Multiculturalism and the City Hall Wedding

Weddings taking place at a city hall instead of traditional venues feature a mix of cultures.
Weddings taking place at a city hall instead of traditional venues feature a mix of cultures.

A wedding is probably one of the few events that bring unrivaled joy. Of course it does not beat the joy when you were born. Where and how you have your wedding will either make you cherish the memories or just want to forget about it. Well, if your church wedding ceremony cost all your years of saving then you would not have fond memories about it.

Intercultural marriages

It is not back in time when cultures compelled people to marry only those close to their customs. A Muslim will marry a Christian; a Buddhist will marry a Sikh and so on. It is no longer appropriate to take your marriage to a church when one of the spouses is from a different religion. In such a case, halls come in handy to break the hurdle of venue. There will be no debate on whose religion officiates since a mayor will serve as an impartial player.

Mayors licensed to officiate marriages can move around to any place and pronounce you a husband and wife. There are no strict procedures to follow and this is a plus if you want to have everything done your way. It is fun and everyone can get down to their element without the fear of offending a church’s tradition. Nothing beats the halls for their flexibility and no wonder many people are going for this option.

Manageable budget too

It is no secret that recession is a reality that everyone is worried about. Therefore when you get a chance to save a few dollars you should go full speed for it. Wedding statistics in the U.S. show that a hall wedding costs close to a third of what a church ceremony would demand. This is a way to ensure that you will not be walking into bankruptcy a day after you are happily married.

It may be time that you consider a city hall wedding ceremony. Many people have been caught up in this new trend and many city mayors have become busy with the trickling events at their presiding halls. Would you wish to follow suit and have your nuptial away from the church corridors? Here are compelling reasons that would make you consider the temptation

Civil rite simplicity for those marrying for their 2nd or 3rd times

By the time you have your second or third marriage you do not have the fanciness like you had on your first one. You want a simple formality that will get you a wife or husband. The traditional church ceremony will always come with its own baggage of prerequisites. The civil rites offer an easy way to get things done. This is an attractive provision that many couples will want.

You now have an extra card to play on your wedding day. Do not suffer the pressure to have a massive budget or worry about your spouse’s cultural differences. You have a perfect answer: marrying a hall.

February 1, 2016