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Cosplay is an art that has gained quite a bit of popularity over the years and as the art continues to evolve so does the imagination and effort that individuals put in into looking like their favorite characters. In the spirit of actualizing their favorite characters, most individuals will find themselves using body paint so that they can achieve the looks that they intend. When done right, some individuals have been able to wow others by how accurate their representation of the character is. The one thing that rings true about body paint for cosplay is that if the paint does not make the character you are trying to portray seem lifelike, then you should ditch it. The best body paints will ideally not be susceptible to clumping, peeling or cracking and they should have a high pigment load. Regardless of whether you are cosplaying as the Joker, Princess Fiona, venom, betty bop or the avatar, below are some of the best body paints that are suited for cosplay.


1. Mehron Paradise Makeup Body paint

Mehron Paradise Makeup Body paint 1
Mehron Paradise Makeup Body paint 2
Mehron Paradise Makeup Body paint 3
Mehron Paradise Makeup Body paint 4
Mehron Paradise Makeup Body paint 5


Broadway productions, circuses, parties, etc. are just but a few of the places that you will find the Mehran body paint being utilized. This oil-based paint is not only popular, but it is also credible because of the quality it offers along with the bright and vivid pigments that can be found in the paint. This paint can withstand the test of time and is not susceptible to color degradation, peeling, cracking which would explain why it is a favorite amongst professionals.


  • It has a high pigment load which means that the paint is truly opaque, and transparency would not be an issue when using the paint.
  • This Mehron paradise makeup is one of the highest quality body paints in the marketThe paint does not clump or peel after it dries out.
  • Does not require activation and can be used immediately after purchase.


  • Cleaning the paint is tasking, and it requires more effort.
  • It is expensive


2. Snazaroo Classic Body Paint

MozArt Supplies Watercolor Markers Set 3
Snazaroo Classic Body Paint 1
Snazaroo Classic Body Paint 2
Snazaroo Classic Body Paint 3
Snazaroo Classic Body Paint 4


Snazaroo classic body paint is a water-based paint that delivers quality without the hefty price tag of other bodypaints. Individuals can achieve their favorite cosplay characters because Snazaroo has w wide range of color options that most body paint brands lack. While the pigmentation may not be one of the best, this body paint can still deliver your desired look.


  • It is easy to wash off as the paint is water-based.
  • It is ideal for sensitive skin as it is fragrance-free and has been reviewed by both dermatologists and toxicologists.
  • It is extremely affordable.
  • With 36 color options to pick from, the variety of the Snazaroo body paints is great.


It is not as pigmented as other body paint variants.


3. Graftobain ProPaint

Graftobain ProPaint 1
Graftobain ProPaint 2


You know a company is serious and extremely sure of their products when the company’s president puts his number on the company’s website. This is precisely what Graftobain paints have done, and it is with good reason. Graftobain paints are high performing and quality paint that can be categorized on the same level as Mehron body paints. Existing in a 12-color range, the Graftobain paints are long lasting and can be easily applied and removed.


  • The paints are highly pigmented thus offer excellent coverage and vibrant colors that last for a good while.
  • The body paints are FDA approved which means that they comply with the industry standards of body paints and are less than likely to cause any harm to your body.
  • You control the color intensity and thus opacity of the paint. Since the paint is activated by adding water, the more water you use, the less opaque the paint appears.
  • It has a case box that is used to store as well as transport the paint.


  • Graftobain ProPaint is not cheap.


4. TAG Body Art Paint

TAG Body Art Paint 1


Barely making it onto the list is the TAG Body Art paint just because the paint is touted purely as a face paint rather than a body paint. Nevertheless, we decided to include it in the list because it is one of those multi-use paints that and more often than not when actualizing cosplay characters, a little paint goes a long way into achieving the desired look. The TAG Body Art Paint can be bought as a set or individually; however, it is more economical to purchase the set as opposed to specific colors.


  • It is long lasting and does not crease or peel easily.
  • It is hypoallergenic and paraben free which makes it ideal and safe for use on your skin without causing any damage.
  • It can be used for multiple applications and offers an additional 2 grams of product in comparison to other white face paint brands.
  • It is available in different sizes.
  • The compact design of the paint’s set makes it more than ideal for cosplay.


  • The paint moves about easily after drying up should it encounter sweat or other bodily fluids.
  • It is not as pigmented as other variants of body paints.


When choosing the body paint for your cosplay, there are a few critical things that you should consider. These include but are not limited to;

Your budget: financials play a big part in selecting your body paint because it beats logic to choose a character and you cannot afford the body paint needed to actualize it.

The frequency of wear for the cosplay character: depending on the character that you wish to portray, the amount of body paint needed varies, and if you appear as the character frequently, you will be required to use more paint.

Preparation time: each paint requires varying amounts of time before it can dry out and you can move about without the paint smudging or transferring onto surfaces.

Lastly, check on the ingredient composition of the body paint you intend to use. It would suck if you suffered an allergic reaction because you used paint that you should not have used.

That being said, it’s our hope that you enjoy using some of the body paints that we have recommended above and that you can have fun cosplaying as your favorite character.

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