Picking the Best Website Builder for Artists in 2018

All artists need websites where they can show their portfolio. An artist without a website is almost unheard of. An artist who does not build a website is unlikely to sell. A website gives artists the online presence they need to sell and market their works. Therefore, artists should invest in the best website builders that they can get.

Website builders are great for artists who have no limitless finances to use in hiring web designers and developers. Artists who are on a tight budget should also consider the website builders. Before settling on any builder, check how easy it is to use, blog feature, provider support, how much it costs, and photo galleries among other factors. Below is a list of the best website builders for artists.





It is the best all-around website builder for artists. It gives artists value for their money. It is highly flexible. It is one of the easiest to use builders. Anybody can follow the prompts and instructions to build a stunning and effective website for an artist with little to no experience at all.

A free plan is available for any artist who cannot afford the other paid-for plans. Its template design is highly rated. Its features are among some of the best in the industry too. It’s quite popular. What’s more, this website builder is affordably priced too.


Wix has more than 510 templates through which artists can build beautiful and professional websites. Its design features are not only up-to-date, but also innovative. Plenty of help is available for the support team. Support is available via forum support, help center, phone, and email.

It offers users advanced functions. Its design flexibility feature is one of a kind, which artists can never find elsewhere. A free trial is available, though users can upgrade to the paid-for version that comes with more advanced features.


The biggest drawback is the difficulty in changing templates. Advertisements are on the free version, and this can be a bit annoying. An artist looking for the kind of builder that is capable of managing highly complex e-commerce needs should never choose Wix.




Weebly’s main attraction is the simple and easy way it enables just about anybody to build websites. It is a great tool for artists who wish to establish their websites in record time. Weebly’s popularity in the web building industry remains as strong and healthy as ever.

Weebly has been useful and highly effective in the industry for years. It was one of the first web building tools in the market. It has retained its place as the tool of choice for people in different niches. It is worth using for building the perfect artist’s website.


Weebly guarantees websites with fast load speeds. Websites built using it are fully optimized. Artists will never have to worry about hacking and spamming because this web builder provides ample security features.

An artist who needs a temporary website would be better off using this web builder. It is free, though other paid-for versions are also available depending on the artist’s needs. Its drag and drop process actually produces stunning results.
It comes with plenty of incredible customer support too.


Its content management system is not at the level of other web builders. The system could do with a bit of improved efficiency. It is also impossible to add your favorite or preferred advanced marketing tools to a website built using this tool.




Squarespace has been in the web building industry since 2004 when it was launched. It is a drag and drops building tool. It specializes in delivering to users’ highly polished and rich-imagery experience.

There isn’t a better web builder for making websites look expensive, stunning, and professional than Squarespace. It builds visually appealing websites, which augurs well with artists who wish to create the best impression.
Chic designs, clean and minimalist websites are easy to build using Squarespace.


Perfect for building websites that stand out because of its designer-quality and beautiful templates. All its templates are renowned for being mobile responsive; hence, will serve you well as you embark on building your mobile-friendly artist’s website.

Squarespace also does not disappoint those who wish to customize their designs. Customization is possible because of the web builder’s extensive range of styling options, which are not available in many other similar tools.


Some artists might find the extensive styling options a tad overwhelming. Some artists may find it hard to choose from too many options. Its e-commerce platform is also a bit cumbersome because of the fact that it integrates with only a single payment processor – Stripe.


IMCreatorimcreator logo


Without a doubt, IMCreator now fully belongs in the category of the best web builders for artists. Its first beta version was released in 2011. In that regard, it appears younger compared to other web builders. For such a relatively young tool, it has outperformed its competitors.

The three traits that work well for this tool are its drop-dead simple editor, excitingly beautiful templates, and a clear statement that positions it ahead of its rivals. It is such a joy to use, as most artists will discover regardless of their experience or lack thereof in building websites.


Its biggest attraction is the ease of use. This tool is super easy to use. The well thought out editor makes it nigh impossible to feel lost while building your artist website. The editor makes it easier to add a widget, upload content, or arrange site pages.
Its beautifully designed themes are sufficient to give you ideas on the kind of design to choose for your website. Its templates are some of the most beautiful in the web building industry. You have the option of choosing its free version, which is for an unlimited time, and paid-for plan.


It has a basic feature set. Some crucial business features, such as blogging and e-commerce, are missing too. Not the ideal tool for artists with advanced knowledge who wish to put their coding skills to work.





Artists who need to build beautifully designed websites that function optimally should look no further than GoDaddy. It has some of the most advanced and wide-ranging web building tools or features to use. It is the largest web builder in the industry today.

GoDaddy has been in the industry for a long time. It is a reliable web builder. It offers excellent customer service and support through different platforms. Artists should never think twice about using this tool.


It has a large stock of professional design themes that you will never struggle using to build your artist website. Customer support is available 24/7 through emails, live chat, and phone. In this regard, it sets the standards for customer support in the web building industry.

Artists will have no issue creating backup points and restoring function while using this tool. The tool is ideal for building creative websites. Artists are renowned for their creativity, and this tool will help them market this side of their art well.
It is also easy to use with plenty of theme design options.


The themes are impossible to change. In addition, e-commerce tools are missing. It creates websites that are too basic to look at on mobile gadgets even though it gives you the freedom of hiding or displaying any content on the mobile version of your site.
Websites can provide a number of benefits to artists, but to enjoy them the websites must first be built. Select a good website builder to enjoy those benefits.

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November 9, 2017