Published on March 11th, 2020 at 01:19 am

I recently received the LumiCharge LC3 Desk Lamp and had a chance to use it for a view days.  Below you’ll find a brief write-up of my experience and whether or not I recommend that you pick it up. (Spoiler alert, it’s dope AF, and you should buy one now!)


What is the LumiCharge Desk Lamp?

LumiCharge is a relatively new company that specializes is smart lamps that can be used in conjunction with your smart phone.  The lamps are highly adjustable (in several different ways), provide charge capabilities for your smartphones, include a clock, calendar and thermometer, and much more.  The LC3 model (the one I’m reviewing here) has wireless charging capabilities and a Bluetooth speaker!

Take a listen to one of the founders of the company talk about what sets the LumiCharge apart from the competition.  Here is an interview at CES Chicago:


My Experience with the LumiCharge

My experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive.  I had a lamp on my bedside table that was about 15 years old and was a perfect example of what you *don’t* want in a lamp, and a perfect example of what Lumicharge set out to provide.  Here’s some examples:

Gentle Brightness

My old lamp was bright, but very *harsh* brightness.  If you turned the lamp the wrong way it would shine all 80 incandescant watts right into your brain, and you would immediately regret it.

LumiCharge is not only LED (so much more gentle than a standard light bulb) but has 10 levels of brightness and 3 different hues!

No need to worry about being too bright when reading a book before bed, or not bright enough when burning the midnight oil to finish that important project of yours.

Multiple Pivots to Adjust

As you can see from the pictures, the lamp has a unique upside-down “L” shape to it.  This overhang is perfect for illuminating a desk area.  However it’s adjustable at its base, it’s elbow, and can even twist the lighted portion to shine more specifically in a certain direction.

HIGHLY adjustable, it’s perfect for making sure you are comfortable in whatever situation, including bedside reading, long hours typing/coding, or anything else.

Built in Chargers for ALL Phone Models

One of the main points of differentiation that the LumiCharge peeps like to point out is that they cater to all types of smart phone user.  The LC3 that I’m reviewing has built in connections for iPhone, Samsung and Mini-USB.  It’s also got a USB port in case you have a charger that falls outside of those three (although chances are, you are covered).

The LC3 also has wireless charging, which makes this the perfect bedside lamp.

In my previous set up I had a clunky and old lamp that was barely adjustable, wireless for my bluetooth speaker, wires for my phone charge, , and barely any space for my glass of water or books.

With LumiCharge, all those go out the window and I’ve got a nice clean bedside table (although I’ll probably keep my JBL Flip Speaker, because I love that thing).

My Recommendation – BUY IT

It’s a really dope purchase if you want the perfect bedside or desktop lamp, you gotta pick this one up.

So do it!

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