The 5 Best Monitors for Graphic Design in 2018

Graphic designers face a lot of challenges. Some of these include working under tough deadlines, finding a good way of balancing thinking with actions, remaining relevant and staying true to the fundamentals of design work. Apart from those, they also have to overcome the challenge of finding the best monitor for graphic design. Yes, finding the best monitor is just as good as investing in a suitable laptop, desktop, or tablet. It is just as important as finding the best graphic design software.

It takes experience and skill to find the best monitor. Nevertheless, you need a bit of help, which you will get below. The reviews published below are designed to make it easier for you to choose the best monitor. The reviews are a time saver. They assist you to narrow down your options, especially if you lack the time needed to move from one website or online/offline store to the next in search of the best monitor. As you read the reviews, you will learn the most important qualities to look for in a monitor you wish to use for your graphic design work.

Ideally, the best monitor is one with qualities such as:

a) Accuracy between color and gray-scale
b) Resolution
c) Screen size
d) I/O connections
e) Ergonomics
f) Price

Below is a review of the best monitor you should buy for your graphic design needs.


No matter where you look, you’ll not find a better 32-inch monitor for graphic design than NEC PA-322UHD-BK-SV. With a display resolution hinging between 4K and UltraHD, you have access to an excellent display. There is no better platform for viewing any of your graphic design work than 4K or UltraHD display. The display also guarantees great color. What is more, it relies on less power. It is capable of displaying 99.2 percent of Adobe’s RGB color space. What you have to take note of is the price, which can be quite steep for beginner designers.


• 4K display is perfect for editing photos
• SpectraView color calibration
• Excellent color
• Produces accurate images
• Superior screen performance


• Too expensive
• Heavy


Dell UP3017

As 30-inch monitors go, none is better at graphic design than Dell UP3017. The monitor is the ideal sort of monitor for somebody who does not want to pay more for the premium 4K monitors. It is one of the best affordable monitors. Its display panel relies on the traditional IPS technology. However, that doesn’t make it any less capable of offering guaranteed 2560 x 1600 display resolution needed for the highly detailed graphic design jobs. Color support is available in great measures too. It has a few pros and cons as you will see below too.


• Enhanced clarity
• Affordable
• Multiple connections
• Unparalleled usability
• Uncompromised performance
• Wide color coverage
• Fine-tuned to user’s preferences


• Comes without the famed Dell three-year warranty
• Lacks DVI-D connection



Graphic designers who lack the space needed to accommodate a 32-inch or 30-inch monitor should shift their focus to buying this 27-inch monitor. Despite being relatively smaller, ASUS PB279Q is still an equally exemplary monitor for graphic design. It has everything required to reach and maintain 4K resolutions without much difficulty. Its color ranges are not the best. However, that is not a major issue. The sRGB color range it covers is sufficient for most of your needs.


• Extensive connectivity
• Top resolutions
• Perfect for playing and working
• ASUS Eye Care Technology
• IPS Technology
• Three-year warranty
• VESA Mount


• Potential for backlight bleeding


Dell UltraSharp UP2716D

Display is an important factor to consider before spending money on any monitor for graphic design. Where display is concerned, you will not find a monitor that gives you the best of that than the 27-inch Dell UltraSharp UP2716D. It has both the detail and color needed to enjoy 4K display fully. It has everything graphic designers need to do the best video and photo editing work. The one big downside is the steep cost of the monitor. Nevertheless, it is worth buying.

Below are some of the monitor’s pros and cons.


• Premier color technology
• Quad HD
• Accurate color precision
• Outstanding view
• 1:1 aspect ratio
• Good pixel density
• Unrivalled sharpness and depth of image
• Beautifully designed
• Splendid resolution


• Lacks built-in speakers
• OSD Buttons are not actual buttons but capacitive controls hence slightly cumbersome to use
• Bleeds are hard to ignore
• Costly


Dell P2415Q


Who said 24-inch monitors do not offer exemplary 4K display? Anybody who believes that has not heard of or used Dell P2415Q. This Dell monitor sets the standard where 24-inch monitors are concerned. The monitor’s resolution is the greatest of all 24-inch monitors from competitors. The one downside is the quality of the 4K display does not come anywhere near that seen in the larger monitors. Consequently, the monitor is the best for anybody looking for a more affordable and smaller model. Learn more about its pros and cons below.


• Covers 99% of the sRGB colors
• Maximizes viewing options
• Customizing viewing experience
• Pixel perfect clarity
• Connects seamlessly to other peripherals
• Perfect color accuracy
• Full adjustability
• All-digital connectivity
• Eco-conscious design
• IPS monitor
• Easy to set up
• Plenty of expansion capabilities
• Extremely stable base that does not wobble
• Anti-glare for protecting the eyes


• Lacks inbuilt speakers


Therefore, choose the best monitor for graphic design carefully. With the information provided above, you should be in a better position to do just that. Your choice of the monitor could depend on any number of factors. You could opt for price or size. Despite what you consider the most important factor, your choice should also depend on the kind of work you wish to do. Acquire a monitor that will bring the best aspects of your graphic design work and skills to the fore. Shun the kind of monitors that will negate or downplay your skills.

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January 24, 2018