Uplifting Mobility a Guide to Safe Exercise for Seniors

Many older adults avoid exercising because they fear that exercise will hurt them rather than benefit them. The word “exercise” has become synonymous to “prolonged physical agony for the fit,” but this is not the real case. Seniors can safely exercise given the proper guidance.

According to Uplifting Mobility, exercise for seniors is crucial in maintaining and prolonging bone health. However, it can also benefit cardiovascular, respiratory, and even neurological health. In fact, they have found that seniors who regularly exercise have better balance and a sharper memory.

So how can seniors exercise safely? In this article, we will share some tips for safe exercise for seniors:

Safe exercise for seniors

1. Starting small

The most important thing to ensure safe exercise, as Uplifting Mobility shares, is to have a manageable start. No matter the type of exercise, seniors should be careful and start at a slow pace.

For example, for balance exercises, seniors can start with two minutes of standing on one foot a day. The length of time can then increase per day. The key to a successful exercise regimen is consistency. Starting with something easy enough exercise for seniors will encourage them to continue doing it.

2.Warm up first

Warming up before an exercise is important for all regardless the age. Warming up lets our body prepare for the upcoming physical activity. A proper warm up will help seniors smoothly adjust to the routine and avoid straining their bodies abruptly which may result in cramps.

A basic warm-up routine should involve the whole body – from the neck to the toes. Joints should be stretched to encourage more blood flow.

3. Wear comfortable attire, especially shoes

The workout attire is also a huge factor for having safe exercises for seniors, according to Uplifting Mobility. Elderlies should wear clothes that allow them to breathe and perspire freely. Their clothes should allow them to move around easily.

The footwear, in particular, should be sturdy and comfy for physical activities. Don’t let seniors wear footwear that has sticky soles since these tend to stick to the floor, causing one to trip.

4. Stop if serious pain is felt

Mild pain is normal in most cases, and this is something that seniors should press against especially when they’re just starting out on a routine. However, exercising should be stopped if it causes extreme pain to seniors.

Seniors with particular bone and muscle conditions may find it harder to move around. This is why the exercise routine should be carefully planned according to the physical ailments of the elderly. In cases of extreme pain, first aid should be applied and ask for medical assistance immediately.

Exercise for seniorsTakeaways:

Exercising for seniors is a must to maintain health and slow down aging. Many fear to get themselves hurt while exercising, but with these few safety tips from Uplifting Mobility, it is possible to utilize safe exercises for seniors.

Assisting elderlies in their exercise routine is simple enough. For complex cases, such as elderlies on a wheelchair or limited mobility, it is best to request assistance from professional physical therapists for seniors.

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February 25, 2017