What To Buy Between Mac and PC?

You might have heard the saying that PC is for office users while Mac is for free-spirited artists and people with class. But is that statement enough to make you want to buy a Mac in place of a PC for CAD applications?

What Are You Comfortable With?

As a designer, you need to consider which computer you feel comfortable using. While the two laptops can give you the same results, they present two different ways of doing it. For instance, on PC, you can just click on the Red X on the right top corner of a window to close a window completely, but on Mac, you have to click the name of the program on the bar and then select Quit. Consider the processes that go into completing the common tasks in both machines, then determine which one you enjoy working on the most.


Considering the features of each laptop, a Mac is considered relatively expensive. Over the years, however, the price gap has become significantly smaller. Matter of fact, there are some PCs on the same level as Mac that are more expensive.

For most users, the lack of a sizeable RAM and Hard Disk Space in Mac should guarantee a lower price for best CAD laptops, but this is not the case. How much of a deal breaker this is is highly dependent on the nature of work to be done on it and how much importance the user places on these features.

Let Your Preference Guide You

Each of the options is great for CAD laptops, and your budget and your preferences should guide you. If you need a classy laptop that can run both OSX and Windows, a Mac is a good choice. While on a budget, choose a PC.

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April 2, 2018