Published on February 1st, 2018 at 01:11 pm

You have watched with envy other great artists, writers, and performers sell loads of creative work, thanks to their websites. You have worked on some projects of your own and wondered if you could put up a website to promote them too.

Despite website creation advice out there, websites for artists are different and unique. It is not good to be a spammer. You, however, need great website examples and ideas.

You Need This One Thing to Succeed

The internet has disrupted the manner in which creative art is sold. It is no longer a good plan to create exemplary stuff and then look for someone to exhibit it or sponsor, champion, and manage you. If you desire a great deal, you had better first build a powerful fan base for your art and a place where they can view and buy your work. For a decent income from your art, you must have an engaged fan base.

It Is Not Begging For Attention

Your website will be the place where your fans get to know what makes you tick as person and artist. Provide them with the emotional experience that attracted them to you in the first place using this site.

Since people connect with other people, your audience will expect to perceive a different you on your website. All you’ve to do is find the hooks, those things that make your fans curious about you.

A place to start for a great platform lays in the various website builders out there. They have perfected the art of creating outstanding platforms, giving you an avenue upon which to launch your art onto the online world, like the four examples listed below.

4 Top Artists Website Examples has top-notch content regarding the craft and business of design. It tackles topics like returns on design investments, building an artistic business from scratch, and creating artistic corporate identities.

An internationally renowned design maven, who writes about the craft and business of design, creating priceless insights well worth checking out, owns it. is one of the earliest blogs on crafts. Bespoke men tailoring serves a high-end service steeped in centuries of tradition. This website goes behind the scenes, educates discerning clientele on the value, and benefits that lie in bespoke suits.

Thomas Mahon, a Savile Row Tailor himself, breathed life into a close-knit and traditional industry through this site. is one resource-packed site for independent painters. Resources include practical technical tips for the artist on the one hand and a business side goldmine of solid advice on the other.

Attracting over 250,000 page views per month, it covers how to sell online, how to use a site to increase art sales, and making the most out of search engine optimization for artwork.

Build your online fan base with a website

These are a few examples that are a testimony to the potential power of a good artist’s website. You can be inspired by these examples to create one to showcase your own work and grow and connect with your fan base.

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