Why Are Textbooks So Expensive?

I feel bad for students nowadays, textbooks are so expensive.
I feel bad for students nowadays, textbooks are so expensive.

College, high school and other educational textbooks are incredibly expensive. If you ask the bookstores, they will tell you that it’s not their fault, the publisher just charges a lot for them. And this appears to be true. New books are incredibly expensive everywhere, not just the school bookstore. Which is why you should find alternative ways of getting them.

Textbooks are expensive for various reasons. To begin with, textbooks production goes through many stages before final printing. Everybody that was involved will demand remuneration. After a period of time from the publication day, new changes flow in and this calls for revised editions. These editions are also charged

The main advantage of buying your coursebooks is that when the term is over, you can market them and get back some of your cash. But this is not guaranteed by any means– your school bookstore might not buy them if the class is not going to be scheduled anytime soon, and sometimes nobody wants them at all if a new edition has come out.  Heres some ways you can avoid buying expensive textbooks:

Rent them

Renting textbooks lets you save money. Think of it as sharing your textbook. For one term, you get the book, and you only pay around a third of the price. The rental company then takes it back, and rents it to another person. It’s a win-win situation– the rental company makes money, and you don’t spend your entire college fund on books.

It doesn’t matter what schedule you’re on. Textbook rental companies have rates for quarters, semesters, and even years. You can add weeks to the end of your rental if you find you need it longer, and if you decide you want to keep it, you can buy it. There’s not much of a downside.

Buy online

Sometimes we walk many miles crossing from one city to another trying to look for that one book that your tutor insisted you have it. You end up spending a lot of money and transportation before getting the book. An easier way you can obtain that book is through the online retail stores. There are even places where you can get a PDF Free Download of textbooks.  No movement required, all you need to do is click some buttons and you have the book.

Buy used textbooks

Textbooks when purchased new are the most expensive. A used textbook offers the same information but at a cheaper price. It may have marks written inside or marks highlighter from a previous student. These blemishes are the reason why they are offered for sale at a cheaper price. Very few used books are offered at a school bookstore since most students may not sell the books back. Most bookstores make a bigger profit on new book sales.

The shelf life of a textbook is determined by the usefulness of the subject material involved. Those subjects that have the greatest chance for new information will have a new edition published much quicker than one in which topic remains the same. Most science books are constantly changed due to new information unearthed by the scientific community. Many history books or math, books do not have new discoveries so they will not be updated as frequently. One can buy a used textbook from a former student cheaper than the bookstore to help cut their school expenses.

If most of the books cannot be obtained online or rented, it is better to voice your concerns to the government education boards to have the textbook prices moderated. Sometimes after the book publication, some editors decide to make new editions whenever they feel like with each edition costing some extra bucks from the previous one. Government education bodies can help to regulate such profit-motivated moves to enable accessibility of education by its entire people.

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February 3, 2016