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I recently received the LumiCharge LC3 Desk Lamp and had a chance to use it for a view days.  Below you’ll find a brief write-up of my experience and whether or not I recommend that you pick it up. (Spoiler alert, it’s dope AF, and you should buy one now!)


What is the LumiCharge Desk Lamp?

LumiCharge is a relatively new company that specializes is smart lamps that can be used in conjunction with your smart phone.  The lamps are highly adjustable (in several different ways), provide charge capabilities for your smartphones, include a clock, calendar and thermometer, and much more.  The LC3 model (the one I’m reviewing here) has wireless charging capabilities and a Bluetooth speaker!

Take a listen to one of the founders of the company talk about what sets the LumiCharge apart from the competition.  Here is an interview at CES Chicago:


My Experience with the LumiCharge

My experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive.  I had a lamp on my bedside table that was about 15 years old and was a perfect example of what you *don’t* want in a lamp, and a perfect example of what Lumicharge set out to provide.  Here’s some examples:

Gentle Brightness

My old lamp was bright, but very *harsh* brightness.  If you turned the lamp the wrong way it would shine all 80 incandescant watts right into your brain, and you would immediately regret it.

LumiCharge is not only LED (so much more gentle than a standard light bulb) but has 10 levels of brightness and 3 different hues!

No need to worry about being too bright when reading a book before bed, or not bright enough when burning the midnight oil to finish that important project of yours.

Multiple Pivots to Adjust

As you can see from the pictures, the lamp has a unique upside-down “L” shape to it.  This overhang is perfect for illuminating a desk area.  However it’s adjustable at its base, it’s elbow, and can even twist the lighted portion to shine more specifically in a certain direction.

HIGHLY adjustable, it’s perfect for making sure you are comfortable in whatever situation, including bedside reading, long hours typing/coding, or anything else.

Built in Chargers for ALL Phone Models

One of the main points of differentiation that the LumiCharge peeps like to point out is that they cater to all types of smart phone user.  The LC3 that I’m reviewing has built in connections for iPhone, Samsung and Mini-USB.  It’s also got a USB port in case you have a charger that falls outside of those three (although chances are, you are covered).

The LC3 also has wireless charging, which makes this the perfect bedside lamp.

In my previous set up I had a clunky and old lamp that was barely adjustable, wireless for my bluetooth speaker, wires for my phone charge, , and barely any space for my glass of water or books.

With LumiCharge, all those go out the window and I’ve got a nice clean bedside table (although I’ll probably keep my JBL Flip Speaker, because I love that thing).

My Recommendation – BUY IT

It’s a really dope purchase if you want the perfect bedside or desktop lamp, you gotta pick this one up.

So do it!

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Sometimes, the special gift we can give to friends or loved ones is a photo portrait that has some of their best memories. A nice photo portrait that is well designed can last years and be passed down one generation to the next. Today, there are many services that allow you to turn your photos into a nice piece of art that you can either use to decorate your house or give a loved one as a gift.

One such service is PaintYourLife. So, if you have been looking for the best way to turn those superb photos into a piece of art, you’ve come to the right place. As mentioned, PaintYourLife is an online service that enables you to send your photos online and have an artist create a dedicated oil painting, get it framed and mailed to you.

From the name of the company, this service allows you to submit photos of some of life’s precious moments and have them transformed into a beautiful painting. Since it was established, thousands of customers have used the service to get their paintings done. While all this sounds easy, what exactly is the process? What does PaintYourLife offer, and are the end results something worth paying for?

Because we understand you don’t have the time to find all the info there is about this service, we have done the research for you. Below is a review of PaintYourLife.

Choosing the Portrait

The PaintYourLife process is quite easy and straightforward. To begin with, you will need to choose the size of your portrait. It’s important to remember that the portrait size, medium, and framing you choose will impact the final cost of your painting. PaintYourLife has several sizes available giving you the freedom to simply choose your portrait in a standard size of 8 by 10 inches or in an enormous size of 48 by 72 inches.

When choosing your portrait, it’s essential that you consider where you will display it as well as the available space. If you want a portrait that will fit nicely on a mantle or nightstand, then going with standard size such as the 8 by 10 is a good idea. If, however, you want your painting displayed in your living or dining area, then a large option is more suitable.

Next, you will need to choose the medium that you want your select photo painted in. There are several mediums that PaintYourLife offers. In case you aren’t sure about which medium to choose, you can do a quick search on Google on the various portrait styles or browse through the few examples available online on PaintYouLife’s gallery. The options available include:

  • Acrylic
  • Black pencil
  • Charcoal
  • Colored pencil
  • Oil
  • Pastel
  • Watercolor

Once you’ve chosen your medium, the next step will be to upload the photos you want to be painted. This, is what the artist will use to create the painting. As such, they need to be of high-quality, and the subject should be clearly visible and looking their best. PaintYourLife gives you the freedom to select the photo you want the artist to use or permit the artist to choose the photo they’d like to use as a base. We recommend uploading several photos so that the artist can advise on which one works.

