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#1 Herman Miller Embody Office Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair – Graphite Frame:Black Rhythm Textile Left View
Herman Miller Embody Chair – Graphite Frame:Black Rhythm Textile Back
Herman Miller Embody Chair – Graphite Frame:Black Rhythm Textile Main
Herman Miller Embody Chair – Graphite Frame:Black Rhythm Textile Right 2
Herman Miller Embody Chair – Graphite Frame:Black Rhythm Textile Right View

Review of the Herman Miller Embody Office Chair

In this review, the focus will be on looking at the great features that make the Herman Miller Embody Office Chair a popular choice among buyers. However, the review will not highlight what is great about the chair only. No, it will also consider the not-so-good qualities of the chair. Despite some of its drawbacks, the chair is sturdier than most, more reliable, and quite comfortable. It comes fitted with a comfortable cushioning system that ensures your back has enough support so you can proceed to focus on your work rather than complaining about the discomfort the chair creates.

Design and Features

Many features stand out with this office chair. One of those is the layered design on the seats. That design combines a cushioned mat with two layers of springs. A high-quality material covers everything up nicely. All that design works well by ensuring that you experience something close to a floating sensation when sitting on this chair. The result is a comfortable sitting experience no matter how many hours you sit or spend on the chair while at work.

Users who prefer reclining will love the chair’s tilt limiter. This feature allows you to recline the chair at the optimal angle of recline that provides the level of comfort and stability you prefer. Alternatively, you can forget about reclining the chair altogether. Instead, consider setting or locking it up in one position. This way, you remain in a permanently tilted angle while enjoying your office work.


The chair’s unique cushioning system serves a very crucial role. It enables the share to assume the exact shape of your back, which increases the level of comfort you feel while working. By doing this, the chair provides the maximum support your back needs. The cushions, with their pixel-like nature, are capable of expanding and contracting when you sit and press your back against the backrest. After assuming your back’s shape, they maintain it in optimum seating position, improve your posture, and keep you away from back pains and problems. It distributes the strain evenly all over your back.

The floating sensation you feel is the chair playing its role well. It ensures that your nerves and spine enjoy reduced pressure, which is a regular thing for people who sit long hours behind their office desks putting in the effort needed to complete specific tasks. The floating sensation is also the chair’s way of encouraging you to move and benefit from the improved circulation of blood around your body.

The chair has a simple lever you can use to alter its height. Additionally, it allows you to move the seat cushion forward. At times, you may feel you need a little more depth to the seat. In such instances, all you need is to slide the cushion a few steps forward, and the chair will undergo a massive transformation to suit you well. Just these simple steps ensure the chair adapts to your body shape and size. Do not be afraid to adjust the armrests too. Adjust them accordingly until they meet your needs. This adjustability is great news for individuals whose bodies are a bit large.

Target Audience

The chair’s target audience is any person who needs or uses an office chair for extended periods at work each day. However, the chair has a few issues that make it unsuitable for some uses. For example, anybody planning to pull and move it all over the office needs to rethink such a decision. Buy and use it in front of the same office or computer desk as its armrests can fall off as you attempt pulling and relocating it to a different position. What is more, it is not a suitable choice for anybody looking for a small or a more rigid chair for the office.


• The chair guarantees less strain on your back because of the backrest designed to flex back thus enabling you to use the chair all day long without suffering or developing back pains and problems
• The advanced tilt system on the chair provides plenty of options – which include locking the backrest in one place or limited/free tilting – users can take advantage of
• All body sizes and shapes are catered for through the chair’s amazing features which include armrest width, seat cushion, and adjustable height
• All users can look forward to sitting on a chair that guarantees them amazing comfort and excellent support for the back
• With a stylish look, the chair will make your office more attractive


• The chair is difficult to move around the office because of two factors: a) the manner in which the arm operates, and, b) its width. Most users prefer pulling the chair when the want to move it. However, this is not a good thing to do considering the fact the armrest is not as sturdy as in other office chairs. If you decide to proceed and pull it, you should expect to have to readjust the height and other aspects of the chair before contemplating using it again
• The light colored chair tends to get dirty quickly hence, the importance of choosing wisely to avoid having to clean office chairs frequently rather than focusing on other more important duties and responsibilities in the office. The darker model is a better option here as it does not display or show stain easily thus likely to serve you a long time before you can begin thinking about thorough cleaning sessions


What should be clear to you from this review is the fact the chair is a perfect addition to any office. It has all the attributes you can ever hope to get in an office chair. It adds a bit of a luxurious feel to the office.

