After ten years of writing and illustrating Secret Asian Man, I’ve put together my first book of strips. Secret Asian Man: The Daily Days collects every single daily comic strip I produced for over two years of syndication with United Features. To say that I’m excited about this book is an understatement.

the-daily-daysSecret Asian Man is a comic strip that focuses on what makes us the same as well as different, through the lens of Asian American protagonist Osamu “SAM” Takahashi. Between the covers of this 232 page collection, no one is safe from SAM’s keen observations on race, religion, politics, sexual orientation and everything else that gets people’s undies in a bunch.

Perfect Paperback: 232 pages
First edition (December 14, 2009)
ISBN-10: 1616582804

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secret-identitiesSecret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology
Author: Keith Chow
Editors: Jerry Ma, Parry Shen and Jeff Yang
Published by New Press

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Between the covers this 200 page anthology you will find the world’s first Asian American Superhero Anthology! (If you’re thinking “That statement is as specific as the world’s first Left-Handed, Canadian Shuffleboard Calendar” then go screw. It’s a big deal to us.) Artists and writers with styles as diverse as their backgrounds have assembled to bring you a collection of unique stories that you are sure to have never come across.

Contributors include Jeff Yang (founder of aMagazine, author Asian Pop), Parry Shen (actor Better Luck Tomorrow), Keith Chow (writer, comics in education specialist), Jerry Ma (founder Epic Proportions), Greg Pak (director Robot Stories, writer Hulk, Iron Man), Larry Hama (writer GI Joe), Dustin Nguyen (Batman), Bernard Chang (artist Wonder Woman, X-Men, Deadpool), Cliff Chiang (Transmetropolitan, Grendel, Flinch), Gene Yang (artist/writer American Born Chinese), Billy Tan (Witchblade, Darkness, X-Men), Sonny Liew (artist Faith in Frankie, Re-gifters), Michael Kang (director The Motel, West 32nd), Kelly Hu (actress X-Men 2, CSI: NY, Law & Order), Yul Kwon (winner Survivor: Cook Islands, activist), Kazu Kibuishi (artist Flight, Daisy Kutter), Greg LaRocque (Avengers, Spider-Man, Hulk), Keiko Agena (actress Gilmore Girls), Christine Norrie (artist Breaking Up, Cheats) and dozens more!

This is not just a token gathering of Asian American artists. It’s a collection of unique stories told with a voice seldom heard on the comics pages.


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attitude-2Attitude 2: The New Subversive Alternative Cartoonists
Edited by Ted Rall
Published by NBM Publishing

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A new anthology of brilliant cartoonists whose work appears in alternative weekly newspapers, ATTITUDE 2: THE NEW SUBVERSIVE SOCIAL COMMENTARY CARTOONISTS presents incisive interviews, personal photos and ephemera and of course lots of cartoons by 21 more of America’s funniest and smartest cartoonists!

Comics fans will doubtless be familiar and enjoy this book’s unique insight into the work of well-known artists like Aaron McGruder, who draws the daily comic strip “Boondocks,” Max Cannon (“Red Meat,” which you’ll find in The Onion), Shannon Wheeler (“Too Much Coffee Man”), Marian Henley (“Maxine!”), David Rees (“Get Your War On,” which appears in Rolling Stone) and Alison Bechdel (“Dykes to Watch Out For”).

As with the first ATTITUDE, the real treat of ATTITUDE 2 is its spotlighting of cartoonists whose work is so good that it deserves much more attention. Other cartoonists featured include Jennifer Berman (“Berman”), Barry Deutsch (“Ampersand”), Emily S. Flake (“Lulu Eightball”), Justin Jones (Soda-Pong”), Keith Knight (“The K Chronicles), Tim Kreider (“The Pain—When Will It End?”), Kevin Moore (“In Contempt Comics”), Stephen Notley (“Bob the Angry Flower”), Eric Orner (“The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green”), Greg Peters (“Suspect Device”), Mikhaela B. Reid (“The Boiling Point”), Neil Swaab (“Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles”), Brian Sendelbach (“Smell of Steve, Inc.”), Tak Toyoshima (“Secret Asian Man”) and Jason Yungbluth (“Deep Fried”). BUY NOW!

East Main Street: Asian American Popular Culture
Edited by Shilpa Davé, LeiLani Nishime and Tasha G. Oren
Forward by Robert G. Lee
Published by NYU Press

From henna tattoo kits available at your local mall to “faux Asian” fashions, housewares and fusion cuisine; from the new visibility of Asian film, music, video games and anime to the current popularity of martial arts motifs in hip hop, Asian influences have thoroughly saturated the U.S. cultural landscape and have now become an integral part of the vernacular of popular culture.

By tracing cross-cultural influences and global cultural trends, the essays in East Main Street bring Asian American studies, in all its interdisciplinary richness, to bear on a broad spectrum of cultural artifacts. Contributors consider topics ranging from early Asian American movie stars to the influences of South Asian iconography on rave culture, and from the marketing of Asian culture through food to the contemporary clamor for transnational Chinese women’s historical fiction. East Main Street hits the shelves in the midst of a boom in Asian American population and cultural production. This book is essential not only for understanding Asian American popular culture but also contemporary U.S. popular culture at large.

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