Choosing an Artist

Again, similar to choosing a photo to use as a base, you can either choose an artist to do your painting based on their past work or, let PaintYourLife choose for you an artist. However, if you have a specific look or style in mind, you are better off choosing an artist to do your painting instead of letting the system choose one for you.

Whether you choose an artist yourself or let the system choose for you, PaintYourLife offers a messaging center that lets you chat with your artist. You can use the messaging center to let your artist know just about anything or any specific asks you have regarding your painting. For instance, you might want your painting in black and white, even though the photo you shared is in color.

But, are the artists qualified? Yes, very much so. In fact, the artists are knowledgeable on different art philosophies and have used more than one in their careers. This helps build the skillset and knowledge-base of the artists available on PaintYourLife. The company has been able to serve more than 30,000 customers as well as gain a good reputation for being a professional and reliable company that is dedicated to providing high-quality service.

In addition, their quality of service has enabled them to provide graphic design and art consultation services. In fact, PaintYourLife is associated with PopArta, a brand that is focused on graphic design and editing of photos manually.

Frame and Shipping

PaintYourLife has 29 different frame styles that you can choose for fitting your painting once it’s done. All the frames available have a solid wood construction and are nicely packaged for shipping to prevent any damage when the panting is on transit. The pricing is openly displayed on the website so as to make the entire process transparent to you as a customer, and you don’t end up with a bill that you don’t understand.

It’s important t note that the painting will not be framed until you are 100 percent satisfied with the artist’s work. Depending on the medium, portrait size, and frame you choose, PaintYourLife will clearly display the days it’ll take for your painting to be shipped. For instance, an oil or acrylic medium will take anywhere between 20 to 25 days, depending on the portrait size, while a big size oil or acrylic medium will take anywhere between 22 – 29 days.

The company also offers three shipping services – regular service, express service and express service plus express shipping. Should you opt for express service, then you will be charged 15 percent more and 9percent more for express shipping. Besides their exceptional customer service, PaintYourLife also has a 100 percent money back guarantee with no unnecessary questions asked.

PaintYourLife is dedicated to ensuring they provide nothing but exceptional service. This, means that the customer is king. They are not only affordable, but they provide high-quality service regardless of the cost of your final painting.


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Since its inception in 1999, Inkfarm has maintained its brand as one of the low-cost online ink stores. They exist in order to provide their customers – customers here being both personal and businesses – with quality products that they need to meet all their toner and printer ink needs at an affordable price. Inkfram considers itself as a one-stop shop for all the printing needs of its customers.

At the same time, the company seeks to help people save lots of money when it comes to the purchase of cartridges for popular printer brands such as HP, Kodak, Dell, Epson, Canon and Brother printers among others. Their site is straightforward and easy to use which means customers don’t have to waste time looking for the right ink and toner.

Because they offer and sell original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products as well as compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges, they are able to satisfy both the needs of the different clients who opt to take orders from them regardless of the products they choose. In addition, because of their wide range of products, they are also able to satisfy the budgetary need of all their clients.

In order to protect their interests, Inkfarm offers warranties and refunds on their products hence solidly standing behind the products they offer. This, is important for Inkfarm given that other inks and toner companies don’t have such guarantees. When looking to place an order, you can easily do so by using the Ink and Toner finder feature that is available on the Inkfarm website and input your printer details so that you can find the best product that is suited for your printer model and make.

Why Inkfarm?

Most people purchase them for various reasons, like their ink and toner cartridges. Besides their guarantee, below are some of the reasons why you should consider getting your next ink purchase from them.


Unlike other ink companies that have hidden costs, Inkfarm is different. To start with, using their site is completely free of charge and all the pricing information is made available to customers. This means that whatever product or item you are looking for, the pricing will be clearly published so that you know upfront what it will cost you. If you redeem a coupon, you will see the initial price and what you will pay after redeeming the coupon making things very easy for customers. In addition, all Inkfarm customers get to enjoy a flat shipping rate of $3.85.

Refund Policy

Inkfarm customers also enjoy a wide range of return and refund options. A customer can return any unopened OEM product within 30-days of shipping if they want a refund. However, they’ll have to part with $5.00 or a 25 percent restocking fee of the original purchase price. For refurbished and compatible inkjet and toner cartridges that are unopened, you can get a full refund as long as you return the items within 60-days of them being shipped to you.

When it comes to a remanufactures and compatible inkjet and toner cartridge that is defective, customers can have them exchanged for a similar or different product. This, however, has to happen within two years of purchase. Two years or 730-days is a good enough policy given that other companies only offer a one-year.

Ensure that any merchandise you choose to return that if free from any defect is in an undamaged and original condition and has an RMA number.

Customer Service

Inkfarm, just like any other business, strives to offer their customers an excellent customer service experience. Besides their email and office phone number, customers can also use the ‘Contact Us’ link that is available on their website to reach out to them. Through the contact options, the Inkfarm team is able to interact with their customers as well as answer any questions, complaints or concerns raised.

