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More people have begun taking care of their businesses while on the go which means they are no longer tied to their desks in their home or office workspaces. And while for some a laptop or tablet may suffice, others need a scanner to complete the work tools they need. You are probably wondering why anyone would think of carrying a scanner around. But that isn’t the case.

Thanks to technology and innovation, there are portable scanners that one can easily travel with allowing you to scan and deliver the needed documents while on the move. So, whether you need to scan your hotel or food bill and ask for a refund when you get back to the office or need to scan documents for your trip, below are some of the best portable scanners that you can consider buying.

1. Epson Workforce ES-300W Document Scanner

Epson Workforce ES-300W Document Scanner – Main
Epson Workforce ES-300W Document Scanner – Parts
Epson Workforce ES-300W Document Scanner – Scanning
Epson Workforce ES-300W Document Scanner – Wireless Scanning


This Epson scanner offers some of the best scan speeds for its model that are 25 ppm/50 ipm. The scanner is also compatible with most software used in the office thanks to the TWAIN driver that lets you connect it easily to document management software.


Although slightly bigger, the scanner does not take a lot of space and does pretty much all the scanning that you will need it to do. The scanner is wireless and allows you to easily scan to your smartphone, PC, tablet or Mac devices. It only gets better from there. The scanners allow you to scan your documents straight to cloud services as it is compatible with cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

The scanner automatically feeds up to 20 pages at a speed of 25 pages per minute and doesn’t become slow when using a USB power source which is a problem that most scanners tend to encounter. There is a free software bundle that’s offered by Epson that makes it compatible with most of the office software besides its usual compatibility.


While its portable, it’s slightly bigger than most portable scanners.

2. Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100i Scanner

Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100i MOBILE SCANNER – Diagonal
Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100i MOBILE SCANNER – Scanning
Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100i MOBILE SCANNER – Diagonal2


What made the Fujitsu scanners stand out for us is the fact that it is compatible with both Mac and PC. This is a key feature that most scanners don’t have while others require long setup processes for the drives.


This printer has a 600 dpi printing which ensures that images printed are of high-quality. It also allows you to create PDF files from your scan that are searchable. Besides the PDFs, the printer gives you the freedom to create MS Word files from the scans that are editable which come in handy especially if you need to make edits to the document you have already scanned.

With this printer, you are able to scan documents or papers that measure an inch all the way up to 34 inches long. You can also create searchable keywords using a highlighter. You no longer need to take a photo of your receipts or business cards as the scanner comes with a scanning software for both business cards and receipts.


It is a single sided scanner.

3. Brother Mobile Scanner, DS-720D

Brother Mobile Scanner, DS-720D – Main
Brother Mobile Scanner, DS-720D – Travel Case
Brother Mobile Scanner, DS-720D – Diagonal 2
Brother Mobile Scanner, DS-720D – Diagonal
Brother Mobile Scanner, DS-720D – Front


If you have used the Brother DS-620D and are looking to upgrade your printer but want to stick with the Brother models, then you should get yourself the DS-720D model. Why? Because the two-sided printing feature makes all the difference.


If your work or the stuff you scan tends to be two-sided and are in the market shopping for a portable printer, you should consider buying this Brother printer. The duplex scanning makes such a huge difference.

The duplex feature makes this scanner fast especially when scanning two-sided documents when compared to other scanners that don’t have the feature. It can handle multiple types of media. This means you can easily scan photos, receipts, ID cards, documents, business cards among others up to 8.5 by 32 inches.
It has a compact, structured design that makes it sleek and weighs less than one pound making it lightweight.


The printer is powered by a USB cable, and lack of one will mean you won’t be able to print.

4. Doxie Q Scanner

Doxie Q Scanner – Main
Doxie Q Scanner – Portable
Doxie Q Scanner – Scan Anywhere
Doxie Q Scanner – Scan Everything
Doxie Q Scanner – Scan Stacks


Weighing less than two pounds, this scanner is quite compact and very slim. The scanner allows you to scan from anywhere without a computer.


The Doxie Q is an automatic document scanner designed for true mobility. It supports wireless connections as it includes an integrated Wi-Fi. It operates on a rechargeable battery, has a memory slot coupled with a collapsible automatic document feeder.

Its small size makes it easy to simply pack it in your bag when traveling or store it in your drawer when you finish your scanning business. It does not require any special drivers for it to function like most scanners do. All you need to do is open it, insert your papers and then scan. Its automatic paper feeder is able to scan eight full-color pages all at the same time with up to 600 dpi.

The direct feed slot can be used to scan fragile items, cards, photos, and receipts. The printer is compatible with both PC, Mac and iOS apps. You can also sync scans via USB cable or Wi-Fi directly to your desktop as well as create and organize different searchable PDFs using the OCR technology. In addition, you can save scans directly to cloud services like OneNote, Dropbox, iCloud Drive and Evernote.


You have to figure out the finer details of this printer so as to get it to work as efficiently as you’d want it to.


5. VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner

VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner 1


The VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand is another option that you have if you’re looking for a scanner that you can carry around with for scanning when on the move. It has some features that make it worth considering and is also affordable.


  • It’s affordable
  • Easily digitize your documents as well as photos
  • You have the option of scanning your documents in both black and white or color
  • Works with both Windows and MacOS operating system
  • Comes with a USB cable that allows you to connect this scanner to your laptop to transfer or view your scanned documents
  • The optical character recognition (OCR) featured in this scanner allows you to organize and scan your documents into searchable and editable files that can be opened software run on Windows
  • Has a slot for a microSD card
  • Easily scan your documents in just three seconds
  • Ability to scan documents of different sizes with widths of 8.27-inches and a length of 90-inches
  • This scanner offers you three different resolution options of 300dpi, 600dpi, and 900dpi for quality scans


  • An SD card has to be purchased separately as this doesn’t come with the scanner
  • The searchable and editable software only works with Windows and not MacOS

Final Thoughts

No one would have thought that technology would evolve and we’d have portable scanners. Well, we do right now. Whether you are employed or are a freelancer, investing in one of the best portable scanners can be one of the best decisions you ever make especially when your work involves dealing with lots of documents.

Whether you want a simplex or a duplex, choose a scanner that will get the job done in the shortest time possible.

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