Furthermore, the chair is adaptable and adjustable to the body type of the person who wishes to sit on it while working in the office. This equally comfortable chair supports the back properly. It alleviates the pressure and strains your leg feel when working long hours.


#2 Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair Main
Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair Back
Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair Sample

Review of the Herman Miller Sayl Chair

A Swiss designer – Yves Behar – designed this office chair. The designer, who is from San Francisco in California, got the inspiration for this ergonomic chair from the Golden Gate Bridge. Together with developers, they spent three years designing and preparing this office chair for public use. The chair has several features that stand out and make it unique from the rest. Two of its features make it eligible for listing as one of the best chairs you can buy for and use in your office in 2017 and beyond.

Design and Features

The chair has two innovative features that place it ahead of all its competition. The two features, which are Y-Tower and The ArcSpan – are only in this chair. Therefore, you should not waste time trying to look for these features in other office chairs. With its simple yet elegant design coupled with smart engineering, there is no doubt the chair remains one of the most aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient office chairs on the market today.

One of the features – ArcSpan – is responsible for shaping the back of this office furniture and providing the anchoring the suspension fabric needs to remain in place. Consequently, you can move and stretch while sitting on the chair comfortably because of the ArcSpan. With the ArcSpan at the back, you may also enjoy the right balance between sufficient support and freedom of moving effectively. The suspension fabric has several strands made of elastomer. Each strand is different from the other in terms of thickness. The differences in thickness enable support in transition areas to appear more in some parts of the chair compared to others, which is good for encouraging movement while sitting. With all that the ArcSpan feature brings, you can be sure of a chair capable of supporting a person weighing up to 350 pounds.

The Y-Tower is the chair’s main backbone. It supports your back. It also stretches the fabric to guarantee the comfort you need while spending countless hours behind your office desk working. Users can tilt the chair at the back to any setting of their preference. The three settings available for this are 91 degrees, 101 degrees, and 121 degrees.


The chair features the sort of design that is both elegant and efficient. Therefore, adding it to your office will make the workplace better in every imaginable way. The chair is structured to work similarly to a suspension bridge. It relies on elastomer strands for providing the support people weighing up to 350 pounds need when sitting on an office chair. The chair’s design depends on fewer materials to offer the necessary support compared to other similar models, which make it one of the most environmentally friendly furniture.

The design of the back features what is known as the PostureFit. The feature is not ornamental. It serves a critical function. Without it, the base of your spine and the sacral region will lack the support they need when you sit for an extended period. The feature also enables your pelvis to continue maintaining the natural forward inclination, as is the norm.

The tilt limiter is a feature from which you can choose any of the three settings available to tilt the seat or back to your liking. The three settings in question are 91 degrees, 101 degrees, and 121 degrees. Users have the option of tilting the back freely or locking it in position. The combined effort of the elastomer strands and sturdy frame guarantee all the support the lumbar and spine need. Therefore, you are assured of the right support regardless of the setting you choose with the tilt limiter. What all this means is you sit while maintaining the right posture.

The chair is made of high-quality materials. At the back, the material stretches and moves in tandem with your own movements and stretching. The material at the chair’s back feels great to touch. The strands of fabric at the back are breathable and comfortable enough to keep you cool rather than sweaty.

Although the chair’s arms are not adjustable, this should not be a problem for you or any other user. The chair is designed in such a way that enables you to move your arms freely without feeling constrained or uncomfortable. The design ensures you can continue writing or typing away comfortably while enjoying all the support your arms need.

The casters are worth talking about too. Their design makes them ideal for use in areas with low to medium-thick carpeting. Nevertheless, the casters can also roll comfortably and smoothly on any clear or smooth surface. The casters enable the chair to move freely on tiles and wood floorings.

