The 5 Best Laptops for Photo Editing in 2018

Almost all photographers edit their photos first before presenting them to the rest of the world. There are many reasons for editing photos. Doing this does not mean the photographer is trying to engage in a bit of digital trickery. Instead, it could revolve around eliminating certain aspects of the photo you deem unnecessary. For this to happen well, though, you require specific types of tools. The laptop is one such tool. You need the best laptop for photo editing. Laptops have won the war against tablets and many desktops too.

Do not spend your money on any laptop that does not have the best of the following:

a) screen and display
b) excellent processor
c) amazing graphics card
d) superb memory
e) unmatched storage
f) ports and connectivity

Below is a review of the best laptops for editing photos.

Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch

Without any shadow of a doubt, this laptop was built specifically for editing videos and photos. Its ultra-high-resolution display – 2880 x 1800 – allows you to show all the fine details your photo boasts of. It has more than adequate workspace you need for all the editing tools and large files. It guarantees super-fast performance through its 256GB SSD. However, you’re free to add an external hard drive in case you need more storage space. The 16GB of RAM allows you to open multiple files all at once without slowing the laptop down.


• More than 16 hours of battery life
• Ultra-high resolution display
• Two USB 3.0 ports
• Two Thunderbolt ports
• One HDMI port
• SDXC Card Reader
• Thin and lightweight


• Slow integrated graphics that struggle driving the ultra-high resolution display
• RAM is impossible to upgrade since it is soldered in place
• End users cannot upgrade internal storage
• Difficult to replace the battery, which is glued in place
• Internal optical drive is not availabl


Lenovo ThinkPad L540


Lenovo ThinkPad L540 provides you with value for money. It guarantees good performance every time you switch it on and begin using it to edit your photos. Its color reproduction needs more work, however. Despite that, the low-glare matte screen is excellent addition when working under direct sunlight or in brightly lit spaces. The laptop’s 500GB hard drive ensures you have enough space to store all the software and photos you need. The laptop has a few pros and cons as you will see below.


• Conveniently quiet
• Long battery life
• Superb performance
• Easy to upgrade hardware
• Customization is possible while ordering
• Plenty of accessories
• Excellent processing speed
• Windows 7 Operating System


• DVD drive never stops spinning the moment you insert a DVD
• Poor viewing angles
• Poor color accuracy
• Non-illuminated keyboard







Acer Aspire S7-392-6832 Ultrabook

Fewer laptops will serve your photo-editing needs better while on the road than Acer Aspire S7-392-6832 Ultrabook. Weighing a mere 2.9 pounds, there is no way the laptop will load you down while traveling. The battery is designed to last around 12 hours, which should offer you plenty of time to edit your photos without recharging or plugging it into the power source. It is the ideal laptop to use when you need to edit photos – and videos – superfast. The laptop’s Intel Core i5 processor allows it to perform exceptionally well all the time.


• Super battery life
• Strong graphics
• Stunning 1080p touchscreen display
• Great design
• Battery-friendly Intel Haswell CPU


• Too costly
• Hidden power button
• Slow SSD
• Several undersized keys
• Performance glitches
• TouchPad and keyboard need more improvements




ASUS is renowned for making some of the best gaming laptops in the world. However, what many users might not realize is its laptops are equally suitable for editing photos. The Intel Core i7 Quad-Core processor in this laptop makes it capable of performing at the top level every time. The graphics card works discreetly too. The laptop’s SSD guarantees superior load times in addition to faster transfer times. The 16GB of RAM ensures the laptop allows you to multitask with relative ease too. Check the pros and cons below to confirm whether the laptop is for you.


• Powerful performance
• Exceptional screen display
• Operates cool and quiet
• Easily upgradable
• Excellent value for money


• Trackpad requires further improvements
• Speakers do not provide the required level of sound output
• Slightly heavier


HP Envy TouchSmart

The HP Envy TouchSmart is one of the most effective laptops for photo editing. You can install any photo-editing tool or software in this laptop and use it to do some stunning jobs. In many circles, the laptop is considered the most worthy replacement for a photo-editing desktop. The laptop is costlier for many reasons. It possesses excellent specs that make it better than most of its competition too. Nevertheless, this rock-solid laptop will require more effort on your part to tug along since its mostly made of metals and not plastic.


• Slim thus does not take too much space
• Stylish body made of aluminum
• Responsive touchscreen
• Superfast performance
• Backlit keyboard


• Absence of SSD slows the envy down when switching it off and on
• Isn’t configurable
• Too heavy for an Ultrabook
• TouchPad is too jumpy when at default settings


Based on the above information, you should be in a better position to choose what you consider your best laptop for photo editing. Your choice will depend on many factors, which include budget, performance, speed, display and more. Your needs will also determine the kind of laptop you eventually buy. The modern laptops are great for photo editing. However, you need to take your time to find what works well for you. Avoid buying a laptop for photo editing simply because a friend or colleague also uses it.

Base your choice on the list of laptops reviewed above.

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February 2, 2018