Picking the Best Video Editing Software for Windows (UPDATED 2018)

Video editing has continued to grow in popularity in recent times. Different types of software have also emerged to make it easier for users to edit any videos of their choice. Some of the software work well with Windows while others are more suitable for other operating systems. The good news about all this is some of the software come free. For this reason, you do not always have to spend money on the software of your choice.

It pays to take your time and do a bit of research on the software, so you do not end up with one that does nothing even if you paid nothing for it. The choice of software depends on several factors; namely, timing, usability, and quality. The choice of video editor depends on your needs too. Why do you need to edit the videos? The answer to this question will determine the type of software you choose.

Here are a few of the best video editing software for Windows laptops and desktops.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker


Windows Movie Maker remains one of the best and most effective video editing tools you can get and use at no cost. It is available freely. You can use it to make and edit home videos or movies. You can do this by simply dragging and dropping any aspect of the video that you wish to edit. The software contains several features that make your work easier. Some of these features include:

• Video effects
• Video transitions
• Adding titles and credits
• Audio track
• Timeline narration
• Auto Movie

Furthermore, the software allows users to add new effects as well as transitions.


• A standard feature of all Windows OS
• It is free
• It’s the perfect tool for beginners
• It is ideal for making photo slideshows
• It offers wide variety


• It limits what the user can or cannot do
• It can be quite frustrating to advanced users
• Has a tendency of crashing regularly
• Available in numerous confusing versions


VirtualDub is one of the most powerful software for editing videos. The fact it costs nothing only endears it further to users. It is the ideal software for trimming and trimming videos before exporting or processing to tape or with any other program. What is more, the software offers users various features they can use to edit videos to their tastes and preferences. Some of these features include:

• Video splitting
• Compression
• Adding auto tracks


• Batch-processing capabilities
• It is the ideal software for any person who is experienced in editing videos
• It is freely available


• Confuses average users a lot


This high-performance video editing tool is the ideal choice for use at home or in the office. It serves professionals and amateurs equally effectively. It is little wonder that users prefer using it as a stand-alone app. Similarly, others opt to use it as a plug-in tool to complement the work of other video editing tools. With this tool, you are better placed to fill your videos with as many special effects as you desire. This general purpose software has various attractive features and a few drawbacks, as you will see below.


• Easy to use
• Not as complicated as other special effect suites
• Powerful enough to meet your requirements for editing and creating videos
• It is easy to install
• Supports various formats


• Compared to other video editing software, it is a bit outdated special effect suite
• It is not readily available for all Operating Systems
• Has limited capabilities on older Operating Systems

Premiere Elements 15

A close look at Premiere Elements 15 will show why it enjoys such high ranking as one of the most effective video editing tools today. It is user-friendly. On top of that, it works across Mac and Windows Operating Systems with minimum fuss. It is full of features and options that make it perfect for amateurs and professionals alike. It allows users to do more than they ever could with other types of tools. As you will notice below, the software has several strengths and weaknesses.


• Makes it easier to organize and categorize videos
• Effective at editing rough clips and turning them into real movies
• Ideal software for sharing videos with friends and family
• Compatible with 64-bit processors


• Not compatible with other processors except 64-bit

Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate

It is one of the most affordable video editing software on the market today. It contains several premium features that distinguish it from the competition. One of these premium features is the one that enables end-to-end 360-degree video editing. With such a feature, you have all the control you need regarding any detail on the video you wish to edit or leave as is. The tool is suitable for editing sports videos. It also works well with wedding and travel videos. Like everything else, the software has its pros and cons too.


• Perfect software for beginners who wish to learn all the basics of video editing
• It caters to the needs of advanced and beginner users alike


• It is non-compatible with other operating systems except Windows


As shown above, the market is replete with numerous video editing software. This enables you to choose what works well for you. The video editors listed above are the best for Windows OS. Some are unique to Windows only. However, others are available to use across more than one Operating System. No video will prove impossible to edit to your taste with any of these tools. For this reason, you should procure these tools at whatever cost. As earlier stated, some of the tools cost money, but many come free. Consequently, take your time to go through all the tools listed above before settling on one or more software.

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January 23, 2018