How to Draw With a Tablet in Photoshop

Last updated on April 12th, 2019 at 12:50 am

There are many devices available to artists to create stunning digital images. Aside from the PC or laptop, powerful tablets can also be used. Your pen tablet allows you to draw graphics and images with the use of a pen, similar to sketching on paper with a pencil. This is what computer artists use as they create stunning digital works of art directly on their computers.

Once a new tablet lands on your doorstep, the basic package contains the tablet itself and a tip-sensitive pen. Some come with an installation CD. The CD is needed to run those tablet features that come with your computer. To be able to draw in Photoshop, there are a few things you will need to do first to get set-up.

Getting Started Drawing with Your Tablet

Plugging your tablet starts the process. This is followed by installing the software that comes with the Compact Discs to ensure all necessary features are supported. The installed programs include pen application, writing recognition, and basic training in usage. These programs will get you accustomed to tablet pen usage while personalizing your pen handwriting.

Your operating system, such as Windows Vista, should come with Tablet Personal Computer-friendly features and software that allow pen training, usage, and writing recognition. Accessing these programs is through the start menu, all programs, Tablet PC.

Should you plug in your tablet and fail to install the appropriate drivers, it will function. However, it will support simple mouse features only. The advanced features you need as an artist such as sensitivity to pen pressure will however not be supported.

Setting up the Tablet

With the drivers installed and your pen tablet identified, you should notice that your tablet’s desktop surface runs proportionally to the screen. This means you can point anywhere on your screen without the need to pick up the pen and drag it into position as you would a mouse.

Prior to using your tablet on programs, some setting up is required for usage that is more convenient. Create a new folder in programs menu that will contain installed tablet preference programs.

The most critical feature you will need is the Tip Feel or Firmness. With this feature, you get to determine how hard you would need to press your pen to draw a thick line. With a high firm feel, the harder you would need to press to make lines thicker. With a lower firmness, it becomes easier for you to obtain a thicker line as you draw.

In addition, you may need to configure your shortcut buttons so that you can access actions you frequently use much more easily.

Photoshop Pen Setting Adjustments

Once you have configured global settings on the pen tablet, you will also need to configure Photoshop on your tablet to actually use it. To do this, open Photoshop and create a new document. Go to window brushes to open the Brushes Panel and then click Shape Dynamics. Change the Control at Size Jitter to Pen Pressure.

Should you now try to draw with any of the brushes, you will notice your lines get thicker the harder you press your pen against your tablet.


These are the most basic essentials that allow you to work with Photoshop on your tablet. It’s essential to remember that the mastery of your pen table shall require lots of practice. Like any other skill, keep drawing on a regular basis to shape up your talents.

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