Quality Products

Another reason why most customers shop with Inkfarm besides their affordable prices and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee is also thanks to the quality products that they offer. While you may pay less buying your ink cartridge on Inkfarm than when buying an original one, the quality is still as good and reliable allowing you to make quality prints.

Sale Specials

Inkfarm also offers coupons and short-term specials for their existing customers. With the redeemable coupons, customers get to save money by buying the products they need at a lower price than the originally stated price.


When it comes to Inkfarm, there are lots of mixed reviews regarding the products and service. While there are people that seem to be happy with the quality of the products they have purchased on their website, others seem to be disappointed with them due to the poor experience they had with them. So far, there are about 11 customer complaints about Inkfarm on the Better Business Bureau page.

Of all the complaints, most of their customers have raised issues with their products and services. For some of the customers, the goods get to them in damaged condition with the ink getting spilled on their hands when they open the package. A big issue for most people who have raised complaints is also the lack of feedback from Inkfarm given that their customer service numbers don’t go through and emails aren’t responded to.

There have also been reports by some customers who believe their printers got damaged the minute they installed the ink cartridges that they ordered from Inkfarm. They also don’t seem to give meaningful solutions to their clients, and neither do they offer to replace or refund them.

Final Thoughts

Customers are the backbone of any business. And while Inkfarm has been in business for years, they have areas that they can improve on to ensure that their customers are getting satisfied. In addition, they can do better by responding to the complaints raised by their customers by word-of-mouth can either make or break a company. That said, Inkfarm is still an excellent go-to company for ink products but should you have a bad experience, you can easily opt to make your order from other competitor sites.

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Canvas prints are very attractive. They give you a feel of owning an original masterpiece and has an aesthetic appeal. There are lots of online canvas printing services, and today, we take a look at Pictorem, which is considered as one of the best canvas printing companies given that they specialize in wall art.

Pictorem was established in 2014 with just a few Giclee printers. Since then, the company has evolved to become an on-demand print company. Although they started out purely as a canvas printing service, they have grown and delved into printing on materials such as metal, acrylic, and wood. They also have a myriad of picture frame materials giving their customers the freedom to choose what suits them best.

While it’s true that they have been in business for a few years, they have grown in popularity to become a platform that is very artist friendly. They have been able to wow their customers with their ability to deliver museum-quality canvas prints that are gigantic. However, what makes them stand out from their competitors is their own collection of raw materials.

Besides, they also have a good customer support team that are always more than ready to see to it that you get the support you need. Also, they help make recommendations on what you can change in regards to your image to get the end product that you envisioned. Let’s dig deep at some of the things Pictorem is doing that is making them popular in the print world.

Why Pictorem?

One thing that makes for a good canvas print service besides the service offering is how they go out of their way to let their customers in on their processes and the what actually happens in the background. That said, below are some of the reasons why Pictorem’s shining star is on the rise.

Monthly Promotions

While it’s a given that most online printing services offer promotions to their services, Pictorem’s promotions are a lot more reliable given that they always run promotions every month. Such promotions enable clients to pay less than what they would have had to pay if they were paying the full amount for their prints. And for all this, they do not compromise on the quality of their work but still, deliver excellent prints.

Free Delivery

Now, if you frequently have to order stuff online, then you know how costly it can be if you constantly have to pay a delivery fee. While this may not apply for all their clients, it still counts for something for the clients that benefit from the free delivery. Shipments to their clients in North America are absolutely free, which means that customers from that region can save money.

Serves a Large Scope

Prictorem is one of the most reliable printing services that you can consider when looking to print your images. This is because, despite them being in operation for just a little over five years, they have been able to print more than 57,000 individual wall art pieces and canvases. In addition, they have been able to serve customers in 94 different countries across the globe.

Professional Endorsements

Pictorem provides two accounts, a Pro and Artist account, for clients that plan to make orders through their site on a continuous basis. In addition, they have an artist’s portal that is meant to enable photographers to sell their art online. And unlike other portals that charge photographers a commission or fee for any successful sale, Pictorem doesn’t make using the portal free of charge.

Transparent to their Customers

Making orders online can be quite challenging, especially if you have no clue what to choose. Having a team that can support your order is amazing, but having the same team journey with you through the whole process, assisting you to make the right decisions is more than amazing. Pictorem is transparent when it comes to everything happening in the background. They have videos on their website that showcases their process and the materials used as well as the company’s development history. If you get stuck, you can contact the customer support team.

Pictorem’s Areas of Improvement

Given that Pictorem is just a few years old, there are definitely some areas that they can improve on when it comes to their service. This will not only help them attract more customers, but it will also help them with returning customers. For starters, Pictorem’s prices are on the higher side compared to some of their competitors. However, they do offer monthly discounts, so be sure to look out for that.

