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Secret Asian Man: The Daily Days
Perfect Paperback: 232 pages
Cover price $20
First edition
ISBN-10: 1616582804

After ten years of writing and illustrating Secret Asian Man, I’ve put together my first book of strips. Secret Asian Man: The Daily Days collects every single daily comic strip I produced for over two years of syndication with United Features. To say that I’m excited about this book is an understatement.
Secret Asian Man is a comic strip that focuses on what makes us the same as well as different, through the lens of Asian American protagonist Osamu “SAM” Takahashi. Between the covers of this 232 page collection, no one is safe from SAM’s keen observations on race, religion, politics, sexual orientation and everything else that gets people’s undies in a bunch.

5 books (minimum order) $50 (free shipping)

10 books – $90 (free shipping)

15 books – $120 (free shipping + original daily comic art)

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