The 5 Best Tablets for Drawing Artwork in 2018

Modern technology has made it possible for artists and graphic designers to draw whatever they want directly on the tablet. Obviously, not every tablet has this capability. You need a special kind of tablet. You also need a unique pen to draw on the tablet digitally. The types of tablets needed for such work should have high-resolution and splendid color-accurate touchscreen displays. Additionally, you will need pressure-sensitive digital pens capable of providing unmatched precision to draw to the required standards.

Yes, enough tablets for drawing are available. The market is replete with such devices. It is worth noting that some tablets are ideal for drawing while others aren’t. With the best tablets, you will have little problem creating illustrations and animations. Below is a review of the best tablets for drawing.

XP-Pen Artist 15.6

The creative features this tablet boasts of should convince you straightaway that it is what you need for all your drawing requirements. Apart from the creative features, the tablet will also win you over through its extra-wide viewing angle. Its 1080P Full IPS Display should also get your creative juices flowing. With such a display, your creations and illustrations will come alive in terms of color and definition. With this tablet, you can do anything you want. For example, you can draw, sketch, paint, edit, design and animate to your fill.


• Matte screen instead of glossy
• No longer uses battery so no need for constant recharging
• Increased pressure sensitivity
• Uses less power
• Has a protective cover
• Superb color reproduction
• Great viewing angles
• Light and easy-to-hold pen
• Comes with two rechargeable pens
• Eight express keys
• Compatible with most major design software


• Brightness can do with some improvement
• Pen stand is too large


Wacom Mobile Studio Pro

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro is one of the most highly advanced drawing tablets on the market today. Its features include professional computing power. Its graphics features ensure that you have a tablet capable of running some of the most highly demanding CAD and 3D applications with minimum fuss. With its capabilities, you can carry out advanced drawing projects or jobs without any difficulty. The 2560 x 1440 resolution on the screen gives you an unparalleled superior color quality that matches what you can get from QHD monitors.


• Astonishing display
• Best-in-class stylus
• Customizable express keys
• Exceptional 3D work now possible courtesy of RealSense Camera
• Pen glides/draws smoothly
• Matte screen
• Compatible with wide-ranging 2D and 3D programs
• Portable
• NVIDIA graphics
• Available in two sizes


• Slow SSD
• Battery life needs improvement
• 5lbs makes it heavy for carrying around
• Expensive
• Has no accessories


Turcom TS-6610

This drawing tablet is the ideal choice for beginners. You will struggle to find better entry-level drawing tablets than this one. It is the tablet worth investing in before going for the costlier professional-level devices. It is the ideal choice to use to hone your skills. With 2,048 pressure sensitivity levels, there is no doubt the tablet’s pen gives you all the control you need over brush effects as well as line width while drawing. Furthermore, the tablet is compatible with almost all the major software used for drawing. You miss nothing while using this tablet.


• Few customization options
• Right size of drawing surface
• Good value for money
• Draws well
• High resolution
• Comes with pen battery and extra nibs
• 2,048 pressure sensitivity levels


• Fussy drivers
• Pen is heavy thus eating battery life
• Mapping does not work smoothly

Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Display

Professional artists and graphic designers in need of a quality drawing tablet should not look beyond this one. The model is specially designed for professionals. With a display of 1920 x 1080 HD, you see everything you are drawing right on the screen. The advantage of this is you have all the creative control needed to finish drawing professionally. It renders all artwork in more than 16.7 million colors. What is more, the device is not only comfortable but also lightweight hence ensuring no problem as you carry it around with you.


• Small and light
• Excellent color rendering
• Great resolution
• Anti-glare
• 2,048 pressure sensitivity levels
• Great and easy customization
• Durable
• Best tool for professionals
• Great pen accompanied with plenty of replacement nibs
• Works well with most digital drawing software
• Solid drivers for Windows and Mac
• Wonderful design


• Strange, weak-looking, and thin cable connection
• Lack of adapters
• Stand messes up with its design

Huion H610 Pro

If all that you need is a functional drawing pad, then the Huion H610 Pro would be the best to acquire. It is the right model to get for the office work. This wireless, ultra-narrow tablet is the ideal selection for your office desk. It comes with a keyboard that will not take up too much space on your desk. You can connect it to your PC or Mac where it will work smoothly with any graphic design software you installed especially Maya and Illustrator. With a battery that lasts approximately 40 hours, you have a tablet you can use without consuming too much power.


• Affordable compared to other Wacom models of a similar size
• Numerous shortcut keys
• Pen pressure works without any hindrance
• Slight texture on the drawing surface
• Has four replacement nibs
• A relatively good build quality
• Battery life is good


• Does not work well with specific graphics software
• Lacks eraser at the back of the pen
• Battery powered pen


Based on the information published above, there is no reason for you not to shop for the best tablet for drawing. You now have access to as many tablets as you can get for all your drawing needs. Choose what you can afford. However, do not limit yourself to a choice that depends solely on your financial abilities. Go for an entry-level tablet if it’s the only device you can afford now. Go for the professional-level tablet if your skills are beyond reproach, and you can draw professionally.

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January 25, 2018