Published on February 14th, 2020 at 09:23 pm

The internet is filled with many online classes that can be useful for any students. While these types of classes are many, not many are legitimate. Choosing a reliable platform for learning requires some research and informed decision making. However, consider these top 5 online painting classes:

Bluprint (formerly Craftsy)

By far our #1 recommendation for online painting and art classes is Bluprint (formerly known as Craftsy).  The depth and breadth of content they have is staggering.  Just to name a small portion of their art video topics, they include:

  • Acrylic
  • Watercolor
  • Color Theory
  • Oil
  • For Beginners
  • Scrapbooks
  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Still Life

And the list goes on!  To take a look at the full list of videos they have, check out this link.

Bluprint is an online resource for various types of artwork. The platform offers access to multiple resources that one can use to improve their skills as well. Notably, the platform provides classes that educate on multiple types of crafts and arts. Aside from the videos from industry professionals, the platform also provides access to many art resources for painting. They also provides access to various other forms of art including knitting, drawing, painting, paper craft and more.

The platform has also done well to incorporate useful features on the site such as discussion forums. It is through these forums that students can share challenges, and receive feedback from certified professionals. Furthermore, the additional help is available for free and is only included in the initial subscription fees.

To help new learners, the platform features a special startup library that is useful for learning a new art skill. Furthermore, the platform also encourages a technique referred to as “cross crafting.” This involves mixing various forms of art to become more versatile and producing quality content.


Skillshare is perhaps one of the most popular online painting classes. The site is an open platform where students and teachers can share resources. In particular, the platform has a special focus on creators of artwork. Most of the classes on the platform are taught by highly competent professionals. Furthermore, the courses are designed to suit the different schedules that most learners often have. More so, students can even schedule their classes in relation to other students. Through this approach, the students can share feedback and learn together.

The novice painting students at Skillshare can be paired with advanced learners or students to guide them through the basics. Using this approach is highly effective because it reduces the learning curve of most painting students significantly.

For premium members on the site, you can gain access to a host of art classes taught by professionals. These can even include the use of software such as Photoshop to create high quality painting projects. The site offers an exceptional web experience for new learners. Art students can peruse through the thousands of art classes on the website and “save” for future use.

Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is also one of the most significant learning platforms online. It provides learners with access to various types of courses for improving practical skills. Through these classes and many recordings, students get to become artists and painters. While you can primarily focus on painting classes, you can also gain access to many other learning disciplines. These include business, language, music and more.

Also, Shaw Academy is regularly researching the top art concepts and information. The information is then consolidated into cutting edge programs that offered to students at affordable prices. Painting Students can even gain access to competent art professionals to guide them through the learning process.

For the painters, you can gain access to several industry-approved learning resources from top professionals. Most of the footage on the site is based on hours of review and in relation to feedback from other top students. However, the platform provides the best access to premium members, who have to pay a monthly subscription fee. The best part is that the site has a 30-day trial to get members acquainted with the learning process.


If you want to learn almost any type of skill, then Lynda is also one of the best places to start. Offering access to various types of disciplines, Lynda is a platform that hosts students from all over the world. They have hundreds of excellent courses that offers information on painting. From beginner to advanced painting tips, expect to come across several online painting classes that can suit your needs. They have industry experts who are top professionals to help you learn and progress effectively.

While you have to pay a subscription fee to access the learning material, there is a 10-day free trial to consider. More so, the platform also has the categories of the “basic” and “premium,” which are customized service packages. The customized services make it easy to access to training courses on a budget. Once you select a suitable learning package, you can easily access the art content through any type of device. These include your smartphone, tablet, laptop and more.

Brit + CO

For those who are not aware, Brit + CO is an online class that teaches various types of contemporary kills. In particular, the blog focuses on providing multiple forms of creative art teaching concepts to students. All of the classes are taught by competent professionals and average at one hour. Designed to offer both digital and analog classes, the blog contains the most useful of learning media.  Among some of these commonly used learning media include PDFs, videos, templates, texts, documents and more. Usually, the Brit + CO has professionals that regularly update the media to ensure that students learn top content.

Students can gain access to useful art videos, and tools for customizing artwork templates. Even if the platform provides access to a small selection of artwork lessons, most of them reflect contemporary trends. The classes on the platform are purchased using a one-time fee, and no membership fees are required. If you purchase a class and it does not suit your learning need, then you can consider the chargeback fee.

Tips When Choosing the Best Painting Classes

Before investing in online painting classes, it’s important that you make savvy choices. Consider these top tips:

Choose a Reliable and Popular School

The first important factor to consider when investing in artwork classes is to choose an art school that is both reliable and popular. Through this approach, you increase the likelihood of getting a class that offers the best value for your time and money. More so, a reliable painting class should be transparent with their learning procedures and techniques. All the concepts in the program should also be coherent and help you to enhance your painting skills. Usually, a good painting program is taught by experience and highly competent artwork professional.

Ask for Advice from Mentors and Forums

The next factor to consider is to seek advice from mentors and online forums. Being able to seek advice from such individuals ensures that you gain access to proven solutions. Probe them about their experiences learning online, and tips on choosing online classes for painting. Furthermore, asking for information from popular forums is ideal. This is because you get insight from people who come from all corners of the world. Through the online forums, you can learn a lot about a given painting class and even ask for suitable recommendations.

Consider your Learning Needs

Equally important is that you have to consider how you want to learn how to produce artwork content. Every artist has a unique style and preferences. Furthermore, the range of online artwork programs is immense. Being able to choose a program that suits your needs requires research and informed decision making. An essential part of making good decisions when investing in artwork programs your preferences, hobbies, tastes, culture and more. This way, you choose a program that benefits your learning progress.


Undeniably, painting is perhaps one of the most important innovations in the entire history of humankind. Through painting, people can share ideas, earn a living and demonstrate their passions in life as well. More so, it is a discipline that transcends across almost every society around the world. Since the advent of technologies such as the internet, the level of education has improved significantly. Students no longer have to travel thousands of miles or visit a particular schooling facility to gain access to learning resources. Simply put, the internet is a readily available resource that makes it easy for students to access painting educational programs. Even more, students can access the classes through various types of devices including laptops and smartphones. Most of these legitimate programs are also taught by highly experienced and accomplished professionals.

Painting is an excellent hobby, leisure time activity or even career. However, to become a good painter, you have to gain access to top quality information. The main benefit for most painting students today is that the internet provides access to several reliable learning classes. While you may have to invest before gaining access to the classes, they usually provide the best value for your money. You just have to make good choices when investing in online classes for your learning needs. Online classes such as Lynda, Brit + CO, Shaw Academy and more, are all reasonable places to start. An excellent online class is reputable and provides unrivaled access to various forms of learning material. Furthermore, the learning platform should also provide additional learning support to its students.