Best Chairs for Digital Artists in 2017 – For Ergonomics and Efficiency

Ergonomic chair for artists

Digital artists do spend most of their work hours of a working day on a chair as they surf the internet dealing mostly in creation, editing, sharing and even moderating digital content. Using a wrong chair will cause serious health problems such that, you will easily get fatigued, your body will be sweating and back hurting, which goes a long way in hurting output. The presence of stress can easily ruin one’s productivity hence the need to eradicate the stress causing components of a working environment. Therefore to ensure best office environment in terms of seats, you need to reduce regular stress on wrists, neck, and back while getting more comfort.

Below we’ve listed the top ergonomic chairs for 2017 for digital artists:

#1 – SAYL Chair by Herman Miller

Sayl Chair by Herman Miller


When quality is what you are yearning for then SAYL Chair by Herman Miller is the best shot you have. Ranked among the best overall ergonomic chairs in 2017 by Safe Computing Tips (link broken/removed), it is completely modern and sophisticated. It provides for complete comfort and seated freedom, an assurance for ergonomics and efficiency. It is referred to as “life unframed” chair by Herman Miller due to its style.


For great breathability, the chair has open meshing at the back that also adds up in providing great support. One will feel comfortable even when using it all through the day due to the padded seats.

There is the option for eco-friendly designs which uses fewer materials in setting up. The standard office chair cartons are double size it’s packaging.

Available in a range of colors, The SAYL is easily movable as it rolls on its caster wheels and it is durable, will last long while performing at the best conditions even after several years of regular use.


Some of the cons of having this chair are: it can get squeaky after the duration of usage, it has nonadjustable armrests, the webbing can at times grab on buttons and stuff.

See video below for a detailed review:

Moving on to one of my personal favorites (i.e. I’m sitting on it right now)… The Steelcase Leap chair…

#2 Steelcase Leap Chair

Steel Case Leap Chair


For one of the best all round chairs you can have, the Steelcase Leap Chair might be the choice for you. It is one of the leading chairs in sales in the US, and its comfort can easily allow you as a digital artist to get the long stretches after a meticulous work. It’s one of my favorites, and as I said I’m sitting on it right now as I write this…


It provides great support in the seat and for the back. It also has a special inclusion called LiveBack that shapes the spine and supports the movement. It can also correct your posture which means you can stay comfortable for a long period time.

This chair comes with adjustable armrest and back for arms and height. Its movement is also easy due to the smooth rolling and pivot. Its durability is given and it can comfortably hold heavy weights of up to 300 pounds and still maintain top performance. Another added advantage is that the chair is easy to clean and use and is easily adjustable.


The cons in having this chair are: it is on the high side when it comes to price, and it comes in a nonbreathable fabric.

#3 DXRacer Formula Series

DXRacer Formula Series Ergonomic Chair


Being a digital artist means that one might spend several hours on a chair. That is exactly what DXRacer Formula Series is designed for, long-term commitment of artists as it is an ultra comfortable chair.


The chair is designed with adjustable armrests, high backs, and pillows that provide a proper relaxing surface for the neck after spending a long time in the seat. Slickly rolling on a dual caster wheel is a 360-degree swivel that comes fitted in the chair. The design looks really cool.

The advantages of having this chair are the presence of support for neck, head and high back. It comes with a frame warranty for life and the presence of the lumbar cushions.


The only shortcoming with the chair is that it might not be so comfortable for tall or large people.

#4 Argomax Mesh Chair


We’ve ranked this #4 because it’s a very nice option for those that want to be a little more cost-effective then our top 3 picks, but still retains a lot of ergonomic features that are necessary for those long hours in front of Photoshop or Illustrator.


The Argomax comes with a now standard design with lumbar support as well as a nice headrest. The black mesh helps to maintain a cool comfortable temperature throughout the workday, avoiding heat and even sweat that can creep up with leather or other less porous materials.

It also comes with a very innovated “foot prop”, which is essentially like a sling for your foot. Many people use this to help reduce swelling in their legs/feet after the end of a long day, or while sitting for many hours. It’s a simple solution but one not found in many other places, and at a very nominal price!


The only drawback I found with this chair is that it doesn’t feel all that “solid”, i.e.: the arm rests move a little bit more then I would like. Nonetheless it’s a great buy for the price and if you add in the additional foot prop you can really take a load off at the end of the day.

Next up we take a little bit of a different route…

#5 EdgeDesk Ergonomic Workstation and Kneeling Chair

Edge Desk Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


We are going to take a little detour from our normally schedule chairs and introduce a much more “quirky” contender. I don’t know if you’ve heard of kneeling chairs but they are become more and more popular among those with lower back problems. This version of a kneeling chair also includes a workstation for those artists that actually use their hands, either actually on paper or with those new fancy tablets or drawing boards.


While this one does have some significant drawbacks, that’s going to happen when you are this innovative. To put it in perspective, this started as an IndieGogo Project, where they were able to raise money for product development. This means that it is going to be an early version of a new product that is likely to have some issues with it.

Nonetheless, it is a portable and ergonomic workstation that is usable by all types of artists, and even voted as one of the best kneeling chairs for artists by SafeComputingTips. It and can also hold a laptop (although have one with some rubber grip on the underside). The kneeling chair portion is solid and helpful for backpain.


All that being said, this one has some big issues.

Firstly, the screen area is very slippery and doesn’t hold products well, including laptops that might slide off if you are not easy.

Secondly, it’s not very stable. The screen doesn’t stay in place all that well, making finding a comfortable and stable position difficult.

Thirdly, while it’s portable, it’s kind of clunky. Many artists are travelers or very transient and could make use of it, but personally I don’t work too often on the road, so it’s not a great fit for me.

Final Thoughts

Even in as much as some chairs will appear to be very pricey, the cost is worth it in the long run. With the reduced health strains, it will translate to high-quality productivity and less costly hospital bills. The menace of recurrent bills on purchases is also dealt promptly with as most of the best chairs for digital artists in 2017 for ergonomics and efficiency are durable, they will still perform at the best level even after several years of regular use. The comfort provided for in the chairs means that one will be able to work for longer hours without straining.




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April 12, 2017