Secondly, while we all want quality stuff, paying dearly for it may not be everyone’s cup of coffee. Although Pictorem offers protective varnishes and coverings which are a must-have if you want your prints to last for a long time to come, they charge quite a bit for them. This means that you will end up spending more than what you had budgeted.

Another drawback when it comes to their service is the editing wizard that is slow and cumbersome to use. While you can work around it, it’ll take you a bit of time before you are able to upload your images. Also, making adjustments after you have uploaded your images isn’t as easy as it should be. Small changes, such as adjusting the wrap style, can cause the website to reload, which leads to time wastage.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a print service that combines the latest technology with quality materials, then you have to consider Pictorem. While there is room for them to improve and be better, we can attribute some of their flaws to growing pains that any business would experience. They are committed and considerate to their customers, and that should be enough to have you want to have your print work done by them since it can be hard to find a decent print company.

Also, the fact that over the years they have added other types of materials so that their customers can have the freedom of choosing what material or frame to use when making a print order just speaks to the commitment they have to their customers and will help them as they continue to grow their services.

Pictorem made SAM’s list of best metal prints, wood print and canvas print companies.

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Every canvas print tells its own story. It doesn’t matter what part of the universe you were in or what activity you were doing, as long as it was caught in the moment and turned into a canvas print, there is definitely a story that you can tell from that. Can Easy Canvas Prints help you tell that story?

Some Deep Flaws

While Easy Canvas Print has been around for a while, there are areas that the company can definitely improve on. For starters, the reviews on Better Business Bureau seems to point at two core issues. One, is alledged false advertisement. There have been multiple complaints about them offering discounts, and when users want to tap into that, their prices get hiked, and they get some flimsy excuse about order amount from the team.

These allegations are a major issue as it kills the trust that your customers or potential ones have in you.

Secondly, most people also complain that they get a lot of alleged “spam” emails from them. We all know how annoying this can be. It is okay to send promotional emails but just don’t overdo it. Besides, if a service is good people will always come back.

Working on their flaws will be a great way for them to start earning their customer’s trust back. But for right now, probably not where you want to be going for your prints.

Why ElephantStock instead of Easy Canvas Print?

The reason we are recommending ElephantStock, if not apparent by the points above, are below:

Extra Services Offered

Retouching Services

Should you need retouching services, you can also get that from them although you will to request for the services via their desktop design experience. The enhancements offered for any order include retouching, black and white and sepia. They also have additional services like Multi-Canvas collages and Photo collages that can be requested offline since they require a custom quote.

As mentioned, they also offer retouching services such s removal of red-eye, date stamp, dust, imperfections, and small scratches. These four services are basically minor services as they also have major retouching services. Major retouching services mean that your image will need a more in-depth restoration and restoration and correction. Just like with the minor retouching, you will need to specify what you will need to be retouched.

These include wrinkle removal, teeth whitening, removal of large objects such as poles or wires, removal of scars, moles and facial blemishes, smoothening of the skin to reduce imperfections, color isolation, restoration of faded or stained as well as torn photos, addition or removal of people, oil painting effects among other requests that their customers may have.

Customer Support

They have a customer support team that is available to address any questions that you might have or challenges with your order. In fact, ElephantStock boasts their customer service team works round the clock to make sure every customer is happy with the canvas prints that they order.


The company is all about the customer hence why they let them drive the entire experience. While their team does offer input to help clients choose the best canvas print options, they want their customers to have a say as this helps them to deliver what the client really needs and not what they think the clients want.

Fast Delivery

You can place your order and get it within 2-15 business days. And while they do offer fast delivery, this can change depending on the changes you would need to be made on the images which would, of course, affect the initially agreed date of delivery as they will always have to wait for you to okay everything before any printing can be done.


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CanvasChamp is among the popular known brands when it comes to canvas printing services. They have years of experience in the business and are best known for offering wholesale canvas printing services. As such, CanvasChamp is your go-to company for those looking to do canvas printing in large volumes whether for resell or for a business franchise that needs to have the same prints in their different locations.

In addition, CanvasChamp has a wide variety of products as well as canvas prints that you can choose from. And because it can be difficult making a choice especially when you have a wide array of products and services to choose from, CanvasChamp ensures that you don’t have to worry about this at all. As they have a dedicated customer service team that is able to walk you through the whole process and ensure you make the right choice for your canvas print.

While their prices may come off as cheap, there is nothing cheap about the quality of prints they make. That is to say that they do not compromise on quality but only want to ensure that their target audience can easily afford their services.

Why CanvasChamp?

• Wholesale Canvas Printing

There aren’t many canvas printing companies that offer wholesale printing services for canvas and at an affordable rate. That implies that you might end up spending more if you were to purchase your canvas prints from another company. But CanvasChamp is ideal for anyone looking to make a bulk order as they have wholesale prices. However, they usually send they may end up sending your images overseas. Still, they are able to do one-off pieces for clients who just want that.

• Printing Options

Besides their canvas printing service, CanvasChamp also offers numerous print options unlike some of their competitors. Customers have the option of choosing to have their images printed on metal, rolled canvas and photo boards that are designed from dense foam or thick and thin wraps.

