Why (and How) to Buy a Washer Dryer (A Broke Artists’ Perspective)

Job types that are time demanding often leave individuals with little time to take care of other tasks within the home. Individuals working in a different role, from creative directors and digital artists to web and content developers spend a considerable amount of time at work. Whether freelancers or employed by an organization, they need to efficiently use their time to accommodate their work and home obligations. One way is performing home tasks faster by using different home appliances. One such appliance is the washer dryer.

A washer dryer or lavadora secadora is a handy machine that combines the features of a washing machine and a dryer allowing laundry to come out dry after some time. This appliance proves itself useful especially during seasons when line drying means having wet clothes on the line for days.

These machines offer a number of advantages:

1. Space and cost

These combo units occupy less space than when your washer is separate from your dryer. If you don’t have a spacious house or separate laundry room, you can benefit from the space-saving feature of washer dryers. Because you are buying a single unit, purchasing a washer dryer can cost less than when you are buying a washing machine and a separate dryer.

2. Efficiency

Washer dryer manufacturers have developed impressively efficient models. These machines use technology similar to the front-load washer; thus, they use less water on each load and are energy efficient. This energy-saving feature varies depending on the type of machine. A ventless one is more efficient one that is vented because instead of the warm air being let out, it is recycled. While this feature may not outmatch the energy efficiency of some separate dryers, you still save on your energy bill considerably. Although they also require a considerable amount of time to give you dry laundry, you can start the load and perform other duties while the washing and drying is taking place.

3. Gentle

Again, because the washing technology used is similar to that of a front-load washer, the washer dryer is gentle on clothes. They owe this advantage to the horizontal axis spinning and tumbling action of the drum.

4. Easily used

A washer dryer is easier to use especially since you don’t have to manually move your load from the washer to the dryer. Further, with a delay timer function, you can set the cycle to complete at a specific time.

There are many washer dryer options available in the market today with varying features such as temperature control, hand washing setting, sanitation, moisture sensor and noise silencing. The costs and capacities also vary. Individuals can, therefore, find one that fits their specific laundry needs. However, to fully enjoy the benefits of whichever washer dryer you choose, you need to observe some best practices.

The first thing you should never do is to overfill it because doing so can prevent your clothes from being properly washed and dried. To avoid the unpleasant array of smells that some washer dryer owners complain about you need to keep your appliance clean. Prevent your clothes from acquiring a musty or burnt smell by regularly cleaning your washer dryer. This includes activities for residue and lint removal from the filters and dispensers. Cleaning it also helps keep the appliance operating efficiently for longer.

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September 1, 2017