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Anyone working in the business world will tell you how important it is to have all the business cards backed up digitally. Being able to back up your business cards digitally means that you won’t have to worry in case you lose a vital contact and won’t have to walk around with several business card holders as well.

While the flatbed scanners were considered the most amazing technology innovation, they are not only expensive but also bulky which means carrying them from one place to the other for simple tasks like scanning business cards might be tedious. Besides, with flatbed scanners, you have to ensure that the document is well placed on the scanner lest you end up with a skewed document.

Thanks to technology and innovation, there are now business card scanners that you can purchase. Some of the best business card scanners not only produce high-quality scans but are also portable. So, if you are shopping for a business card scanner, below are some options you can consider.

1. The NeatDesk Desktop Scanner

The Neat Company NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System Main
The Neat Company NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System Front
The Neat Company NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System Side View


A product from The Neat Company, the NeatDesk desktop scanner is an excellent buy for your business cards scanning needs. This scanner is a high-speed desktop device that requires you to connect it to a power outlet and a computer.


This scanner will not only support your business card scanning but will also help you eliminate all your paper mess by scanning other critical items like your receipts and other important documents all in one batch. Besides, you can easily access all your scanned files from anywhere using your computer or mobile device.

Thanks to this scanner, you can easily organize all your information in one secure place, and you can easily send your data to Outlook, Excel and other applications. The scanner has a unique paper tray that is able to scan documents of various sizes. The tray’s capacity can allow you to easily scan 15 business cards, 15 letter-sized documents (A4) and 15 receipts at a go. This means that you will save time when scanning your documents.

Should you need to scan a standard document, you can also do that without necessarily using the paper tray. This way, you’ll be able to scan a 50-page document. The best part is that the scanning process is fully automated and once you place your documents, all you’ll need to do is press the start button.


Most users have reported issues with the software stating that it doesn’t support the scanned files and users are expected to pay a monthly fee to access their scanned documents.

2. The Plustek Photo Scanner

Plustek Photo Scanner – ephoto Z300 Main
Plustek Photo Scanner – ephoto Z300 Dimension
Plustek Photo Scanner – ephoto Z300 Social Media
Plustek Photo Scanner – ephoto Z300 Speed


Plustek is a well-known brand in the scanner industry. The Plustek photo scanner is a scanner that scans more than your business cards. It also scans your photos and documents and does it in a matter of minutes.


To start with, this scanner works well with both Mac and Windows computers. The Deskew technology combined with the automatic cropping feature ensures that your scanning process is so much simpler than it ever was. All that is involved is just placing the needed paper inside the feeder, and the scanner will then transfer the documents to your computer’s screen using the CCD sensor.

The scan results come out perfectly, and you won’t need to do any adjusting, processing or filtering once you have your scans. This scanner also lets you easily share your scanned business cards on social media with just one tap. The software that’s used in making this designer will ensure that you get the best results possible.

This device also comes with a compact design that’s perfect for its build. It’s also light and has some great powerful enhancement functions.


Produces some quality scans but can be noisy with heavy use.

3. The Penpower WorldCardColor Scanner

Penpower WorldCardColor Color Business Card Scanner (Windows) Main
Penpower WorldCardColor Color Business Card Scanner (Windows) Side


This scanner by Penpower has been designed specifically for the scanning of business cards and allows for a USB 2.0 connection for fast and easy data transfer.


The most amazing feature of this scanner is its ability to recognize up to 14 different languages thanks to its Support Unicode that is able to display multiple languages. Its fantastic synchronization ability enables users to seamlessly transfer contact information, and the information can then be entered into any contact manager including Outlook Express.

You can also import or export any contacts that you need using Microsoft Access, Excel, CSV, vCard, and Text. The scanner also recognizes the information on the card and automatically saves it to the correct fields. Being a color scanner, you won’t have to worry about the details and look of your cards being compromised.

Besides business cards, you can also scan baseball cards and four by six-inch photographs. You can also share your scanned contacts with your smartphone contact, social media contacts as well as other platforms.


Users have reported issues with the drivers as well as with the functionality of this device.

4. Ambir Technology PS667 Scanner

Ambir Technology PS667 Simplex A6 ID Card Scanner Main 2
Ambir Technology PS667 Simplex A6 ID Card Scanner Main


The scanner is equipped with Ambir’s technology which ensures that you don’t waste time scanning as the scanner offers great scanning speeds of three seconds for each side.


While being a decent scanner for your business card, the scanner can also be used to scan different kinds of cards such as your driving license, insurance cards, laminated cards and cards with embossed characters and design.

The device only weighs 8.6 ounces which means you won’t have issues setting it up or moving it around. It also doesn’t require a power adapter which makes it very convenient for use with your laptop, tablet or PCs regardless of where you are.
It results in high-grade scanning and has a compact design that makes your scanning much easier. With all the amazing features it comes bundled with, this is a great scanner that’s worth your money.


It can only deal with a maximum card thickness of 1.4 mm.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are great at networking or your job requires you to be in the field and network and establish important contacts that will help boost your company’s sale. Having a reliable scanner that can easily and quickly scan your business cards is a must have as it’ll save you from having thousands of business cards in every corner of your home. We hope that your review makes your life much easier and you can quickly make up your mind on what to buy.

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