• Cheap Canvas Prints

CanvasChamp admits to selling cheap canvas prints. Nevertheless, they do not compromise on the quality of the final prints that they make for their clients. There are no corners that they cut but instead, offer people an alternative from the more expensive canvas print companies. This means that anyone that is on a tight budget but still wants a canvas print can order from them. They also always have offers so you can be sure that you will get a good discount for your purchase.

• Handmade Canvas Prints

They say that handmade stuff is made with 100 percent love and this is true of the prints that are done by CanvasChamp. The company prides itself in making everything in-house such as the wood that’s used for making the frames to the canvas material that is specifically manufactured for their use. The high-quality polycotton used means your canvas prints will retain their sharpness for years to come. The prints get stretched to a pine wood frame that is gotten from eco-friendly sources.

• Quick Shipping

CanvasChamp has a standard delivery time of between 3-10 business days depending on where one is after an order is placed. Considering that some of their printing is actually done overseas, that turnaround is sure a fast one. And to ensure that your order arrives in one piece, they carefully package them in a padded wooden container.

• Two Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Another advantage of using CanvasChamp services is that you get to enjoy their two customer satisfaction guarantee. What this means is that should you find another canvas printing company that has a better price than what they offer, you get a 10 percent discount. Secondly, if the delivered design has any design, material or print error, you either get a refund, or you get a replacement.


As you know, there really isn’t any service out there that is as flawless as we would want it to be. Simply put, CanvasChamp also has areas where it can improve on in order to continue offering exceptional services. For CanvasChamp, they can gain a lot by improving the interface and design of their online platform. Some users reported having issues placing orders using their desktop browsers and instead, needed to have that done through the CanvasChamp app or a browser on your smartphone yet the site isn’t mobile-friendly.

While using an app or smartphone browser is a good idea as it means you have the flexibility of placing the order while on the go, it may not be suitable for everyone especially when you need to personalize your order. In addition, a not so user-friendly experience also means that you end up wasting a lot of time in trying to navigate the platform.

Another flaw is that the material CanvasChamp traditionally uses for hanging canvas isn’t durable and long-lasting as what other companies are offering. Even though the print quality is good, this is definitely something that we believe the company can improve on.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to have your canvas prints done cheaply without worrying about the quality, you can be sure that CanvasChamp will not only squash your doubts, but they’ll ensure that you are pleased with their services. Besides their good customer services, they also have other numerous reasons why you should choose them, and if our review hasn’t done a good job of convincing you, you can read the numerous reviews they have online from their customers.

And while we know that their service may not be as flawless as people we’d like, the cons don’t outweigh the pros. We believe that with improvements, CanvasChamp can be on its way to being among the top canvas printing companies (not that it already isn’t). CanvasChamp is also a good choice for newbies who are looking to experiment with canvas or other materials that the company offers.
Because of their budget-friendly prices, it means one can try them out and get their canvas prints without having to dig in deep into their pockets. Also, if you are just looking to bring some life into your space or room, you can do so without breaking a bank.




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Last updated on February 15th, 2020 at 06:26 pm

For more than seven years, CanvasHQ has been in the canvas print business enabling their customers to enjoy excellent canvas prints. It is also a family owned business that got its start from being part of a larger family business that was mainly focused on creating canvas artwork for those in the hotel business.

For Canvas HQ, they exist to create an authentic connection between their customers and themselves while offering great service which, has become so rare with most businesses today. They also strive to offer the best customer service to ensure that their clients keep coming back given that they got their wings from the hotel industry which has exceptional customer service.

Because Canvas HQ understands that building a long-term relationship with clients is hard, they ensure that the whole organization is devoted to exceptional customer service that will guarantee client happiness and satisfaction. Everyone, in the organization, must wear that hat. Besides, their customer service, another factor that makes them stand out is the fact that they have all their costs listed on their website.

While there are websites that will hide their prices until you have signed up to their website, Canvas HQ values their clients time and have the prices on display on the website. This allows consumers to skim through the website quickly and if the prices aren’t within their range, they can move on. Being able to see the price will also help you decide on whether to have Canvas HQ make the prints for you or not. So, what makes Canvas HQ unique?

Why Canvas HQ?

There are various grounds why you should consider having your canvas prints done by Canvas HQ. Read on to see why.

High-Quality Prints

If there is one thing that you can be sure you will get when you order your image prints from Canvas HQ is the quality of the prints. The canvas they use is made from a blend of poly-cotton that is built for fine art reproduction. Their choice of canvas was chosen based on sharp details, outstanding image clarity coupled with black tones that are deep. They also use water-resistant inks that are grazed hence making it easy for you to clean your canvas print using a damp cloth. The ink used is also UV-resistant which means that your artwork won’t lose color but will remain vibrant and rich for many years. Your artwork also gets nicely framed as it is well mounted by Canvas HQ’s craft team.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

What we loved about Canvas HQ is that they guarantee their clients 100 percent customer satisfaction. If you get your artwork and you don’t like it, they will either refund the money or redo the print. The choice is up to you as the buyer. However, this has to be done within 30 days of you getting your canvas print. In addition, you also get a lifetime guarantee that their artwork won’t crack, fade or bubble.

