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Photographers and graphic designers know the pleasure that comes with editing photos on Mac devices. The experience exceeds whatever they enjoy while working on their smartphones, tablets, or other similar devices. They have endless opportunities to do as they please. Mac machines allow them to explore and put their creative juices to constant tests. The machines enable them to practice and improve their skills. However, none of that would be possible without the best photo editing software for Mac.

Some software are ideal for Mac machines only. Other types of software are usable on Mac and other operating systems too. Below is a review of the best software for editing photos on Mac.

Affinity Photo

If Mac presents you with endless opportunities to put your photo editing skills to the best use, then you have to think of Affinity Photo first. With this software, you will have an easy and enjoyable time editing all manner of photos. Affinity Photo remains the most robust of all photo editing software you can use on Mac. It makes your photos pop. It offers more than adequate support to layer adjustments, unlimited layers, masking, filters, groups and many other fun stuff you wish to do. Below are its pros and cons.


  • Perfect alternative to Photoshop
  • Live filters are full editable
  • Removes haze better than either Photoshop or Lightroom
  • Plenty of RGB/CMYK/LAB curves


  • Personas not properly implemented
  • Basic raw editor
  • Minor quirks and bugs



Pixelmator is one of the most detailed photo editing software you can ever use on your Mac machine. It offers more than its legendary, amazing layering tools. It allows you to do stuff you would never be able to do with other photo editing tools. Some of these tasks include combining two different photos and masking foreground images. You can also add background layers with gradients, shapes, and any object that appeals to your senses. It is the sort of software to go for when you need but do not want to use Photoshop.


  • More professional
  • Performs better than Picsart
  • Provides amazing options
  • Easier to use
  • Allows users to make collages
  • Plenty of options for making shadow boxes
  • Saves all edits
  • Modifies all edits automatically
  • Capable of making layered profile pictures
  • Allows users to make shadows easily


  • Has fewer fonts compared to Phonto
  • Not compatible with Gifs
  • Fewer options compared to other software



GIMP is similar to Photoshop in many ways. The one big difference is it is an open source software. It is an advanced program for manipulating images. It is the sort of program worth turning to and using when you want to make detailed customization without messing with color reproduction. The software’s biggest pull is layering where users are able to add colors, mask out objects, and do other more fun stuff with their photos easily. What is more, it allows users to convert photos from black to white and vice versa.


  • Freely available
  • Regularly updated with latest features and fixes
  • Allows users direct input
  • Operates smoothly on almost all platforms
  • One of the most customizable and highly flexible software
  • Offers more versatility than Photoshop


  • Newest versions are often buggy
  • No color support for 16-bit per channel
  • Feature development is often too slow for comfort



Many users do not realize that Lightroom is part of Adobe’s highly acclaimed Creative Cloud Photography Suite. With this app, users now have a powerful tool for doing stuff such as removing haze from photos they took when the weather was too gray. Other fun stuff you can do with the app includes sharpening blurry images, merging the best shadows as well as highlights thus creating real dynamic ranges, and more. Lightroom is the sort of tool you need to use to realize just how enjoyable and effective it is at editing photos on your Mac device.


  • Inbuilt file management and cataloging system
  • Easy to organize photos
  • Fast and easy slideshows, photo books, and web galleries
  • Non-destructive editing
  • Fast and easy syncing of all editing steps
  • Presets
  • Easier to use compared to Photoshop
  • Perfect virtual copies and snapshots
  • Fairly decent cloning
  • Fairly decent healing abilities


  • No layering or blending modes
  • Fewer graphic design elements
  • Limited options for editing photos

Fotor Photo Editor


Fotor is a freely available photo editor that you can use on your Mac machine with relative ease. It offers you a quick and fun way of editing photos that are not to your liking. It allows you to enhance photos, add some neat effects, and create one or two collages. Fotor is fast and visual. You require no prior experience or skills to use it to edit your photos. All the primary editing features you need to use appear on the right side of the software’s interface, which you will see immediately after launching it.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Fast
  • Visual
  • Perfect for creating collages
  • Freely available for download and use
  • Performs batch edits admirably well


  • Users cannot use it to tweak effects
  • Users have no way of changing font sizes independently


It’s important to know that not all graphic software are created equal.  While some software is optimized for drawing, other is optimized for dealing with photographs, and some others are more dealt to deal with web graphics.  With the above information, you should now be in a better position to identify, download, and install the best software for editing photos on Mac. The reviews give you every bit of information you require to choose the best app well. Some of the Apps, as you might have noticed, are free while others cost money. Do not base your decision entirely on the availability of money. After all, one can only do so much with the free tools. You may need to upgrade by paying a small fee to use the more advanced features of the free software.

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