Published on February 12th, 2019 at 03:57 am

If you’ve owned a printer before, you know how costly buying ink and toner cartridges for your printer can be especially if your work involves lots of printing and copying. But you don’t have to pay that much for genuine ink. was launched back in 2012 with three different offerings for their customers – highest quality ink at the lowest price plus the best customer experience.

Those three goals have seen 499inks stay relevant for the past seven years that they have been operational. By selling ink cartridges at just $4.99, they have been able to have their customers save about 70 percent of what they spend when buying ink from original name brands that we all know of. Although they have lower prices, they don’t compromise on the quality of their inks.

Unlike their competitors, they ensure that the quality of their ink surpasses their expectations and is similar to the original quality. To achieve this, 499ink doesn’t boast of having all the ink cartridges as this allows them to focus on creating quality products that can satisfy the needs of their customers, who they go above and beyond for.

For any business to survive, having a strong customer base is important. However, keeping them isn’t. That’s why 499inks makes themselves readily available for their customers through phone or email and have been able to get positive reviews from past and current customers. In addition, their customers also get to enjoy a one-year guarantee on top of the excellent customer service.

Why 499inks?

Everyone has a different reason to why they’d prefer one brand to the other. This is no different from 499inks as there are good reasons why anyone should consider them. Below are a few.

Variety of Inks

For most of us, choosing a printer brand is very important. But it doesn’t end there as you will have to also factor in ink and toner cartridges. With 499inks, it doesn’t matter the make of your printer as their offerings include most of the popular printer brands such as HP, Brother, Dell, Canon, Samsung, Epson, Lexmark among others.

Fast Shipping

When buying products online, one of the things that keep customers coming back is the ease of use of your website as well as fast shipping services. No one wants to make an order and have their items arrive weeks or months after they really needed to use them. This, ideally works best when it comes to inks and toner cartridges. You don’t want to make an order when you are low only for it to take forever. With 499inks, you are guaranteed of fast shipping services so you can go on with your printing needs with no hiccup whatsoever.

Product Guarantee

499inks have two types of guarantee, one for a refund and the other one for exchange. As you know, companies offer a guarantee because while they believe their products are good, they aren’t blind to the fact that they can develop issues especially if they have to be shipped. With 499inks, you have a 360-days exchange guarantee when you return a defective cartridge. You either get a 100 percent credit towards a similar replacement or store credit as long as the return is done within 360 days. On the other hand, one can get a full refund if the defective cartridge is returned within 30-days of purchase.

Easy Ordering Process

With 499inks, you can either make your ink order from their website online or by phone. Shopping online is one thing that most people enjoy as they can easily do it at the comfort of their home or when on the go. In addition, they accept multiple payment options ranging from PayPal, credit cards, cheque or through a money order. The choice really is up to you, the buyer.

Customer Service

With a team that is always ready to resolve any of your issues, 499inks website has a live chat feature that can be used to reach out to them during working hours. In addition, you can also call them or email them and be assured of a speedy response.


499inks has monthly giveaway coupons that customers can redeem and enjoy reduced pricing. They have monthly offers, and a sign up to their newsletter lets you enjoy a 5 percent off on your first order. You can also download their free app on both the Android and App Store and never miss a coupon in your life.


While 499inks does a great job of ensuring that people can actually get high-quality ink and cartridges at a fair price, there are some issues that they need to improve on in order to ensure that all their customers are at least satisfied even though achieving 100 percent customer satisfaction can be hard.

For starters, some of their customers have complained of price ingenuity. By this, they claim that they make orders for their ink cartridges at a stated price only to follow up and be told that they are out of those products. However, when doing the follow-up, 499inks claims to have them and can sell them but at a higher cost.

There have also been complaints about their customer support as well as the product they sell. Given that they do not claim to make original products but still have quality inks that can be used, it would be best if they worked a little more on their products to avoid disappointing their customers. That said, 499inks still need to up their game and ensure that their customers fully trust using their products and keep to their word when it comes to the promises they make to their customers.

Final Thoughts

Although 499inks works well for most people, it still has its flaws. Working to improve the quality of their inks can go a long way in ensuring that their business continues to thrive. However, 499inks is still the go-to company if you are looking for quality ink at an affordable price coupled with a refund or exchange guarantee on their products.

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