Quick Delivery

If you are like me, when you order something online, you always immediately want to have it and have some anxiety building in you about when your package will be delivered. Because Canvas HQ understands this feeling, they endeavor to ensure that their delivery is as quick as humanly possible. They usually ship orders within three business days once they get the approval from you that they can go ahead and do the print as agreed on email. Besides, you can also use their Canvas Tracker to track the stage of your order from the time to place it to when it gets to you.

Canvas Finish

If you are looking for a canvas printing company that offers a variety of canvases, then you are better off going with Canvas HQ. Canvas HQ offers you a choice of matte, iridescent, glossy, semi-glossy and vintage canvases. This offers you the freedom to select the type of canvas you want your print on given that there are given types of pictures that look better on certain canvas finishes. While having alternatives can be a good thing, it can also be confusing when you want to place an order. The team at Canvas HQ can recommend the best canvas to use depending on the image you want to be printed.

Color Quality

Graphic artists and photographers usually put a lot of effort into ensuring that the colors in the images they create are nothing short of perfect. And for them, having these colors factored in when a canvas print is being done means a lot to them. That is why the team at Canvas HQ works to ensure that these colors are reproduced whenever you make a canvas print order with them. To achieve this, they use six colors for color prints which is an addition of two more colors from the usual printer colors. This way, your images on canvas still retain the same colors. In addition, they also color-calibrate their monitors and printers to ensure that your print is flawless.

Final Thoughts

While there are plenty of companies that can offer you canvas printing services, there is nothing that beats the feeling of working with an established company that has been doing canvas printing for years. You also get peace of mind that what you choose and what you are paying for is what you will get. Canvas HQ not only has affordable rates and a variety of sizes you can choose from for your print, but they also have exceptional customer service.

And as you know, customer service is essentially everything to keeping clients happy and coming back. So, if you are looking to have your image printed on canvas and want different canvas finish, you can be sure that you won’t be making a mistake by picking Canvas HQ. If a quick turnaround time is what you want, then be rest assured that the team at Canvas HQ will do their best to get your image to you within a few days. The best part is that they can always give you a refund or redo your image for you.




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Our ElephantStock Review and Recommendation

Last updated on February 15th, 2020 at 06:26 pm

ElephantStock specializes in the creation of curious design that has a unique style. They have a wide variety of canvas photographic prints that their customers can enjoy and use to spruce up their home décor. Their quality items give their customers the guarantee that they will get quality items that enable them to personalize their home or work environment individually.

Although there are lots of companies that deal with canvas prints, ElephantStock stands out given that its business model is different from its competitors offering personalized on-demand print services. The company is focused on more than just printing photographs. Given that they have a large stock imagery archive, their service offerings include a la carte of art with just a click of a button.

While their main clientele is business clients such as offices, salons, and hotels, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get their prints and showcase them on your home corridor or gallery wall.


Besides the usual canvases that most canvas printing companies offer, ElephantStock also has a wide range of services as it specializes in divided panel prints. One single image can be divided into five different pieces as well as provide unconventional sizes that are suitable for panoramic scenes. And unlike other canvas companies that compete with ElephantStock, ElephantStock offers canvases only.

Their business model isn’t built to include other offerings such as making customized photo gifts or paper prints. All their energy is put into canvas production which means that if you are keen on having canvas printed photos, your best bet is to go with them. The platform has lots of reviews from past customers who have been able to purchase with them and are happy.

Using their platform, you have the ability to opt away from their pre-selected images on display and choose and upload your own preferred personal photos. In addition, you can also choose whether you want your canvas prints to be done in black and white or simply colored. There really isn’t one that outshines the other as you get the same quality for both.

ElephantStock also has a wide range of sizes available, unlike most other printing companies that have a limit on the size that you can choose. The tiniest piece on their website measures 9 by 6 inches, and you can also enjoy print image size that are as large as 48 by 32 inches. That means that whatever size you need, it is all catered for.

While they may be pricey especially for the large prints, ElephantStock always has some ongoing discount and hence you can be sure that you’ll get to save some few bucks while still enjoying the same type of quality they are known for. Besides, a steep price also means that the company doesn’t compromise on the quality of its end products. And while continuous ongoing sale can come across as suspicious for most people, you can be rest assured that that isn’t something you have to worry about when using ElephantStock for your canvas images.

ElephantStock’s Services

Once you place your order on ElephantStock, they will have someone from their customer service reach out to you to go through the details. In fact, unlike most services where you get an automated message, ElephantStock has actual people that contact you by sending you a personalized message. If there are any issues with the image resolutions of the photos you have uploaded, they’ll let you know so that you can make the necessary changes.

