned or inspected once each year too, especially if they are near your house. You also need to prune and inspect the trees at least once a year if they are near power poles or property lines. Regular maintenance highlights the things that need fixing earlier before the situation gets out of hand. Therefore, you should pay for the regular tree service at least once a year for the following reasons:

Enhancing the health of the trees

Pruning prolongs the life of your trees. It removes the dead, insect-infested and weak parts of the tree. Failure to prune regularly would make it possible for the trees to begin rotting. The health of the trees will suffer consequently. Trees that receive regular trimming and pruning tend to be more beautiful. This is because undesirable branches no longer draw too much energy from the rest of the tree, thus allowing the desirable parts to blossom. The production of leaves, fruits and flowers in the tree improves exponentially as you prune and service them regularly.

Protecting the property

Trees are capable of destroying the home, which is your biggest investment. Strong winds blowing around the home can cause hanging branches to fall on the roof. Some branches are notorious for burrowing their way beneath the shingles thus causing the roof to leak. Water damage can destroy the structural integrity of your house. Such a house would be a huge risk living in for your family. Some of the tree branches are capable of growing into power lines, thus increasing the likelihood of power loss. Blackouts would be the norm in such situations.

Protecting the family

Members of your family need protection. Tree service is one of the ways you can protect the family. The services should include tree trimming, if your family is to feel safe and well protected. Trimming keeps your family away from injuries, which would be the norm if branches keep falling all over the place. Trim the branches that are on the verge of falling. Focus on the cracked branches too. If you do the pruning and trimming right, the weight of each tree will reduce sharply thus eliminating their likelihood of falling during a snowstorm.

Tree service in Denver, CO is great for everyone involved, especially your neighbors, since a fallen tree doesn’t juts affect you, it also effects your entire block. Regular tree services are great for your house. Your household is guaranteed safety and adequate protection against falling branches and twigs. Therefore, you ought to find a good contractor for this work. It might be expensive to ask for these services all the time. The benefits they provide you make the services worth it.

See this PDF on Tree Removal by, it has very helpful information for anybody looking to take advantage of some government programs.

References: – See the Tree Removal Denver map listing for directions.


An Artists Guide to House Painting

Nothing like a freshly painted house, especially for the artistically and aesthetically minded folk, like myself.
Nothing like a freshly painted house, especially for the artistically and aesthetically minded folk, like myself.

I’ve decided to give my house a paint job.  It’s been a while since its gotten a fresh coat, and my artistic tendencies have led me to desire a new look for it.  So I’ve put together a little guide on how other artists can approach this same thing:

How do you paint your house artistically? Many people often do ask themselves this important question when they need to improve the looks of their houses. With a proper guide, you will be able to make your decision on what you would do especially when painting your house. Here is an Artists Guide to House Painting:

  1. Choose appropriate colors for painting

You need to ensure that you do your research on the types of colors that you would need when selecting them. How should one do this? Depending on the design of your house, you should ensure that you do select a color that will best work for you especially when you need to paint your house in an amazing way. Those who have tried it have been able to paint their houses well with the colors they need when looking for the best design options.

  1. Hire an experienced painter 

For you to do your painting of your house artistically, you must be willing to hire those experts who have wealth of experience in the field. When you do hire them, they will apply their skills and experience to come up with a design that would work best for you if you need to make your house to stand out among many other that you would select for yourself. What are some of the ways of hiring experienced painter? Through personal market research, you will find those who have experience to enable you design and paint it in the best way.  I’ve personally landed on a recommended painter in my area to handle at least one room, with an option to expand out to more rooms if I’m satisfied with the work and the price.

Finding that painter was a matter of word of mouth.  I ended up asking a contractor that had worked on my roof previously, and they had someone that they worked with before and recommended to me.  This is likely the best way to go about things, but if you don’t have anybody to ask, do your research on sites like Yelp or homeadvisor to find a trustworthy contractor.

  1. Choose the right painting tools 

For you to paint your house artistically, you must select the right painting tools that work for you when doing it yourself. Selecting the best tools means you will be able to paint your house well especially when acquiring the options or styles that would make your house to look modern and stylish. In addition, you can seek help when you lack ideas on how to choose these painting tools depending on the best options that work best for you.

  1. Research on the design patterns

You must be able to come up with a perfect design pattern that would make your painting unique and remarkable depending on what best that fits your house needs. How should you do this? Internet offers all solutions that you might need depending on the design that you want your house to have. When you do choose that best design, you will definitely be certain that you would paint your house well depending on its structure and personal preference.

