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First, let us begin by explaining what mounted, and canvas prints are. A canvas print shouldn’t be confused with a mounted print or even, an acrylic print. A canvas print is an image that is printed from an inkjet printer directly onto a canvas. After the printing process, the images get stretched onto a frame.

A mounted print, on the other hand, is where the image is printed on a paper print and attached to a backing board. Mounted print allows you to not only preserve the photo, but to also prepare it for hanging or framing. Below we look at some of the things that make each standout.

Mounted Prints

Have you ever taken a photo using your phone or camera that you were happily pleased with and wanted the whole world to know? Well, that great photo of yours can be displayed prominently even at your home for people to see. While there’s a lot more to mounting photos besides the display, it’s important to use the right mounting techniques to protect your images from the wall they will hang on and the acidic conditions in the air.

Images printed on paper tend to warp or buckle. Mounting prints helps to prevent your images or photos from warping or buckling by providing a solid basis that is the firm backing. Mounted photos can easily be handled for framing or matting with less risk of getting the print damaged. In addition, mounting gives you more options when it comes to choosing the frame size.

In framing, you always have a limit to the frame dimensions that you ought to choose from for your wall display. This isn’t the case with mounting as your photos can be mounted on much larger frames by simply cutting the mounting board and having it fit the frame. There are different types of techniques used in mounting prints. These include conservation mounting, dry mounting, pressure sensitive mounting and wet mounting techniques.

When looking to mount your photos, one key consideration is the amount of space you have where your mounted photo will be on. Mounted prints are the best especially if you want to add some life to your living room or bedroom as there is usually a lot of space. However, one key factor that you should bear in mind is the material cost.

Why? As mentioned, different mounting techniques are used and deciding on which technique to use will largely be dependent on the cost. Mounting is mainly done to conserve pictures. Hence, mounting is done that follows very strict conservation techniques will definitely be more costly than one that does not because of the materials used.

Canvas Print

When you want your photos to create a ‘paint’ effect, the canvas print is usually the best option. The gallery-wrapped edges help to enhance different décor styles. A canvas print is also more durable and affordable than say paper print which makes it one of the best options for you. Previously, canvas fabric was made from hemp but has now evolved, and most of the canvas materials are either made from cotton or polyester.

Cotton is able to let the colors soak in while polyester fabric lets the color soak onto the surface. As such, choosing the canvas fabric to use largely depends on you. Canvas prints are great for reproducing your best art or if you intend to make a statement with your photography.

When shopping for canvas, it’s important to consider the finish options. Is it a protective sealer, matte or glossy? Does the wood and cotton come from a sustainable source and will the canvas be ready to hang or will you need to have that fixed. There are several things about canvas print that stand out. For canvas print, the images printed on it are usually permanent, unlike frames where you can simply remove on the photo and replace it with another.

Canvas also provides a distinct texture that adds depth to the color and photos done on canvas don’t have any reflection or glare. They are light in weight, and the prints usually come in a matte or glossy finish. Because canvas prints usually have frameless borders and they easily adapt to all types of style, you can simply add them with less hassle. It also provides a much versatile approach for wall décor and livens up any room they are hanged on.

Choosing the Best Option

Whether you want to preserve your photos using a frame, canvas or mounted print, knowing and choosing the best option is relatively important. And what does the best option mean? It basically means finding an option that suits your preferences, taste, and needs. One advantage that stands out for both options, however, is the fact that you can easily make the canvas prints and mount prints yourself.

Yes, you can pay a professional to do it, but if you have the time, you can learn how to do it from watching YouTube tutorials or basically by reading about how to go about it. When choosing the best option, the first thing you need to consider is the space for hanging or placing them. If you have a large wall that you need to decorate, either option works best as it helps liven the room.

Also, remember that the material used affects the durability and longevity of your photos. If you want your photos to last up to 100 years, consider mounting them as there are different techniques that can be used to preserve them that long. Knowing then the basics of what is available in the market and what can last years to come is, therefore, something you should pay attention to.
Both options are also great as they don’t limit you in terms of the size you want to print it in. Frames, for instance, limit you in terms of size. For mounted prints or canvas prints, you can easily determine the size of how you want to display your work. Remember, whether you choose canvas print or mounted print, it all boils down to your taste, preference, and budget.

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