Artists’ Tips to Ergonomic Computer Equipment

The internet brought with it lots of opportunity for people to become self-employed or freelancers – known as the gig economy – and work from home or wherever they so wish. Most artists, graphic or web designers who work independently, tend to have their own offices in their homes.

While this helps save on cost, having an office set up in your home or garage needs to be ergonomic for you as lack of proper equipment, insufficient ergonomic information and poor posture contribute to a wrong computer setup. While ergonomic office chairs are just part of the needed equipment, it is not everything.

Sitting and working on your computer all day can bring with it some distress and discomfort in different areas of your body. With that in mind, here are a few tips artists’ tips on how to achieve an ergonomic computer equipment setup.

• Avoid using ergonomic guidelines about your setup unless they absolutely make sense. Ergonomics need to be based on research, experiment, facts, and theory using body techniques as the baseline
• When it comes to ergonomics, it is personal. What works for everyone else might not exactly work for you
• The lighting in your office or room needs to be sufficient so as to avoid straining
• Get an ergonomic office chair that has an armrest, has an adjustable height and that allows your feet to rest on the ground comfortably. The sit also needs to be able to fully support your back allowing you to have an upright posture

Before settling on an ergonomic office chair, ensure that you shop around and do proper research on the type of chair you’d want to invest in.

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April 3, 2018