Target Audience

Any person who is searching for an office chair that not only looks beautiful but also is also efficient and perfect for the workspace should buy this model. Its awesome design will improve the office ambiance greatly. The comfort the chair provides is unmatched. The fact the chair keeps you sitting while maintaining a perfect posture should convince you of the need to get one or several for your office too. The breathable back enhances the experience you get while working in the office on days when temperatures are exceedingly high, and there is an increase in the likelihood of sweating profusely at work.


• The chair’s design is not ostentatious but only improves office ambiance
• ArcSpan and Y-Tower provide all the support your back and lumbar need while working and maintaining a perfect posture
• The chair is environmentally friendly owing to the fact it has fewer materials
• Its elastomer strands copy or follow your movements thus ensuring your back has enough support regardless of the way you stretch
• Since its arms are not adjustable, some people might consider this a bit of a problem
• The seat, which has a depth of 16”, is not adjustable either
• Chairs produced before February 2014 tend to squeak a lot


You can take several things from this review. First, you learn that the chair has an outstanding design. Two, you also learn that this high-end chair is one of the most efficient. The chair is environmentally friendly and has a low carbon footprint because of the few materials and parts it has. Your back is assured of the support it needs when sitting on this chair in the office because of its breathability. Therefore, you can move freely and stay cool in the office even when the temperatures are uncomfortably high.

#3 Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

Steelcase Gesture Office Desk Chair Back
Steelcase Gesture Office Desk Chair Main
Steelcase Gesture Office Desk Chair Office

Review of the Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

This review focuses on a high-end chair that offers all the ergonomic benefits you would and should expect from an office chair. The level of comfort the chair provides is unmatched by others. You will struggle to find better options for office chairs in 2017 than this one. The review below will look at the chair’s design. It will also consider the features that set the chair apart from the rest. Furthermore, the review will highlight the pros and cons of buying and using this particular model. Read on to learn whether this model is worth investing in for the office.

Design and Features

The synchronized back and seat, which moves as part of one wholesome unit, are the best features you will notice on this chair. The synchronized movement enables the chair to provide your back with the consistently good support it needs for you to work comfortably in the office. The support remains topnotch whether you stay still or continue moving around.

The fully adaptable arms on this chair allow 360-degree movement in any direction of your choice. With the chair supporting such a varied array of movements, you can rest your arms in any position you deem fit regardless of how you are sitting. With a core that guarantees sagittal, torsional, and lateral movement, you can look forward to sitting in a chair that offers excellent lumbar support regardless of your reclining angle.
The flexible edges of the seat make this part of the chair quite comfortable too. The designer took time to place air pockets carefully in the seat. Check under the foam for these air pockets. The pockets – and foam – enhance the level of comfort you can expect from this chair regardless of your body type.

The headrest is renowned for moving up and down thus providing topnotch, reliable support to all types of people regardless of differences in height. The headrest pad is capable of rotating and pivoting thus making it easier to adjust the angle to what you find most suitable while working.


No matter the sitting position you assume, one thing you can expect from this chair is high-quality support from the adaptable armrests. With a special design and adaptable armrests, you can operate any device – such as smartphones and tablets – comfortably from the chair. You can and will do all this while maintaining a healthy posture, which then allows you to work in comfort no matter the number of hours you put in at the office. The adaptable armrests and special design of the chair allow you to operate all these devices at the eye level thus keeping you away from unhealthy postures, which includes leaning forward a lot. Anybody working in an office that requires operating more than one feature at a time will appreciate this benefit.

Since the chair’s back and seat operate in a synchronized format, this allows users to not only turn but also lean back without having to get up and leave whatever they are doing. Once again, this benefit is attractive to people who work long hours while sitting in office chairs. Such people will enjoy the benefit of sitting in more than one position depending on the nature of work they do at any given moment.

The manufacturer never considered the headrest as an afterthought. Instead, looking at the headrest, one gets the clear impression the manufacturer put a lot of thought into it. The headrest was a priority. The headrest’s full integration in the design is clear proof of the thought the manufacturer put into it. The headrest adapts to your body. It adapts to the length of your neck and size of the head thus able to provide the support you need once you sit in the most comfortable position you can find. The headrest on this chair offers wide-ranging motions.