What this does is that it boosts your confidence and you are assured that you will get nothing but the best results for your final images. What this also means is that the company cares about your order and they are willing to slow down the canvas print process for you so that you are duly satisfied with their services. This also means that you will receive a high-quality print that will be something you are proud of hanging in your space.

ElephantStock also prides itself in ensuring that the shipping for their clients is done as fast as possible. This is true given the positive reviews that they have received from customers about how fast their shipping services are. In addition, if there are any issues with your print once it has been shipped off to you, they have a well-detailed frequently asked questions section that customers can rely on to see how to get help.

On their FAQ page, they have detailed most of the questions as well as their return and refund policy which means that you will know what you are getting into the minute you decide to have your image done by them. Also, for those ordering the large pieces, ensure that you are sure about the size you want as the large size can command lots of attention. What you ordered is what you get as there is no compromise on quality whether you pay for a $200 image or a $5oo one.

Final Thoughts

Just like with other canvas printing companies, there are times that you may receive your order and not like the final look. While ElephantStock does its best to print as ordered by customers, they do not give refunds on customized orders. That means that you will have to live with what you get. But to avoid this, ensure that you review you view it on the website just to ensure that it is what you want.

Regardless, ElephantStock does a good job whether you order a color or black and white print. It uses the right color and tone balance that match the digital samples that they send you on email. This means that your images will retain their initial details and get a bit of texture. The package also comes with sawtooth hangers to make your hanging a lot more easier. If you are considering printing your images on canvas, it may be time for you to consider ElephantStock.





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Last updated on February 15th, 2020 at 06:26 pm

CanvasPop is a company that was established in 2009 with the sole purpose of providing quality canvas prints for their customers. Besides canvas printing, they also offer framed print and photo collage services. They have been on a steady growth since their launch with two offices – one in Canada and one in the United States as well as a shipping office based in Europe.

They are a very popular provider of canvas prints, one of the leaders in the industry, and I first came across them when looking for a place to print some of my vacation photos.  I decided to try them and a few others providers with some photos of my trip driving up the coast of California.

Here’s my experience with CanvasPop, from start to finish!

Ordering Process with Canvas Pop

The canvas pop website couldn’t be simpler.  It’s sole focus is to get your photos uploaded and your prints ordered.

Just take a look at the screenshot:

Canvas Pop Ordering Page

The CanvasPop order screen. Simple, right?

4 simple steps, can get it done in less than a minutes, honestly:

  1. You upload your image (or they plug right into Facebook or Instagram, super convenient).
  2. Select Your Size (I go the 20×16, not too small but not too big or expensive).
  3. Add a Frame (Optional, I got the White Wooden frame, looks real sleek).
  4. Add Filters (we live in an Instagram world after all).

And you’re done!

Shipping (Free Shipping, that is)

Shipping was free for me, and I think it’s always free.

It was printed, shipped and got to my door in a total of 5 days.  This is pretty remarkable considering is a custom canvas print, not something they have stored on a shelf and throw in an envelope and send it out the door, AND considering it was free shipping.

If I had to do this often it would be a really easy process.

So how’d it look?  Let’s see!

The Final Product

First off, let me give myself a pat on the back for the amazing photography skills!  And this is with my little iPhone!

This photo is on California Route 1, that iconic scenic route up the Pacific Coast.  It’s the mountain you see in the distance is the famous Big Sur (it’s as amazing as it looks in the pic).

A couple of things to note:

Quality is perfect – even for an old iPhone

People make fun of me because I still have my iPhone 5.  I don’t know what the big deal is, it works perfectly, never had its screen cracked, so I don’t know why I’d run out at drop $1500 on an iPhone 11 Pro Max Excalibur or whatever they are calling it now, but I DIGRESS!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when uploading my image, but it turned out great (judge for yourself, does it look good to you?)

And this is an important time to bring up the fact that they provide a 100% guarantee, just in case things weren’t as perfect as mine.

100% Guarantee

Obviously with any printed medium things might not work out exactly as planned, although I doubt you’ll run into any problems (I never have).  Nonetheless it’s great to know that you’ll be covered just in case.  Certainly gives a peace of mind, especially if you are getting multiple larger prints that might have a higher price tag.

Frame comes ready to hang

I recommend getting a frame along with the canvas print, unless you’ve got one waiting.  It comes perfectly fitted (we all know this can be an issue with frames from disparate sources), and it’s ready to hang right out of the box.

It adds a little bit to the cost, but it’s really a no-brainer, if you are trying to enjoy your print right away.

More Pictures

Take a look at a few more pictures of my nifty canvas print:

More than just Canvas Prints?

Here’s are a few other really cool things they have in addition to canvas prints:

  • Photo books
  • Pillow prints
  • Magnets prints
  • Prisma Prints
  • Word Art Maker (very cool for different themed rooms)
  • And more…

They even have options for consultations on interior design for offices and large spaces.  They can consult and advise on how to fill up the walls in a thematic way.  Very cool!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve read this far you’ll know that I had a really great experience using CanvasPop.  I’m really happy to have been able to print out this photo and have it up on my wall.  Each time I see it, it reminds me of a really amazing trip, and those memories are very valuable and powerful.

