The 5 Best Online Comic Books and Comic Book Artists

Writing is an art; a writer is basically an artist. Comic writers must possess special skills for them to draw loyal audiences. Artists are born with their divergent special skills that nobody can ever take away from them; it’s quite easy to tell the most talented artists by looking at their works. Here is a preview on The Best Online Comic Books and Comic Book Artists:

1. Moon Knight by Greg Smallwood

Moon Knight ComicThe radical take by Greg Smallwood on Khonsu’s fist is an imaginary sight to behold. The writer introduces a character who was at one time a mercenary who in the end got saved by an Egyptian moon god. In the end, the man dresses up as a vigilante known as Moon Knight so that he can protect those who are travelling by night. The end story is simply breathtaking

2. Tetris-The Games People Play by Box Brown

Tetris-The Games People Play is basically a bare-knuckled examination of philosophy, politics and pixilated nostalgia. The Box Brown novel comes out the same way as his previous one “Life and Legend” but this time round he focuses on a Russian game developer by the name Alexey Pajinov.  While he didn’t make the list of the most viewed comic artists on social media, Box Brown is simply a genius. He relates this book with cold war by depicting some parasitic business men. The artist goes a notch higher to elaborate the philosophical pillars of how history and humanity games relate to present day events. He is simply engrossing, obsessive and smart in his works

3. House of Penance by Ian Bertram

This epic story is built on the foundation of pupil-dilating arts; it is informed by the bizarre incident that occurred in the 19th century. It is a story of Sarah Winchester is a widow of the man credited for having founded The Winchester Repeating Arms Company-This widow built a sprawling mansion that was used to house the Native Americans who had fallen victim to the weaponries forged by her father. The writer of this book depicts these scripts in an eloquent and constrained past-century spooks slingers. Ian Betram wraps up the story in stylish fashions by conjuring some dwarfing senses of doom where characters have zero chances of escaping. The endgame is simply breathtaking

4. Giant Days by Lissa Treiman

Giant Days ComicJohn Allison and Lissa Treiman keenly spent their time building characters that are human in nature without looking at even a single sense of how these characters are messed up. Allison’s experience in creating web comics is demonstrated here where he brings out a story about young women who are very loyal and supportive. They are extremely supportive to the extent of messing up their lives

5. The Mighty Thor by Russell Dauterman

Writer Jason Aaron weaves a meticulous story of gender dynamics and shifting allegiances. This story has every connotation of being epic. Asgard admits that there is a mysterious lady who tosses the whole of Mjolmir apart from one man known as Odin. Odin is The King of the Realm- he is one-eyed. Together with his exploitive corporation, the branching fantasy words as well as the dark elves, The Mighty Thor is that story that has been built on blood and sweat. It has huge relevance outside its fantasy trappings


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March 16, 2017