The finishing options in this chair are quite unlike what you will find with other office chairs. With these many options, you can look forward to using a chair that can blend with any office décor and ambiance. The chair’s clean and professional look makes it an impressive addition to the office without appearing too ostentatious.

The chair is an excellent model; hence, the reason for its highly impressive 12-year warranty. The warranty proves that you have invested your money well.

Target Audience

The high-end chair is ideal for anybody who values stylish and comfortable office furniture. The chair does not come cheap; thus, they appeal to clients who can afford it without affecting other aspects of their office’s operations. The built-in lumbar support the chair offers is not adjustable. Therefore, you have to use it at its pre-set height. However, you can buy the one with adjustable height, though this would require spending more money. The benefits you are likely to enjoy with the adjustable height make it worth buying.


• The adjustable arms allow you to work while keeping good posture the whole day
• The special design allows you to operate multiple devices at the same time without affecting your posture
• The synchronized movement of the seat and back allow you to enjoy proper support for your back as you stretch, rotate, recline, and move while sitting
• The adjustable headrest offers wide-ranging motions
• Comes with a 12-year warranty


• Arm pads are too hard. It is great to include adjustable arms with the chair though they would have been better off softer rather than the hard features they are
• Height adjustment on the lumbar support is an optional feature, which does not sound well with such a high-end piece of office furniture


Clearly, this review of the Steelcase Gesture Task Chair Review contains features that push it to the top of the chain. The chair guarantees you excellent posture as you work behind that office desk or computer. The superbly modern design ensures that you can operate multiple devices all at the same time without affecting your posture. The special features of this chair support the neck and lumbar exceptionally well thus allowing you to recline, rotate, and sit as comfortably or weirdly as you prefer. Using this chair will turn into a good investment and allow you to work without affecting or hurting your back.

#4 Ergohuman Office Chair

DXRacer FH08:NO Black Orage Racing Bucket Seat Font
DXRacer FH08:NO Black Orage Racing Bucket Seat Main
DXRacer FH08:NO Black Orage Racing Bucket Seat Right

Review of the Ergohuman Office Chair

This review of the Ergohuman Office Chair will give you amazing insights into the features that make this office chair one-of-a-kind. The review will also delve deeper into the benefits of having and using this chair. Furthermore, it will touch on the pros and cons of the chair too.
From the outset, you should know that the chair is full length. It offers incredible support to the neck and the entire spine. You will discover one thing with most of the other office chairs – mid-height backrests. The situation is different with the Ergohuman Office Chair though.
The chair’s support to the back and neck is more than what you would ordinarily expect from such items of office furniture. Furthermore, it comes in a variety of colors thus making it possible for you to choose what you find most appealing for your office.

Design and Features

The chair allows you to adjust its height to a comfortable position. Its adjustable height is one of the best aspects of the chair’s design and features. You can raise or lower the seat depending on your own height. The seat’s easy adjustability is the result of the pneumatic cylinder that guarantees you the kind of operation that is both smooth and convenient. The seat’s height is not the only aspect of the chair you can adjust. Feel free to adjust the headrest and backrest too according to your preference.

If you are unhappy with the chair’s back support, feel free to adjust its lumbar support to alter.
The fully height adjustable armrests are an exception to what is considered normal with office chairs. The fact the armrests pivot easily is an incredible addition too. The pivoting allows you more flexibility whenever you feel the urge to move while on this office chair. The backrest is similarly alterable. You can alter its angle to the one you find most suitable for your needs. The chair has a tilt-lock feature that you should use too. This feature enables users to lock the chair in any of the three positions available.

What are the main features of the Ergohuman Office Chair
– Guarantees long-term comfort
– Ergonomic features and adjustments
– Several upholstery options
– Perfect for most body types


The chair is one of the best and easiest to customize to your taste. You can adjust its height accordingly to fit your size and shape. In this regard, it is different from other office chairs whose headrests nobody can alter. The tallest and shortest users can sit on this chair comfortably while doing office work.

Unlike other office chairs that offer mid-height backrests, this one differs in that it has adjustable headrests too. Consequently, you can look forward to sitting on a chair that offers enough support to your back, neck, and head. The result of this is the chair takes a lot of the pressure you normally feel at the back of your head off.

