Quick Video Editing Tips for Beginners

Anyone can edit videos as long as they have the right equipment and they have the passion for learning. Video editing computers and laptops keep getting better and so are the editing software. For beginners, you do not need expensive computers or software – you can make the best videos with what you have already and some free software before upgrading.

The art of video editing will depend on your skills and your imagination. If you have the right tools, learning and executing what you have learned becomes easy.

Video Editing Computer

New computers come installed with decent video cards that allow you to view and edit high definition videos. You can tell that a computer has good graphics by checking it against the video editing software specifications you are planning to use. Ensure that the computer you choose has a large memory capacity in its hard drive for video storage.

Most old computers are slow and upgrading them will mean changing almost all systems. This is why you need a recent computer model with the necessary features for video editing. Ensure that the computer can connect to an external video camcorder and an external hard drive.
A computer that can be upgraded is a good option. A Mac is good for beginners while a PC comes in handy for intermediates and professionals.

Choose a Good Software

It is challenging for a beginner to choose a good software to edit video. There are both free and premium software with the free software having less features. Beginners can start with a free software for their Mac or PC.
Video editing software interfaces can be daunting to a beginner, but you can always start with trial and error. You need to take your time trying out different software starting with a tutorial of the video editing software you have.

Needed Accessories

It is necessary to have the necessary accessories for video editing before you get started. For instance, an hour of the best quality video from a mini-DV camcorder takes about 42GB. If your computer cannot store such a large file, you will need an internal hard drive or a flash memory.
Ensure that you have the necessary connectors to connect your USB, external hard drive and your camera. Before you buy the accessories, ensure you check the manual of your camera or other accessories to ensure you have the appropriate connectors. Most video editing software accepts video files in different formats.

If you have analog video files that need editing, you will need to convert the files to digital before editing them. You can get the best laptops for video editing, good software, and other accessories but you will still need a few tips and tricks to ensure you get the best results:
• Shoot a little more footage than you need
• Enhance your video shooting skills
• Ensure you keep the raw files in case the first edit does not work
• A bad quality video even when edited will still look poor
• Pay attention to sections that capture the attention of viewers

Get all Equipment Today

Take your time to buy the needed equipment and tools. Consider longevity and the option to upgrade. Start small, learn and upgrade as your skills require.

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February 7, 2018