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As a graphic designer, you just don’t know when your creative juices will kick in. You might be having lunch at an eatery, and a dope client image comes to mind immediately. Of course, you will need to draw the basics somewhere so that you can work on it when you get back to your office or better yet, if you carried your laptop, start work on it immediately.

As such, there are several materials besides a laptop that graphic designers usually carry around. And for this, any graphic designer can tell you the importance of investing in one of the best bags for graphic designers available in the market.

They just don’t help you keep your stuff organized with the different compartments available for your laptop, camera, notebook, markers among others but also help keep them safe. What then are some of the best bags for graphic designers?

1. The Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag

Peak Design 15 Everyday Messenger Bag Front
Peak Design 15 Everyday Messenger Bag Back
Peak Design 15 Everyday Messenger Bag Open
Peak Design 15 Everyday Messenger Bag Secure
Peak Design 15 Everyday Messenger Bag Side


The Peak Design Everyday bag is one of the busy bags for graphic designers. The bag is available in two sizes – 15 inches and 13 inches – and two colors. It has multiple customizable storage areas but still gives the authentic and comfortable look making it a multipurpose bag.


With an adjustable strap that makes it suited for bike riders as well as other people to adjust the placing on the shoulder, what more do you need?

There are a couple of pouches and zippers enough to let you carry around your camera as well as a tripod using the silicone band. The bag has a clasp that allows you to comfortably secure your bag keeping your belonging safe.


It is slightly expensive and isn’t waterproof.

2. The STM Banks Backpack

STM Banks Backpack for Laptop & Tablet Up to 15 Front 2
STM Banks Backpack for Laptop & Tablet Up to 15 Full
STM Banks Backpack for Laptop & Tablet Up to 15 Open
STM Banks Backpack for Laptop & Tablet Up to 15 Front
STM Banks Backpack for Laptop & Tablet Up to 15 Side


This particular STM Banks bag provides you with a lot of capacity to ensure that all the necessary materials you need have a place that is safe and secure. Besides, it doubles up as a laptop bag as well as one of the best bags that a graphic designer can invest in.


If you love colors, then you have no worry with this STM Banks bag as it comes in grey, green, brown and blue colors. The zips also pop with color. The bag is designed from a breathable mesh fabric making it comfortable to carry on the back as it prevents back sweat.
Besides being a laptop bag, the bag has multiple storage spaces of all shapes and sizes that make ideal for any graphic designer to store all the necessary day to day materials.


The bags openings are a bit too tight making it a bit of a task getting your stuff.

3. The Hex Alliance Bag

HEX Unisex Alliance Backpack Front
HEX Unisex Alliance Backpack Back
HEX Unisex Alliance Backpack Side


Any graphic designer will tell you a slim bag that doesn’t scream ‘I’m carrying a laptop’ is a very much welcomed thing. The Hex Alliance bag offers just that. It’s light and not as bulky as most bags designed for graphic designers.


While the Hex Alliance bag has only one main compartment, it comes with several small-sized external pouches that can fit pens and other accessories. You can comfortably carry your 15-inch laptop with no worry whatsoever about it getting damaged as the bag has a fleece-lining and is padded.
The front pouch that easily fits a small tablet also has both the padding and fleece lining. The bag is water-resistant meaning your stuff will always be safe in case you get rained on or have water splashed on you randomly.


It only has one main compartment to accommodate the laptop.

4. The Moshi Tego Sling Messenger Bag

Moshi 99MO110004 Tego Anti-Theft Sling Messenger Front
Moshi 99MO110004 Tego Anti-Theft Sling Messenger Cut Proof
Moshi 99MO110004 Tego Anti-Theft Sling Messenger Padded Airmesh
Moshi 99MO110004 Tego Anti-Theft Sling Messenger Side
Moshi 99MO110004 Tego Anti-Theft Sling Messenger RFID


While backpacks are the most preferred option for most people – graphic designers included – they may not be the best option most times. That’s why you have the Moshi Tego Sling Messenger bag that you can easily carry on your shoulder as you commute to work or to a client meeting.


Nothing screams secure like this particular messenger sling bag. Designed from a durable fabric not found in most bags, this bag prevents people from picking your cards for information with the help of the RFID-shielded pocket.

In addition, it has inward zips that make it hard for anyone to open and access your bag without your knowledge ensuring maximum security for your items. As such, you will always have the peace of mind that your stuff is secure even as you commute to and from work.
It also is water-resistance and has a padded compartment for your tablet or laptop.


It only has a compartment space for a 13-inch laptop.

5. Moshi Helios Lite Bag

MOSHI Helios Lite Laptop Backpack Front
MOSHI Helios Lite Laptop Backpack Pastel Back
MOSHI Helios Lite Laptop Backpack Pastel Blue
MOSHI Helios Lite Laptop Backpack Side


Who said bags have to be pricey to be stylish? The Moshi Helios Lite bag is everything a graphic designer needs for days when there isn’t a lot to carry around or just generally have very few stuff that they need to commute with to the workplace.


The bag is stylishly designed and comes in multiple colors. It has several compartments – both inside and outside – in all sizes and shapes that you can use to carry your smartphone among other stuff such as pens, notepads, etc. that you will need for your everyday use.
The small size means it’s easy to move around and is also weather-resistant. The bag has magnetic straps for closure which gives you easy access to your items.


Slightly small in size hence may not accommodate very many items.


6. Bellroy Slim Backpack

Bellroy Slim Backpack 1
Bellroy Slim Backpack 2
Bellroy Slim Backpack 3
Bellroy Slim Backpack 5
Bellroy Slim Backpack4


Bellroy is known to make quality bags that are classy and beautiful at the same time. The Bellroy Slim Backpack features in our list for the best bags for graphic designers due to its elegant construction and quality.


  • A backpack designed for the urban creative that likes a classy yet simple backpack
  • Available in four different colors – black, ash, navy and red ochre – which means you can choose the bag in a color that you love
  • Has an external zip pocket on one side for easy access
  • The fold over closure on the main compartment is water resistant and magnetic for easy closing
  • The laptop pocket is padded which helps protect your laptop from any damage
  • Shoulder straps are flexible and can be adjusted for fit and comfort
  • The bag is made from leather that is environmentally certified and polyester that is soft-woven
  • The interior has pockets that are soft lined that you can use for keeping small devices and your sunglasses
  • The quality build means you can carry your design tools with a lot of ease
  • Has a slim design


  • Can only fit laptops that measure up to 15-inches
  • Not enough internal pockets
  • It’s not as breathable hence may not be ideal for use in hot weather

Final Thoughts

While best bags for graphic designers may not be cheap, you are definitely guaranteed value for your money. Besides, the biggest bag doesn’t always give you the best ergonomics.
That said, when buying a bag for a graphic designer, it’s important first to consider the amount of space versus the items one has. This way, you buy a bag that suits your needs. Also, consider the amount of compartments it has. Bags with several compartments are ideally the best as they give you the flexibility of where you can put your items.

Most importantly, ensure it has a separate laptop compartment that should be padded to guarantee maximum protection for your laptop.

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