Users who love tilt features on their office chairs will enjoy what this one has to offer. The full tilt feature on this chair allows you to tilt slightly back while sitting in this office chair. Tilting back make your life comfortable enough when you need to relax the muscles a bit.

The full tilt is an important feature for users who spend a lot of time sitting doing work in the office.

Alternatively, you may lock the chair at an angle using the locking mechanism. The locking mechanism distributes your weight on the seat evenly and supports your body well.

The lumbar support on the chair’s backside is worth highlighting too. Without it, you will spend most of your time sitting on the chair slouched. Obviously, slouching is detrimental to maintaining good posture while working. Lumbar support protects you, so you never have to worry about developing back pains or problems associated with slouching for extended periods.

What is more, you can customize this office chair according to your tastes to match it with the office décor. It is available in numerous colors to allow you the opportunity of choosing what befits your office.

Target Audience

One of the biggest attractions with this office chair is the number of adjustable features it has. These features make it easier for you to alter the chair to your taste regardless of how short or tall you are. These features also mean you can alter it to suit your preferences. Ideally, only one person should use this chair. It becomes a bit problematic if more than one person has to use it. In such instances, you would have to put up with numerous adjustments to its height, headrest, and backrest, which can be a bit inconveniencing. Despite this, the chair is still one of the best for the office.


• The versatility of the chair is unmatched by any other owing to the numerous adjustment options, which make it perfect for all types of users
• With its adjustable lumbar support, users will overcome the temptation to slouch and benefit from firm support to the back, neck, shoulders, head, and the back
• Users can set the chair to the free tilt position or choose any of the other three options available to them
• It comes with an adjustable headrest
• It is available in various colors
• It can be annoying having to set or reset the adjustable elements of the chair each time a new user or person sits on it


Reading this review of Ergohuman Office Chair will help you realize how many incredible features it has. You will also realize the chair is perfect for use in the office. It is one of the easiest office chairs to adjust to fit your style, size, and personal preferences. Despite that, the chair has a few drawbacks worth mentioning too. The main drawback is the inconvenience caused having to reset it back to your preferred height every time somebody with a different body type sits on it.

The chair is not also easy to set up initially due to the many extra features. Nevertheless, this chair is worth buying as it guarantees you value for money.


#5 GM Seating Dream Chair

GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair Main
GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair Left
GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair Back

Review of the GM Seating Dream Chair

This review will look at the qualities that make the GM Seating Dream Chair perfect for an office. The review will consider the chair’s pros and cons of owning such an office chair. What you will learn from this review is the incredible support the chair offers to your back. You will also learn that the chair comes with different models, which you can choose depending on your style and the office décor you wish to augment. At the end of the review, you will have a clear understanding of what to do. Obviously, you will dash to the nearest store to order your chair.

Design and Features

Clearly, the manufacturer designed this chair to make it a perfect fit for more people. You can see that straight away in the number of adjustable features the chair has. A chair lacking adjustable features is often for a few select users. One fitted with all manner of features, however, fits most groups of users. The adjustable features start with the seat, which you can raise or lower depending on your preferences. The backrest is also adjustable. Users are free to alter its height to fit the lumbar support exactly on their lumbar areas when sitting.

The headrest offers more than adjustability. Users can change its angle back and forward. Changing the headrest’s angle serves one major purpose – providing comfortable support to the neck throughout the day.
The adjustable armrests are worth mentioning too. The armrests stand out from what is normal with many office chairs you find on the market today. Aspects of the armrest that users can adjust are the height and angle. Apart from that, you can also push the backrest back and forward depending on your preferences. This way, you can move your arms freely and comfortably without interfering with the support that you receive from the chair. The purpose of adjusting the armrest is to provide your arms with the much-needed support while you’re writing or typing. Anybody who wants to use a different device – such as a tablet or smartphone – can adjust the armrest to support the arms appropriately.


The chair stands out from any other office chair you could ever purchase. It looks professional and distinguished. It is the kind of chair to buy when you want to inspire clients and coworkers alike. It emits an air of confidence. It supports the back adequately; hence, the right choice for anybody who needs to a good office chair to use for several hours.

