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AutoCAD has become a frequently used software, particularly amongst designers who use it to modify, analyze, create, and optimize their designs. The software which is sold commercially does an excellent job of ensuring a designer’s productivity remains uncompromised, and the quality of their designs is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

But even as the popularity and use of the software increases, the debate of whether a graphics card is a necessity if one is working with AutoCAD continues to rage irrepressibly. The different product offerings available in the market make this question even more difficult, and as such there really isn’t any specific computer setup that can be said to be the best for AutoCAD.

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Nevertheless, graphics cards are an important component for anyone who is dealing with AutoCAD. Good graphics are a necessity regardless of what you are using the AutoCAD software for. Even individuals who use the software purely for Annotation and 2D drafting still require a graphics card that are capable of doing a decent job and ensuring that a user’s computer system is running as smoothly as possible.

Importance of Graphics Card for Autocad

The importance of graphics card for AutoCAD cannot be emphasized more because aside from aiding with graphics rendering, they aid with the processor’s payload reduction thus allowing the processor to focus on conducting other basic functions like ensuring the AutoCAD program is running.
Designers who mainly perform 3D modeling can confirm that graphic card are extremely important as they are the main component of the entire process. A good graphics card will immediately improve the performance and functionality of the AutoCAD software, giving you better frames per second.

Choosing A Graphics Card for Autocad

Choosing which graphics card, you should acquire is a decision that should be based on the tasks that you wish to perform, i.e. (2D or 3D modeling) and the compatibility of the card with the software. You do not always have to upgrade your graphic card if you are performing basic tasks; however you should at least own a low-range video card with 512 MB or 256 MB of RAM. This will ensure that you can effectively and effortlessly perform all your tasks unimpeded. The ideal graphics card for AutoCAD would be a NVidia graphics card and more specifically the Nvidia Quadro cards as the AutoCAD software is designed around the brand’s cards and equally certified for use by Autodesk.


Despite the fact that AutoCAD is a graphics-intensive program, one does not necessarily need a dedicated graphics card to run the program. Most of the modern computers usually meet the minimum system requirements that the program demands; however it does not hurt to customize your machine to your preference and usage. If for example, you are certain that your display screen is 4K or you use several monitors when working with the program, you can increase your computer’s graphics ability. Also, if you use AutoCAD for activities such as 3D modeling, you will need a graphics card that can support the 3D features without compromising on speed.

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