  1. Do your house the right way

You must paint a house in the best way possible through sketching it first before implementation. You need to put your drawing on a paper before you can decide on what would work for you when painting. This means you will paint your house artistically thus making it to stand out uniquely.

In conclusion, the above is an Artists Guide to painting your House that you must master when you want to have a uniquely look home in terms of design and style.



Why Are Textbooks So Expensive?

I feel bad for students nowadays, textbooks are so expensive.
I feel bad for students nowadays, textbooks are so expensive.

College, high school and other educational textbooks are incredibly expensive. If you ask the bookstores, they will tell you that it’s not their fault, the publisher just charges a lot for them. And this appears to be true. New books are incredibly expensive everywhere, not just the school bookstore. Which is why you should find alternative ways of getting them.

Textbooks are expensive for various reasons. To begin with, textbooks production goes through many stages before final printing. Everybody that was involved will demand remuneration. After a period of time from the publication day, new changes flow in and this calls for revised editions. These editions are also charged

The main advantage of buying your coursebooks is that when the term is over, you can market them and get back some of your cash. But this is not guaranteed by any means– your school bookstore might not buy them if the class is not going to be scheduled anytime soon, and sometimes nobody wants them at all if a new edition has come out.  Heres some ways you can avoid buying expensive textbooks:

Rent them

Renting textbooks lets you save money. Think of it as sharing your textbook. For one term, you get the book, and you only pay around a third of the price. The rental company then takes it back, and rents it to another person. It’s a win-win situation– the rental company makes money, and you don’t spend your entire college fund on books.

It doesn’t matter what schedule you’re on. Textbook rental companies have rates for quarters, semesters, and even years. You can add weeks to the end of your rental if you find you need it longer, and if you decide you want to keep it, you can buy it. There’s not much of a downside.

Buy online

Sometimes we walk many miles crossing from one city to another trying to look for that one book that your tutor insisted you have it. You end up spending a lot of money and transportation before getting the book. An easier way you can obtain that book is through the online retail stores. There are even places where you can get a PDF Free Download of textbooks.  No movement required, all you need to do is click some buttons and you have the book.

Buy used textbooks

Textbooks when purchased new are the most expensive. A used textbook offers the same information but at a cheaper price. It may have marks written inside or marks highlighter from a previous student. These blemishes are the reason why they are offered for sale at a cheaper price. Very few used books are offered at a school bookstore since most students may not sell the books back. Most bookstores make a bigger profit on new book sales.

The shelf life of a textbook is determined by the usefulness of the subject material involved. Those subjects that have the greatest chance for new information will have a new edition published much quicker than one in which topic remains the same. Most science books are constantly changed due to new information unearthed by the scientific community. Many history books or math, books do not have new discoveries so they will not be updated as frequently. One can buy a used textbook from a former student cheaper than the bookstore to help cut their school expenses.

If most of the books cannot be obtained online or rented, it is better to voice your concerns to the government education boards to have the textbook prices moderated. Sometimes after the book publication, some editors decide to make new editions whenever they feel like with each edition costing some extra bucks from the previous one. Government education bodies can help to regulate such profit-motivated moves to enable accessibility of education by its entire people.

What Animators and Artists Have Bad Credit

Hey, they even make satire about credit scores. Go figure.
Hey, they even make satire about credit scores. Go figure.

Recently I was thinking to myself, “Self, what separates you from the rest of your fellow artists?”.  It may be the racially slanted humor, it may be because I was lucky enough to land a domain and a comic with a name like “Secret Asian Man”, or it may be because I’m gainfully employed outside of my artistic endeavors.

Sure, I’ve published books and have found some modicum of success with this comic strip, but I am also creative director for a major publication (*cough* Beer Advocate Magazine *cough*).  I think this separates me from a ton of my colleagues who tend to be in the “starving artist” category.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, since I try to devote as much time as possible to my craft.  I don’t want to sacrifice my art for the all mighty dollar, but you have to pay the bills (and a retirement plan doesn’t hurt either).  The problem I see with a lot of my fellow artists is they are in a situation where it is either one or the other, and no in-between.

Thankfully for my I was able to find a real job that is also a creative position.  This allows me to not only pursue my craft (which might or might not pay off in the long run, but I do it anyway) as well as pay the bills and put a little something away for a rainy day.  It even means my credit score is as high as it’s ever been (I checked it at, if anyone is curious).  The difference between my situation and, say, a waiter or waitress, is that I get to be creative in my day job as well as my independent endeavors. This is really the best of both world.

So why do artists have bad credit, but I don’t?  I guess it’s because I’m extraordinary.  Or it could be because I have a day job that is creative as well as (somewhat) lucrative.


What is Wrong With My Computer?