You will not struggle to assemble this chair. You only need roughly 15-20 minutes to assemble the chair. It comes with a manual written in simple language that you will understand easily. Follow the instructions, and you will have an office chair ready for use in no time. You should not have any difficulty assembling the chair even if you have never done similar work before.

The chair comes in two versions. The first version has a mesh back. The second version has a leather back. Most users believe the leatherback is the best primarily for its exceptional looks. On the other hand, mesh back makes the chair look modern and stylish. Mesh is also great for your back as it reduces the sweatiness that is common with sitting long hours doing office work.

The office chair is one of the few that features 97 percent recyclable materials. Most of its components are made of recyclable materials, and the news is likely to go down well with customers who believe in green office furniture or products. As an environmentally friendly chair, it will serve your office – at home or workplace – quite well.

With its fully adjustable armrests, you will enjoy all the support your arms need no matter how you like holding them while working. Therefore, you have no reason for worrying about lack of support for your arms whether you like keeping them by your side or holding them further away from your body while working.
Feel free to set the armrests the way you like to give your arms all the support they need.

The height is adjustable too. You can adjust the back and seat to a height you are most comfortable with for added support. The lumbar support is available too to ensure that your entire spine has the support it needs no matter how many hours you spend in the office busy at your desk.

The firmness of the lumbar support ensures you maintain a good posture at work.

You can also tilt the chair backward. Similarly, you have the option of locking the tilt, so the chair remains in a stable position without giving you reasons to fret unnecessarily. Adjust the armrests the way you want. Adjust them in line with the new tilt position in which you locked your seat.

Adjusting the armrest enables you to be as comfortable as you want while working.

Target Audience

This is a high-end chair for the office. The designer built it to meet the needs of customers who prefer adjusting their chairs according to their tastes. The chair serves those who prefer to work from the comfort and safety of their homes well. It also works well for companies with a large workforce who all need to use the same office chairs.

The chair boasts a nice and contemporary look.

The chair can support a person weighing up to 250lbs.

The chair provides excellent back support.


• The adjustable armrests offer excellent support to allow you to change your sitting positions during the time you are in the office working without causing you any sort of discomfort
• The chair has a clear and well-written manual you can follow to assemble and make it ready for use
• The headrest, backrest, and seat are all adjustable depending on your liking
• The chair’s modern, professional and cool look makes it the ideal choice for any office décor


• The lumbar support has an impossible-to-adjust curvature thus making it a bit uncomfortable to some users
• The chair is not lightweight thus more likely to be difficult to lift or carry around in the office
• Its controls are not as intuitive as they should be thus the more reason for checking and rechecking the instructions manual to familiarize yourself with them


This review of GM Seating Dream Chair has given you a better understanding of what to expect when you buy this office chair. What you should have gleaned from the review is the level of comfort and efficiency you can get from this chair. With most parts being fully adjustable, you will enjoy sitting in this chair comfortably while doing your work. The modern design noted with this chair enhances its look regardless of whether you choose one with leather or mesh back. The leather accords the chair more classic look while the mesh increases its breathability.

#6 GM Seating GM-Air Executive Chair


GM Seating Bodylux Smart Mesh Executive Hi Swivel Chair Main
GM Seating Bodylux Smart Mesh Executive Hi Swivel Chair Lock
GM Seating Bodylux Smart Mesh Executive Hi Swivel Chair Front
GM Seating Bodylux Smart Mesh Executive Hi Swivel Chair Back

Review of the GM Seating GM-Air Executive Chair

Fewer office chairs are as high-end as GM Seating GM Air Executive Chair. Office chairs do not come more high-end than this. In this review of the office chair, we will look closely at the features that make the chair a must-have in your office. The review will focus on the chair’s strengths and weaknesses. It will highlight the qualities you are likely to derive the most pleasure from while sitting on this chair in your office. This fully adaptable office chair comes with numerous amazing features that will make it harder for you not to buy.

