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The Epson v700 and Epson v800 Perfection photo scanners are flatbed scanners that were intended to provide users with professional-quality scans that are highly detailed and have unmatched color accuracy. Both these scanners help users to digitally archive their original photos which they would consider to be priceless. However, these two scanners have often been compared in different circumstances which has resulted in a debate that doesn’t seem to be ending. Which of the two scanners is a better scanner? We are of the opinion that these two scanners are effectively the same; however, we shall compare the scanners on several fronts to help you decide on which one is the best one for you.

Comparison at a Glance

Epson v700Epson v800
Scanner TypeFlatbedFlatbed
Resolution Up to6400 dpi9600 dpi
Duplex Scan FunctionNoNo
Scanner Depth48 Bit48 Bit
Scanner ConnectivityHi-Speed USB 2.0Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Automatic Document FeederNoNo
Dimesion6 x19.8 x12.1 in.7 x19.8 x12.1 in.
Weight13.2 lbs.14.6 lbs.

Epson v700 Vs V800 Key Specifications

Specifications is the most significant and key section when comparing different device, and it is our starting point today especially considering that the Epson v800 is the successor of the Epson v700 photo scanner. The two scanners possess a significantly large variance as far as specifications go. For example, the V700 offers a scanning resolution of 6400 dpi and a 4800 optical resolution while the V800’s scanning resolution is 9600 dpi and a 6400dpi optical resolution. This difference in the scanning and optical resolutions makes a significant difference in the output of the scanned images. The two scanners have a similar scanning range of 216 mm x 297 mm (Horizontal x Vertical) that can accommodate up to A4 sized papers.

Moreover, they also share the optical density which sits at 4 Dmax and a 48-bit color depth for both input and output. As the new generation scanner, the Epson v800 excels as a film scanner a fete that can be due to the fact that its matrix CCD optical sensor has a microlens that is not present in the V700 scanner. The Epson v800 is equipped with a digital ICE feature and can support films that range from35mm up to those that are 8 by 10 inches big. The V700, on the other hand, can support 35mm strip film, 35mm mounted film, 120/220 Medium format, 5 x 4-inch films, as well as a 203 x 254mm if the film area guide is being used.

Epson v700 vs V800 Basics

The Epson v800 has dimensions that measure at 6 (height) by 12.1 (width) by 19.8 inches (depth) and has a weight of 6.6 kilograms which makes it much bigger and heavier than the standard flatbed scanners. The Epson v700 scanner, on the other hand, has similar dimensions but weighs slightly less than its counterpart. As both scanners are the typical plug and play type of scanners, setting them up is easy and straightforward. Both scanners include the LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast SE software; however, the Epson v700 has a few other software such as ABBYY FineReader Sprint Plus OCR, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Epson Scan with Epson Easy Photo Fix technology amongst others which are included as part of the package.

To use the scanner users, must simply insert the media they wish to scan and place it on the flatbed and then start the scanner either using the provided program or by pressing a button on the scanner. Epson typically included a variety of film holders for scanning the different films and as well as an independent film area guide for the larger films such as the 8 x 10-inch films used in the V800. Both scanners have three unique scanning modes, i.e., Full Auto mode, professional mode, and home mode that you can choose from.

Epson v700 vs V800 Scan Quality

Both these scanners have a dual-lens system which means that depending on the media you are scanning; the scanner will automatically use the lens with highest resolution that can work for that media. With the V800 having replaced the V700 scanner it has more advanced features/ capabilities. This also applies to the quality of the scans as the V800 produces better and clearer scans than its counterpart, especially when scanning films.

Additionally, the V800 can scan negatives which is something that the V700 is incapable of. Both scanners have Digital ICE technology which facilitates the process of scanning extremely old films and photos as it makes them much clearer by removing scratches and dust that were clearly visible on the original photos. Should you decided to use the feature because your photos have some wear and tear on them it’s important to note that the Digital ICE technology significantly slows down scanning speeds. Even though this is something that we did not test personally, several sources claim that the V800 is also faster than the V700. Should you get a chance to test out the speeds of both scanners do let us know if that is the case.

Epson v700 vs V800 Pros and Cons

Epson v700 Pros

  • It replicates the gradation and tonal range of the original film or photo being scanned.
  • It has both an IEE1394 and USB connection port.
  • It has Digital ICE technology that can be used to restore old photos and films that have scratches.
  • It is cheaper than the V800

Epson v700 Cons

  • The printer does not have any wireless connectivity options.

Epson v800 Pros

  • The scan quality is extremely high in comparison to its counterpart.
  • Its software features are more advanced.
  • It has wireless connectivity options via Wi-Fi as well as USB connectivity.

Epson v800 Cons

  • Users do not get a photo editing software like they do with the V700
  • It costs more than the V700
  • It can be too much, especially for novice users.

Final Thoughts

The Epson v700 was discontinued and replaced with the V800, which is more improved in a lot of the aspects including functionality and capability. It’s for this very reason that we would opt for the V800 scanner. Nevertheless, the V700 is a pretty decent scanner that does its job well just not as good as the V800. Since there are still a few pieces that are available in the market for purchase, if you are strapped for cash, it is something that you can consider. But if you are not cash conscious then the V800 is your best bet.

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