The 5 Best Android Tablets for Drawing and Artwork in 2018

Artists who love drawing now have access to topnotch tools they can use. One such tool is an Android tablet. Obviously, you would also need a Stylus Pen to take notes and draw anything you want on the tablet. The good news is all these tablets come with their customized Stylus Pens. In fact, you can use the tablets as a laptop too. Similarly, some laptops can be converted and used as tablets too. You have access to more options than ever before. Technology has made all these possible. First, you need to know how to choose such tablets. You should look for the following:

a) Size of the screen
b) Connectivity
c) Accessories
d) Price

Now that you know what to look for, read the reviews of the best Android tablets for drawing.

Wacom Intuos Draw

Any artist looking for a great entry-level tablet for drawing should start and end the search at Wacom Intuos Draw. The tablet is not only simple but also highly affordable to individuals who are trying to test their graphic design or drawing skills. Its features might be too simplified compared to the competition but that does not take away from the fact the tablet is a good fit. It lacks the multi-touch capability of other similar Intuos products though. Continue reading below to check the tablet’s pros, and cons.


• Requires no batteries
• Pressure sensitive
• USB connection
• 4 express keys
• 3 spare nibs
• Pen reading speed of 133pps
• Affordable
• Lightweight and portable
• Never leaves extensive footprint
• Suitable for left-handed and right-handed folds alike


• No multi-touch
• No tilt
• Can feel cramped
• Pen has no eraser tip
• Tablet’s texture is capable of wearing nibs down
• Tight pen loop


Huion H610 Pro

Huion specializes in designing and producing stellar graphics monitors, graphics tablets, light boxes, and numerous other intuitive devices. With this in mind, it’s not shocking to discover that it makes a beautiful, powerful and highly effective drawing tablet too. It offers artists good working space. Its pen does not need replacement AAA batteries; hence, saving you money. It has a surface that is not only sensitive but also responsive. This medium-sized tablet has pros and cons as you will note below.


• Eight express keys
• 16 user-defined keys
• 2048 pressure sensitive levels
• Pen needs no battery to work
• Solid working space
• Affordable
• Sensitive to touch
• Thin with a beautiful design and feel
• Pen is rechargeable via the USB port


• Short USB cable
• Driver issues occur
• Wobbly USB port
• Lacks touch capability
• Has no wireless option
• May present problems to left-handed users


Yiynova MVP22U

Whether you buy an old or brand new Yiynova MVP22U, what you should not doubt is the quality of this tablet. It sets the standard in this industry. With its beautiful and fine designs, the tablet stands out from the competition like a giraffe in the African wilderness. The tablet is among the most affordable ones, which is great news for artists operating under tight budgets or unsure whether buying a tablet is the best way to go. It lacks some features that make Cintiq tablets top of the range devices though.


• Comes with two drawing and note-taking pens
• Compatible with Linux Operating System too
• Comes in a box full of all manner of adapters
• Better DVI cable
• Cheaper than Wacom tablets
• Hotkeys are fully customizable
• Beautiful IPS display panel
• Capable of supporting multiple display setup
• Hotkeys are suitable for left-handed and right-handed individuals alike


• Cable comes pre-attached directly to the tablet thus making it impossible to replace in case of a problem
• The two pens have hard-to-customize buttons
• The tablet’s hotkeys are located at a weird place


Samsung Galaxy Tab A with Stylus Pen

This tablet is a better and more affordable option instead of the costlier models such as Microsoft Surface Pro. This two-in-one tablet is one you can use comfortably to draw anything that interests you. It is available in two versions. The first version comes with 2GB of RAM. On top of that, it also has 32GB micro SD car. The second version is unique in that it comes with an S Pen and has 3GB of RAM. Additionally, the second version is often a bit costlier than the first. The tablet is heavier and thicker too. It has a few pros and cons as you will see below.


• Display stands out for its size and attractiveness
• Long battery life
• Reasonably priced
• Fantastic screen
• Light, small and portable
• Samsung Flow is a feature that allows you to receive and respond to any notification that arrives at your Galaxy smartphone


• Average performance
• Too bulky for comfort
• Boring design
• Keyboard is sold separately thus adding to the cost


Ugee 1910B

Ugee 1910B has been in the market for several years now. In that time, it has become a popular choice for most artists. This fully functional tablet is affordably priced too; hence, no need for worrying about spending all your money on the drawing device. Its 19-inch LED screen offers exceptional quality photos and images. It comes with two pen chargers too. Apart from that, expect to receive the tablet with two original cables too. The TFT panel and 1440 x 900 resolution guarantees you more than adequate display as you draw or view what you drew.


• Perfect for artists who need cheaper drawing tablets
• Effortless setup
• Perfect size
• Pens charge superfast
• Easy to install
• Impressive monitor
• Practical option for artists who have no intention of splurging


• Too heavy
• Viewing angles could do with some improvement
• Aesthetics need improvement too
• Poor color



You are now ready to shop for the best Android tablet for drawing. You have all the information you need based on the reviews of these top models. Feel free to choose whatever you find apt for your drawing needs. Remember to buy a tablet with Stylus Pen too. Otherwise, you may end up with a tablet you cannot draw anything on thus leading to frustrations. Many of the models reviewed here are affordable. Visit today to buy the tablet that has impressed you the most.

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January 25, 2018