Design and Features

The ergonomic design of this chair enables it to provide users with a comfortable experience in the office. The back and seat are made of mesh, which is a great material on office chairs. Mesh enables you to sit long hours without feeling uncomfortable or struggling with sweatiness, which often happens in the office. Mesh is a breathable material. Consequently, sweat will not be dripping down your back as you sit on this chair doing your job in the office. Other materials, such as leather, tend to lead to too much perspiration.

The backrest is adjustable. You can tilt it to any angle you like. You can tilt the backrest to three different angles; namely, 90-degree, 100-degree, and 110-degree. Whichever angle you choose to tilt the backrest to will guarantee you a comfortable time. Both the backrest and seat are synchronized to move in tandem. This way, you can sit on the office chair for as long as you want safe in the knowledge that you will maintain proper posture and avoid the back-related pain and problems that normally affect workers who sit down for extended periods.

You can be as comfortable for long periods with the backrest tilted to your preferred angle.
The armrests are a different matter. With this chair, all armrests are in fixed positions. However, you can alter the position of the arm pads. Feel free to adjust the pads in and out, up and down until you find a position with which you are most comfortable. Adjusted armrests give your arms ample room to move comfortably in any direction you want. Meanwhile, you do not lose the support the armrests provide regardless of the position the arms end up in as you move them.

The armrests are not just adjustable but also removable.

Removing the armrests will interfere with the beauty of the chair; hence, not advisable.


The backrest of this chair has a special design that extends all the support your spine needs. The great lumbar support on this model provides the much-needed support to the spine to people who have already developed back problems and pains and those who haven’t. The adjustable lumbar support allows you to alter its position until you find the right angle or spot that helps you maintain an excellent posture and work as comfortably as you want.

Mesh material on the backrest and the seat allows free passage of air. Mesh is better than other types of fabrics, which do not give the body ample room to breathe. Consequently, they leave the body all sweaty and hot. Mesh is different from the others in that it is a breathable material. It reduces perspiration, which tends to increase in frequency during the warm months. Furthermore, you will not struggle to keep the mesh clean. It is an easy-to-maintain and clean material.

The flexibility of the mesh is also worth pointing out. The element of flexibility gives it the ability to wrap itself around your body regardless of the shape and size of your body. The mesh develops more resistance as you push deeper into it while sitting on the chair thus enabling you to find the right balance between comfortable sitting position and good posture.

What is more, the chair comes with armrests that are locked in place. However, the arm pads are not locked in a single position so you can remove or move them around as much as you like. You can move the pads inwards or outwards depending on the direction you normally move your arms while sitting behind the desk doing your work. The arm pads are capable of rotating at an angle of up to 180 degrees.

The chair does not offer problems as you attempt to assemble it. It comes with assembling instructions published in the manual. Nonetheless, you can assemble the chair from scratch without any experience or feeling the urge to read and following the instructions published in the manual. You only need a few minutes to assemble the chair, which is great news if you decide to buy several units for your office.

Target Audience

Any person who needs an office chair that offers and guarantees exceptional back support should not hesitate to buy this model. It offers all that you can ever hope to get from the most expensive office chairs in the industry too, but at lower and more affordable rates. It is not only sturdy but also well built. Therefore, you never have to concern yourself with buying replacement parts of inviting a technician over to the office to repair damaged chairs anytime soon. The high-quality materials used in constructing it make the chair ideal for users who need professional and modern chairs in their offices.


• The backrest and seat – made of mesh – guarantee you the comfort and breathability needed when working long hours sitting behind your office desk
• Lumbar support ensures your body maintains excellent posture the whole time you are in the office
• Backrest and seat move simultaneously thus ensuring you continue enjoying the benefits of the lumbar support despite tilting the chair
• The benefits you get from this chair are similar to what you derive from the costliest office chairs too


• Armrests are firmly fixed in positions hence immovable leaving only the arm pads as the movable parts
• Chair lacks a headrest
• Its casters tend to break easily with minimal pressure, especially as you roll it on carpeted surfaces. A good solution for this is to use larger casters – rather than the stock ones – designed specifically for carpeted areas


The review of the GM Seating GM-AIR Leader Executive Chair proves that the chair is a perfect addition to any office. This well-designed chair is one of the most efficient in the market. Its mesh backrest offers excellent lumbar support thus allowing you to maintain proper posture while sitting and working. It contains the same features you will find on some of the most expensive office chairs.


