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Choosing the perfect medium for printing your images can be hard, especially considering that there is a variety of materials available in the market, each with its own unique attributes that set it apart from the rest. The material that you opt to work with has a great impact on how people perceive the picture, the longevity of your precious pictures, and finally, the ambiance of the room in which the picture sits. Often when people are choosing the medium on which to create their prints, you find individuals comparing between acrylic and metal prints. We do a quick overview of each of the two substrates to clear the air and give you a good understanding of which of the two substrates you should opt for.

What You Need to Know

Metal Prints

As time goes, we’ve seen the rise in popularity of metal as a printing medium, and it is with good reason. The prints are usually made by either infusing ink into the metal or by applying the ink straight onto the metal and consequently infusing the ink with pressure and heat. Both of these prints’ methods have their merits and demerits, and if you decide to work with metal prints, it helps to ask the printing house to define their process.

Metal prints are typically characterized by vivid images, especially if one picks the correct metal finish to print their pictures. For example, metal surfaces with a glossy finish usually have a more dramatic appearance in comparison to prints printed on metal with a matte finish. When it comes to mounting, metal prints are, mounted using one of two different styles, i.e., flush mount or recessed mount, which give the, a different appearance. With the recessed mount, your metal print will appear to be floating on the wall while with the flush mount, of the edge of the print is exactly where the frame begins.

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Acrylic Prints

Albeit being costly, acrylic is a great printing medium, and the prints can be created through different methods however any printing house worth its salt will create the acrylic prints by printing the image and consequently mounting it onto the acrylic as this is the method that doesn’t compromise on the quality of the print. Acrylic prints created using this method brag a high definition appearance that is unmatched as the image in the outcome is well detailed, sharp, and extremely vibrant. Unlike metal prints, acrylic prints can be hung using several hanging and mounting options, which means that individuals are not limited in terms of how they choose to display their pictures.

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Which Print Should You Choose?

Each of the prints is unique, and the final decision on which one an individual should opt for comes down to individual preference as well as how much one is willing to spend on their prints. Most companies in the market today provide great craftsmanship to produce prints that are stunning, so depending on the image suitability and print occasion, you can opt for whichever of the two prints that tickles your fancy.

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