Tips from Dogarooni on Correcting Dog Behavior Problems:

K-9 MischiefDogs are our little buddies from heaven that make our lives ten times better – except when they’re misbehaving. Bad dog behaviors such as urinating in inappropriate places can make even the most patient dog owner frustrated.

To help us out with this dilemma, Dogarooni shares some tips on correcting bad dog behavior through proper dog training:

1. How to correct dog urinating problems.

Dogs mark their territory with urine. Unless you wish to treat your house like a jungle, finding marked territories inside the house is annoying.

Although it is advised to neuter dogs at an early age to prevent dog urinating problems, usually neutering older dogs can still work.

Another way Dogarooni suggests to correct dog urinating problems is to catch it in the act and correct it consistently. When you notice the dog attempting to urinate, distract it with noise by shaking a can filled with stones. Then when the dog looks for the source of the noise, command “NO PEE” with a stern voice. Doing this consistently to see results is recommended by Dogarooni.

2. Dogarooni on how to correct dog aggression.

Though diagnosing the exact cause of dog aggression is tricky. Aggression among dogs has several causes including but not limited to physical pain or discomfort, fear, anxiety, and feeling threatened. Dogarooni says if your dog acts aggressively, have them checked with a vet first to see if they’re suffering from chronic pain. Dogarooni highly recommends working with dog behavior experts to help you come up with a dog training plan to correct dog aggression.

Since aggressive dogs can be dangerous, don’t leave them with children or unfamiliar adults.

Dog training tips from Dogarooni

3. How to correct destructive dog chewing

The first thing you need to do when correcting destructive dog chewing is to identify its cause. Some dogs chew due to separation anxiety or hunger, but some may have developed chewing as a compulsive behavior. In the latter case, Dogarooni advises us to seek professional help.

Dogarooni says the best way to correct destructive dog chewing is to give your dog a proper chewing toy. Dogarooni suggests another useful trick, using spray on the usual items that your dog chews on with chewing deterrents. When they taste the awful taste of the deterrent, they will stop chewing items with the same smell.

4. How to correct dog digging. Dog owners are familiar with waking up and seeing a pile of dirt in the backyard. To correct dog digging behaviors, you need to catch your dog red handed and say “no.” To make sure that your dog stops digging, distract it with a toy. The important thing here is to stop or scold the dog during the act of digging and not afterward since the dog will not understand what it did wrong.

To still give your dog the freedom to dig, give it a sandbox and bury some of their favorite toys.

Dogarooni says that dogs may develop bad habits especially if they grew up with no consistent dog training to promote positive habits. However, Dogarooni also reminds us that it is never too late to start correcting problematic dog behaviors. The most common dog behavioral problems can be corrected with consistent and dedicated dog training.

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February 25, 2017