An Artists Guide to House Painting

Nothing like a freshly painted house, especially for the artistically and aesthetically minded folk, like myself.
Nothing like a freshly painted house, especially for the artistically and aesthetically minded folk, like myself.

I’ve decided to give my house a paint job.  It’s been a while since its gotten a fresh coat, and my artistic tendencies have led me to desire a new look for it.  So I’ve put together a little guide on how other artists can approach this same thing:

How do you paint your house artistically? Many people often do ask themselves this important question when they need to improve the looks of their houses. With a proper guide, you will be able to make your decision on what you would do especially when painting your house. Here is an Artists Guide to House Painting:

  1. Choose appropriate colors for painting

You need to ensure that you do your research on the types of colors that you would need when selecting them. How should one do this? Depending on the design of your house, you should ensure that you do select a color that will best work for you especially when you need to paint your house in an amazing way. Those who have tried it have been able to paint their houses well with the colors they need when looking for the best design options.

  1. Hire an experienced painter 

For you to do your painting of your house artistically, you must be willing to hire those experts who have wealth of experience in the field. When you do hire them, they will apply their skills and experience to come up with a design that would work best for you if you need to make your house to stand out among many other that you would select for yourself. What are some of the ways of hiring experienced painter? Through personal market research, you will find those who have experience to enable you design and paint it in the best way.  I’ve personally landed on a recommended painter in my area to handle at least one room, with an option to expand out to more rooms if I’m satisfied with the work and the price.

Finding that painter was a matter of word of mouth.  I ended up asking a contractor that had worked on my roof previously, and they had someone that they worked with before and recommended to me.  This is likely the best way to go about things, but if you don’t have anybody to ask, do your research on sites like Yelp or homeadvisor to find a trustworthy contractor.

  1. Choose the right painting tools 

For you to paint your house artistically, you must select the right painting tools that work for you when doing it yourself. Selecting the best tools means you will be able to paint your house well especially when acquiring the options or styles that would make your house to look modern and stylish. In addition, you can seek help when you lack ideas on how to choose these painting tools depending on the best options that work best for you.

  1. Research on the design patterns

You must be able to come up with a perfect design pattern that would make your painting unique and remarkable depending on what best that fits your house needs. How should you do this? Internet offers all solutions that you might need depending on the design that you want your house to have. When you do choose that best design, you will definitely be certain that you would paint your house well depending on its structure and personal preference.

  1. Do your house the right way

You must paint a house in the best way possible through sketching it first before implementation. You need to put your drawing on a paper before you can decide on what would work for you when painting. This means you will paint your house artistically thus making it to stand out uniquely.

In conclusion, the above is an Artists Guide to painting your House that you must master when you want to have a uniquely look home in terms of design and style.



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February 14, 2016