Editing Animation and Video – What You Need to Know

The quality of video editing is dependent on having the right equipment and possessing the required knowledge and skills. If you’re new to editing, you need to take your time and choose the best equipment then learn how to edit videos the right way.

You can learn how to edit videos by following the tutorial that comes with the editing software but taking a video editing class is even better. The quality of the video will partly determine how the viewers will rate it, but the editing will also play a large part in the results. With a few tips and dedicating some time to learning, you’ll be able to produce great edited videos. Here are several things you should know.

Make Edits Invisible

As an editor, you need to create a video that is interesting to watch. Therefore, transitions and other parts of the video that have been edited should be seamless. If the viewer sees the editing and it distracts them, then it means that something did not go right and the whole purpose of editing a movie was not achieved.

Transitions are good, but when they are overused, they tend to become a distraction. You should not always fade in or out of a scene unless it is very necessary and serves a purpose. You can add audio fades to smooth sound jumps that come with audio cuts.

Add Titles Appropriately

Titles can up the production value of your edited videos when placed at the front or at the back of a video. However, you need to keep them short as viewers are not patient enough to wait for more than ten seconds waiting for the video to start playing. In fact, you need to keep them at 5 seconds or less.

You can add lower third titles to the video to make it more interesting for the viewer. Lower third titles give more details at the bottom of the screen about the person talking. This creates interest and glues the viewer to the screen.

Any effects added to the video should be appropriate to avoid distractions. Better yet, you should ensure that you minimize video effects.

Pick the Right Music

Using the latest songs as theme songs in your video might make the video sound cool, but the music might not match the theme of the video. Besides choosing the right one, you should keep the sound low, especially where the viewer is supposed to concentrate. It is hard for the viewer to concentrate on what the subjects in the video are saying when the latest hit by Justin Bieber is loud on the video background.

It is the same case with sound effects. Each effect added to the video should be relevant.

Get the Right Equipment

After learning the basics of video editing, you will need good editing equipment. You need a laptop with ample computing power, reliable editing software, and the needed accessories to get started.

When buying the equipment, consider quality before price. Ensure that the storage space and graphics quality are key when buying the right computer. If you can’t find one at the moment, you can upgrade later. Make your work better by learning some skills and tricks, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master video editor.

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February 7, 2018