I encourage anyone who wants to remember their special trips, loved ones, pets, or to enjoy great photography and art, to try Canvas Prints with CanvasPop.





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Last updated on August 8th, 2019 at 07:09 pm

The initial launch for Ink4less happened in 1999 when the e-commerce boom was taking place. The business started out solely as an internet-only toner and ink retailer. However, this changed in 2007 when the business rebranded its online presence and established itself as one of the recognizable brands when it comes to the supplies of quality laser toner and ink cartridge.

In order to continue its growth, the company acquired the domain, to grow their Ink 4 Less brand further. Today, the company exists and thrives as a leader when it comes to supplying discounted solid inks, printer ink, copier toner, and laser toner. Ink4less’ mission is to provide their customers with quality inkjet, copier toner, solid ink, and laser toner products at a good price, with fast delivery and on time while still offering nothing but the best customer service of all time.

To achieve their mission, Ink4less has a team of people who share in their goal so as to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat sales. They also are open to feedback from their customers as they believe this is one of the best ways that they can receive feedback and improve not just their product offerings but their service as well.

Being an online business, the company also ensures that its customer’s information is secure and safe from any form of hacking. The company’s technology is well secured to guarantee this. Thus, while making an order or shopping with them, you don’t have to worry about your information security.

Why Ink4less?

The number one reason why one should consider shopping with Ink4less is because of what they call their 4-star guarantee. The 4-star guarantee includes, low prices, excellent service, fast delivery, and quality products. Let’s take an in-depth look at these.

Low Prices

Most times, when people hear of low prices, they tend to associate the product with low-quality. However, when it comes to Ink4less, low prices don’t mean a compromise on the quality of the products. Their products are priced competitively to give customers peace of mind so that they don’t waste time scouting the internet trying to find a great price. So, if you are looking for the best deal in the market, there is no other place to get that but that Ink4less. The best part is that they have no hidden costs whatsoever. What you see up front is what you pay for at checkout.

Excellent Service

The second-star guarantee offered by Ink4less is for excellent service. As you know, excellent service is at the core of every business, but not many businesses are able to achieve this successfully. Because Ink4less understands the value of their customers, they go above and beyond to ensure that they receive nothing but the best service. Customers with complaints can call or email the business and have their issues resolved quickly.

Quality Products

As mentioned, Ink4less doesn’t compromise on the quality of cartridges they sell just because they are low priced. They only sell products that have undergone rigorous testing and quality control before they are sold and shipped. In addition, all their ink cartridges are ISO 9001 certified while the laser toner cartridges are ISO 9002/14001 and STMC certified. This ensures that when your order arrives, you are getting nothing but quality products.

Fast Delivery

Running out of ink when you have important documents to print or copy is never a good thing. In fact, if it has ever happened to you, you know how frustrating it can be. And because Ink4less understands this very well, any order made before 3 PM is shipped the same day. To give you some peace, they use FedEx, one of the most trusted courier companies to make sure that the products arrive in good condition and on time.

Besides the 4-start guarantees that Ink4less offers, they also have coupons, promotions, and deals since the company is all about saving your money when you are making an order for your inkjet, copier toner, laser toner cartridges, and solid ink. By signing up for their deals email, customers can pay less for their purchased products by up to 20 percent thanks to the weekly email that has promotional ink discounts and ink coupons.

Warranty & Return Policy

Even though Ink4less has a 100 percent customer satisfaction on all the manufactured products, they still have a warranty and have a return policy for their customers. However, just as is typical of most businesses, the warranty and return policy only applies when one follows the terms and conditions that they have stipulated on their website.

Before Ink4less replaces a product for a client, they advise their customers to use their Frequently Asked Questions page to try and troubleshoot. If one doesn’t find a solution, they can reach out to the customer support team for assistance. With the assistance of the customer service team, they’ll be able to determine whether a product is defective or not. If all else fails and the issue isn’t resolved, they’ll go ahead and replace the product for you are no extra charge.

However, it’s important to know that they do not have any warranties for the genuine OEM products that they sell but give a one-year warranty for the Compatible and Remanufactured products that they sell in case of any defect that arises as a fault of the manufacturer.
In the event you choose to return a non-defective product to the company, Ink4less will give you a refund for the price that you’ve paid for all your items. However, they will not refund the initial shipping charge unless, the mistake was made on their end regarding your order. Customers are therefore responsible for all return charges such as shipping and insurance and are liable for the loss of a return item during shipment.

OEM products have a 14-day return period while the Compatible and Remanufactured items have a 30-day return guarantee from the date of purchase.

Final Thoughts

With a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, there is a reason why most people love Ink4less, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t. So far, they have no negative reviews from customers and seem to have excellent products and excellent customer service.