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Just like clothes that come in different sizes, so does ink cartridges. Epson is a world-leader in the printing space with several printer and ink cartridges models to its name. When it comes to choosing between the Epson 288 or the Epson 288XL, the first thing you need to consider is whether either of the two ink cartridges are compatible with your printer model. However, before we dig deeper into the specifications, basis, quality, and pros and cons of the two, the main difference between the 288 and 288XL is the size. The 288XL has more ink hence has the ability to print more pages. Now, let’s dive into what makes each of the two ink cartridges unique.

Epson 288 vs 288XL Pros and Cons

Epson 288 Pros

  • Available in different colors and styles giving you the freedom to choose the particular ink cartridges color you want
  • It’s a lot cheaper than the Epson 288XL
  • Fade and smudge resistant


  • It can’t handle as much ink as the 288XL can
  • It’s a standard capacity ink cartridge
  • This ink cartridge has a low page yield compared to the Epson 288XL
  • Likely to run out of ink faster given its small capacity

Epson 288XL Pros

  • It’s a high capacity and high page yield ink cartridge.
  • Ability to save money since you are able to print very many pages with one fill.
  • Excellent choice for a small business or for high-volume printing business.
  • Features the DURABrite ink technology to ensure that the ink on your documents don’t fade easily.


  • It’s more expensive.

As you can see, the 288XL is a better choice, by our estimation.  You can check current prices on Amazon below:

For more detailed information on the comparison, read below:

Epson 288 vs 288XL – Specifications

The first major difference between the Epson 288 and 288XL, as mentioned is that the 288XL has the ability to accommodate more ink. This, however, results in a higher page yield. In addition, the 288XL is a high capacity cartridge ink, while the Epson 288 is a standard capacity. This means that the 288XL is a high-volume ink cartridge allowing you to print more pages than the 288 can.

Even though the Epson 288 is a standard capacity printer, what we love about it is that it is available in different colors and five different styles, unlike the 288XL that is just available as one pack that has all the four colors – black, cyan, magenta and yellow. With the Epson 288 ink cartridge, for instance, you have the freedom to choose it any of the four colors only, – black, cyan, magenta, or yellow – choose it in a combination of the three colors without black or buy each individual color separately. In addition, the black ink cartridge in the 288XL is the only color that is high-capacity as all other colors are standard capacity colors.

Depending on your printer, you will need to be careful when choosing the ink cartridge code for each individual color. They are also compatible with certain models of printers and might not work for each and every printer. Be sure to check that your printer is compatible with either the Epson 288 or 288XL ink cartridge before buying to avoid buyer’s remorse. As you know, the 288XL is a high capacity ink cartridge. That means it is a slightly expensive than the 288 which is a standard capacity ink cartridge hence a lot more affordable.

Epson 288 vs 288XL Basics

Seeing that both the 288 and the 288XL are both manufactured by Epson, they both feature similar technologies that help ensure they produce nothing short of quality prints. For starters, both have the innovative ink cartridge technology that allows you print amazing prints thanks to the SmartValve technology. And because Epson cares about its customers, they have made sure that you won’t have to worry yourself about running out of ink when printing. This is made possible by the Intellidge technology.

Both cartridges have an Intelldige chip as part of their build that lets you know whenever you are running low on ink. While both the SmartValve and Intellidge technologies are great additions, for us, it’s the ink quality that stands out. Epson have made sure that their ink cartridges are manufactured in the cleanest environment to prevent any contamination whatsoever that can affect the final ink. You can be rest assured that the ink in any Epson 288 or 288XL is not only high-quality, but it’s also very reliable and smudge resistant.

In addition to it being smudge resistant, it’s also fade and water resistant. You don’t have to worry about printing wet photos or documents as the smudge and water resistant means the prints will come out dry.

Epson 288 vs 288XL – Quality

Between the two, you can expect that the quality of prints done using the 288XL ink cartridge will be higher. Why? Because the 288XL is an improved version of the 288. While we are not saying that Epson 288 ink cartridge doesn’t deliver, it can’t surpass the 288XL. The 288XL is also a high capacity ink cartridge, which means it can print a high volume of documents in both black and colored. It has a high page yield than the 288.

With both, you will get images or documents that are smudge free thanks to the technology that allows the prints to dry faster, leaving you with a clean looking document. The Epson 288XL has the print technology – inkjet, copier, and fax. You can also choose to replace individual cartridge colors for both instead of replacing the whole cartridge, and yet some ink cartridges might still have ink inside. Just like with other ink cartridges, ensure that you choose the one that has a code that is compatible with your printer model.

Final Thoughts

If you always need to have some documents printer, whether for work or personal use and are looking to get a new ink cartridge, the Epson 288XL is your perfect choice. This ink cartridge has a higher ink capacity than the 288 and can last you several months, depending on your printing needs. Always remember to check the individual color ink cartridge code and compatibility.

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