#7 Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair

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Review of the Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair

You need to read this review of Mid-Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair if your search for an office chair that not only saves you time but also provides the economic benefits has not borne any fruit.

Its profile might be smaller than what you are accustomed to from executive office chairs that usually feature plenty of cushioning and padding, but that is not an indictment of any kind. It is true that executive chairs are usually a comfortable lot. This ergonomic chair is just as comfortable as the executive variety too. It offers all the support you need albeit without the padding you find in the other chairs.

Looks can deceive you that this chair is weak. Instead, it is one of the most deceptively strong office chairs. It can support people weighing around 150kg, which is where most people belong. Continue reading to learn more about this chair.

Design and Features

The five high-quality casters on this chair ensure you can move easily on any surface. With a feature such as the 360-degree swivel, nothing stops you from moving around as easily as you wish. The nylon base is lightweight and less sturdy compared to the solid metal found in executive office chairs.

The padding on its seat is not only firm but also comfortable enough. The comfortable padding enables you to sit on the chair the entire day without any discomfort. The curved mesh back keeps your back well supported too.

Some users complain about the difficulty of assembling the chair. There is a bit of truth in this because of the fact it comes disassembled, and you have to rely on unclear instructions published in the manual to try putting everything back together.


The chair is perfect for any kind of office because it lacks the additional padding and cushioning found in most executive office chairs. For this reason, you can use it in your tiny office space comfortably. The chair will also serve you exceptionally well in an industrial office that is limited in space.

With its high-quality casters, you can move around the office smoothly and comfortably. You can pull or drag the chair easily too. It does not catch and drag on the office floor like other office chairs, especially the ones with smaller wheels, which would usually inconvenience you by forcing you to get out of the seat and move it around.

The mesh backrest is not as messy or flimsy as you may imagine. Rather, it is comfortable and convenient. It offers the support your back needs as you put in the hours at work. The chair is just as effective as any other at enabling you to maintain a good posture while working.

The free tilt feature of the chair is the perfect tool for tilting back or reclining when you need a bit of rest. Enough people love this bit about the chair. However, the absence of the locking tilt option does not augur well for people interested in a chair that stays locked in position. Usually, locking the chair in position makes it more stable. Anyone who does not enjoy tilting backward while sitting on this type of chair would be better off looking for a different model.

An equally impressive feature is the one allowing you to alter the chair’s height to fit yours. You can do that and lock the chair at the height that most suits you. The mechanism responsible for altering height operates smoothly and is easy to use too. More importantly, this chair is capable of supporting individuals weighing up to 150kgs.

Target Audience

The ergonomic chair serves every person who is interested in working while sitting in this type of office furniture for long hours each day. It minimizes all the pain that one is likely to feel at the back or along the spine while working in the office. The chair moves around the office and on any surface smoothly and easily. It is lightweight thus easy to move too.


• One of the most beautiful ergonomic chairs that will enhance the office ambiance
• It is available in various colors too
• The thick padding is of good quality thus ensuring the seat offers the much-needed comfort
• The solidly strong mesh at the back offers the support your back needs while helping you to maintain a good posture, which is essential in the office for people working long hours


• Many users have complained about the difficulty in trying to assemble this chair
• Though the back offers the possibility of tilting freely, this is not good enough since users do not have the option of locking everything into place; and this is likely to be a huge inconvenient


Through this review of the Mid-Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair, you have learned the highlights and features that put this office furniture above its competition. The review has gone into the benefits you are likely to enjoy from spending money to buy and bring the chair into your office. The review has not delved entirely on the positives you get from investing in this chair alone. It has also tackled the negative attributes the chair has. In summary, the chair takes a long time to assemble and has a free tilt feature. This chair is not for you if you do not appreciate those two features and want something a bit different. Similarly, the chair has some adorable features, which ought to convince you to part with your money, buy the furniture, and set it up or use in your office. The chair is the kind you should dash to buy when operating on a tight budget. It offers comfort the whole time you sit and work behind your office desk or computer. The chair’s ergonomic design is a welcome sight for anyone who does not want to suffer the ill effects of maintaining poor posture.


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