Hmm, I wonder what's wrong with it.
Hmm, I wonder what’s wrong with it.

If you are a regular computer user, you might have experienced computer break. In fact, the breakdown might have caused you to lose some of your important data. At that time, you must have thought why does my PC break? How can I prevent it? How can I fix it without taking the help of the professional? If the problem is a minor one then you can fix it. If it is a major problem then it is better to take the help of any professional. But prevention is better than the cure. Hence, you should know the reasons to avoid such kind of situations.

Many things can cause the breakdown of the computer like the power cord being ripped, the problems with the hardware, and the virus. Some of the major causes are given below.

Hardware Failure

Hardware failure or conflict might be the cause of your computer break. Every hardware device has an interrupt request channel (IRQ) to communicate with other devices. These devices are unique and should match properly to avoid any conflict. For example, when a printer connects on the 1RQ 7, a disk drive IRQ 6, and the keyboard uses IRQ 1. In these cases, conflict is obvious when all of them try to dominate each other. Moreover, proper installation is also important to avoid hardware conflicts. Hardware conflict can make your computer not to run anymore. The break might be temporary, but it persists then you should take the help of a professional.

Is it a Virus?

The virus is one of the major reasons for the computer break. You should avoid opening unauthentic sites, updates, and should avoid downloading unknown files as well. You can also protect your computer from anti-virus software. You can download this software from any site. Both paid and free downloading is available. If you want to get more security then go for the paid software.

Maybe Bad RAM?

RAM (random-access memory) problem is another reason of your computer failure. During this problem, you will get a message reads Fatal Exception Error. This is the indication of a severe hardware problem. In this situation, you might need to replace the damaged part.

Is the Software Buggy?

You might also experience computer break while installing any unknown software. You can fix the issue immediately by uninstalling that software. This is a very simple process. Go to the control panel and select the software and then uninstall it. Some software is corrupt so make sure that you are not installing any unknown and corrupt software. If you have antivirus protection it will be ultimately scanned and in a case of any danger you will get the message.  I ended up taking my computer to a PC repair shop in Oakland to get it looked at.  He was able to fix it pretty handily, but I had one last check on my checklist:

Perhaps it’s Overheating

Overheating might be the cause for the computer break, but it can be resolved soon when you switch it off immediately and start it after half an hour. You can also get a bigger fan and install it on the top of the central processing units to avoid this situation. Above are some of the common causes of the computer break. With proper care and knowledge, you can avoid the occurrence of this difficulty.

Multiculturalism and the City Hall Wedding

Weddings taking place at a city hall instead of traditional venues feature a mix of cultures.
Weddings taking place at a city hall instead of traditional venues feature a mix of cultures.

A wedding is probably one of the few events that bring unrivaled joy. Of course it does not beat the joy when you were born. Where and how you have your wedding will either make you cherish the memories or just want to forget about it. Well, if your church wedding ceremony cost all your years of saving then you would not have fond memories about it.

Intercultural marriages

It is not back in time when cultures compelled people to marry only those close to their customs. A Muslim will marry a Christian; a Buddhist will marry a Sikh and so on. It is no longer appropriate to take your marriage to a church when one of the spouses is from a different religion. In such a case, halls come in handy to break the hurdle of venue. There will be no debate on whose religion officiates since a mayor will serve as an impartial player.

Mayors licensed to officiate marriages can move around to any place and pronounce you a husband and wife. There are no strict procedures to follow and this is a plus if you want to have everything done your way. It is fun and everyone can get down to their element without the fear of offending a church’s tradition. Nothing beats the halls for their flexibility and no wonder many people are going for this option.

Manageable budget too

It is no secret that recession is a reality that everyone is worried about. Therefore when you get a chance to save a few dollars you should go full speed for it. Wedding statistics in the U.S. show that a hall wedding costs close to a third of what a church ceremony would demand. This is a way to ensure that you will not be walking into bankruptcy a day after you are happily married.

It may be time that you consider a city hall wedding ceremony. Many people have been caught up in this new trend and many city mayors have become busy with the trickling events at their presiding halls. Would you wish to follow suit and have your nuptial away from the church corridors? Here are compelling reasons that would make you consider the temptation

Civil rite simplicity for those marrying for their 2nd or 3rd times

By the time you have your second or third marriage you do not have the fanciness like you had on your first one. You want a simple formality that will get you a wife or husband. The traditional church ceremony will always come with its own baggage of prerequisites. The civil rites offer an easy way to get things done. This is an attractive provision that many couples will want.

You now have an extra card to play on your wedding day. Do not suffer the pressure to have a massive budget or worry about your spouse’s cultural differences. You have a perfect answer: marrying a hall.

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